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[Official] Trading Thread


Engolo playmat (2018 regionals)

Shaper click trackers (2017 Q2 GNK)

NBN click trackers (2017 Q1 GNK)

Blue power tokens (2016 Summer GNK)

Reina Roja (2018 Nationals – German)

NBN: Controlling the Message (2018 Q1 GNK – German)

Smoke (2017 Regionals – German)

Seidr Laboratories/Skorpios Defence Systems (TD kit – English)

Steve Cambridge/Ayla Rahim (TD kit – English)

Nero Severn (2017 Q2 GNK – German)

Sunny Lebeau (2017 Q1 GNK – German)

Hayley Kaplan (2016 Summer GNK – German)

Kakugo (2018 Q1 GNK – German)

Eli 2.0 (TD kit – (English)

Charlatan (TD kit – English)

Data Raven (2017 Q2 GNK – German and English)

Mushin No Shin (2017 Q1 GNK – German)

Same Old Thing (2016 Regionals – German)

Bank Job (2016 Summer GNK – German and English)

Pop-Up Window (2015 Spring GNK – German and English)

New post below

Reporting sucessful trade with Zinos.

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Bah! A week late to type this but +1 great trade wtih Kelfecil

Thanks a ton!

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Still have:

  • Creation & Control
  • Honor & Profit
    available, near mint condition shipping from Europe.

Want (Magnum Opus Alt Arts, willing to pay $250+ each):

  • Adam
  • Apex
  • Sunny LeBeau
  • Haas-Bioroid

Located in Europe, willing to give $$$ or take them.

Looking for Euros prizes mainly:
3x SSL
3x IP Block
1x Andromeda ()
1x Kate
1x Noise
3x Faerie
3x Deus X
3x Mimic
Brute Force Hack x3
Lotus Field x2
Private Security Force x3

Corroder x1 (En)
Bhagat x3 (En)
Diversion of Funds x3 (En)
Gagarin / Kim x1 (En)
ProCo x1 (En)
Chronos Protocoll x3 (En)
Boom! x3 (De) & x1 (En)
Kakugo x1 (En)
Embezzle x2 (En)
Popup Window x3 (En)
Melange x1 (En)
Apex x1 (De)
Kati Jones x3 (De)
Fem x1 (De)
Gordian Blade x1 (De)
Black Orchestra x3 (En)
Imp Fan Alt Art (En) x3
SSL Fan Alt art (En) x3
Others (more commen)

I had great trades with :

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Reporting successful trade with @Kelfecil

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Located in Europe, trade or €€/$$

Looking for:

2x Brute Force Hack
2x Private Security Force
1x IP Block
3x SSL Endorsement


1x Titan Transnational (EN)
3x Magnum Opus (EN)
3x Wall of Static (EN)
3x Aesop’s Pawnshop (EN)
2x Melange Mining Corp (EN)
3x Sure Gamble (EN) (Euros 2019)
3x NGO Front (EN)

1x Noise (DE)
1x Reina Roja (nationals) (DE)
1x Ele “Smoke” Scovak (DE)
1x NBN: Controlling the Message (DE)
1x Omar Keung (DE)
1x Nero Severn (DE)
1x Sunny Lebeau (DE)
1x Builder of Nations (DE)
1x Hayley Kaplan (DE)
1x Leela Patel (DE)
1x Ken (DE)
1x Reina Roja (DE) (regional)
1x Chaos Theory (DE)
1x Weyland: Building a Better World (DE)
1x Jinteki: Personal Evolution (DE)

1x Corporate Troubleshooter (DE)
1x Scorched Earth (DE)
2x Melange Mining Corp (DE)
2x Chronos Project (DE)
3x Corroder (DE)
1x Gordian Blade (DE)
2x Amina (DE)
3x Fisk Investment Seminar (DE)
3x BOOM! (DE)
3x PAD Campaign (DE)
3x Same Old Thing (DE)
3x Jackson Howard (DE)
2x Adonis Campaign (DE)

Playsets of GNK participation prizes (DE): Imp, Kakugo, Charlatan, Eli 2.0, Snare!, Team Sponsorship, Data Raven, Mushin No Shin, Bank Job, Political Operative, Ice Wall, Swordsman, Pop Up Window, Plascrete Carapace, Aesop‘s Pawnshop

acrylic tokens

2x Brain Damage (GNK)
1x 10 Blue Power tokens

double sided extended art card

2x Steve / Ayla (DE)
2x Siedr / Skorpios (DE)

Located in Europe.

