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[Official] Trading Thread


Hi guys,

still got loads of promos, tokens and mats that I don’t use. Maybe someone here has a warm home for them:

ger = german // eng = english

Official Promos:
3x Team Sponsorship (ger)
1x Political Operative (eng)
1x Chronos Project (eng)
1x Wall of Static (eng)
1x Kati Jones (eng)