Looking for :
1x Brute-Force-Hack (EN)
1x Diversion of Funds (EN)

Have :
1x Gordian Blade (EN)

Reporting successful trade with @3N1GM4 & @MrBuggles

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Also reporting very successful trade with @5N00P1 - despite me making somewhat of a goof with shipping so it didn’t end up getting all the way to their door, but close enough!

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Mats and cards cheaper now.


x3 GNK Full-Art NGO Front



3€ - Mongoose
3€ - Desperado

8€ - Full Art Magnum Opus
25€ - Alt Art Crypsis
8€ - Alt Art Bhagat (European 2016)
5€ - Alt Art BOOM! (Nationals 2017)
3€ - Full Art Eli 2.0
20€ - Alt Art NAPD Contract
4€ - Alt Art Corporate Troubleshooter
20€ - Alt Art Femme Fatale
3€ - Full Art Charlatan
20€ - Alt Art Chronos Project
3€ - Alt Art Scorched Earth
3€ - Alt Art Adonis Campaign
1€ - Alt Art Fisk-Investment Seminar
20€ - Alt Art Corroder
1€ - Alt Art Jackson Howard
3€ - Alt Art Pad Campaign
3€ - Alt Art Amina
2€ - Alt Art Rashida

8€ - Alt Art Titan Transnational ID
9€ - Alt Art Reina Roja ID (Nationals 2018)
12€ - Alt Art Weyland Core ID
10€ - Alt Art Controlling the Message ID
30€ - Alt Art Making News ID
40€ - Alt Art Gabriel Santiago ID
15€ - Alt Art Ken Tenma ID
12€ - Alt Art Leela Patel ID
12€ - Full Art Ayla ID
10€ - Alt Art Nero ID
12€ - Alt Art Smoke ID

25€ - x1 Acrylic Personal Evolution
25€ - x1 Acrylic Los / Jemison

15€ - x1 Playmat Regionals 2014 Pawn Caissa (German)
5€ - x1 Playmat Store Champs Run Amok
5€ - x1 Playmat GNK Vitruvius
5€ - x1 Playmat GNK Silhouette
5€ - x1 Playmat GNK Running Interference
10€ - x1 Playmat Store Champs Wotan
10€ - x1 Playmat Regionals Find the Truth
15€ - x1 Playmat Regionals Activist Support
20€ - x1 Playmat Regionals Activist Support (textless, judge’s mat)
25€ - x1 Playmat Nationals Inject (Greek Nationals 2015)
20€ - x1 Playmat Chronos Protocol Tour

10€ - x3 Set of (1st ever) GNK Orange (1s) and Green (5s) Credits
5€ - x1 Set of Brain Damage Counters (Cache Refresh edition)
7€ - Nationals top 4 Blue Cardholder
Any other tokens 5€

8€ - Clan Champions L5R Playmat
15€ - Boba Fett Store Champs 2014 Star Wars LCG Playmat
30€ - Vader Regionals 2013 Star Wars LCG Playmat
10€ - Invocation Arkham Horror LCG Playmat
10€ - Call of Cthulhu 2015 Spring Champion Playmat

[SOLD] Hey guys with a broken heart I need to sell my collection. Majority is in English but some packs are in Italian. The collection is up to Reign and Reverie (included) and is missing one data pack (Chrome City). Cards are mint and near mint state. Included are also the world champion 2016 Corp deck and a Runner draft booster pack.

I got all the packagings and the lore sheets except for Creation and Control and the world champion deck. Terminal Directive’s campaign packs were never used and are still sealed. Also got many tokens.

Here it is the full list:

Core Set (eng)

Creation and Control (eng)

Order and Chaos (eng)

Honor and Profit (eng)

Dati e Destino (ita)

Revised Core (eng)

Terminal Directive (eng)

Reign and Reverie (eng)

What Lies Ahead (eng)

Trace Amount (eng)

Cyber Exodus (eng)

A Study in Static (eng)

Humanity’s Shadow (eng)

A Prova di Futuro (ita)

Opening Moves (eng)

Second Thoughts (eng)

Mala Tempora (eng)

True Colors (eng)

Fear and Loathing (eng)

Double Time (eng)

Upstalk (eng)

The Spaces Between (eng)

First Contact (eng)

Up and Over (eng)

All That Remains (eng)

The Source (eng)

The Valley (eng)

Breaker Bay (eng)

The Underway (eng)

Old Hollywood (eng)

L’universo di Domani (ita)

Kala Ghoda (eng)

Business First (eng)

Democracy and Dogma (eng)

Salsette Island (eng)

La Mente Libera (ita)

Temi le Masse (ita)

23 Seconds (eng)

Blood Money (eng)

Escalation (eng)

Intervention (eng)

Martial Law (eng)

Quorum (eng)

Daedalus Complex (eng)

Station One (eng)

Earth’s Scion (eng)

Blood and Water (eng)

Free Mars (eng)

Crimson Dust (eng)

Vista Sovrana (ita)

Lungo il Nilo Bianco (ita)

Il Consiglio dell’Apogeo (ita)

Il Diavolo e il Dragone (ita)

Sussurri a Nalubale (ita)

L’Ascesa di Kampala (ita)

World Champion 2016 Corp (eng)

Draft Runner Booster (eng)

Reporting a successful trade with @Kelfecil.

Located in Europe, willing to give $$$ or take them.

Looking for Euros prizes mainly:
SSL x3
IP Block x3
Brute Force Hack x3
Lotus Field x2
Private Security Force x3

Corroder x1 (En)
Bhagat x3 (En)
Diversion of Funds x3 (En)
ProCo x1 (En)
Chronos Protocoll x3 (En)
Boom! x3 (De) & x1 (En)
Kakugo x1 (En)
Embezzle x2 (En)
Popup Window x3 (En)
Melange x1 (En)
Apex x1 (De)
Kati Jones x3 (De)
Fem x1 (De)
Gordian Blade x1 (De)
Black Orchestra x3 (En)
Imp Fan Alt Art (En) x3
SSL Fan Alt art (En) x3
Others (more commen)

MU Chips from Continentals 2018
Magnum Opus T-Shirt L Worlds 2018

I’m looking for the plastic MaxX ID from one of the past worlds events… I think it was 2018, but I’m not sure. Also, I think there was a ANRPC flip ID for MaxX/Blue Sun out there…

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Reporting successful trade with @passelune


Hi everyone,

My local gaming shop has a bunch of netrunner packs, new and unopened in stock. This is the inventory of packs the store has available as of the writing of this post:

Genesis Cycle What lies ahead 2
Trace amount 2
Cyber exodus 1
A study in static 1
Humanity’s shadow 1
Future proof 1
Spin Cycle Opening moves 1
Second thoughts 2
Mala tempora 1
True colors 2
Fear and loathing 1
Double time 2
Lunar Cycle
The source 1
Red Sand Cycle Daedalus complex 1
Station one 1
Earth’s scion 1
Blood and water 1
Mumbad Cycle Kala ghoda 1
Business first 1
Democracy and dogma 4
The liberated mind 3
Fear the masses 3
Flashpoint cycle
Blood money 1
Escalation 1
Intervention 1
Martial law 1
Quorum 1
SanSan Cycle The valley 3
Breaker bay 3
Chrome city 1
The underway 1
Old hollywood 1

In case you are interested in these, please e-mail the storeowner (seb@dekolonisten.be). The store is located in Belgium. Generally speaking, shipping a single pack costs €2,5. Shipping multiple packs increases this to €5. I do not have information on the price, and I will update this post once I do.

Update 27Aug2019: I have received an update from the shop owner. He mentioned that the packs cost between €10 to €12 a piece. If you have contacted him already, please note that he was on vacation and only returned to his shop today.

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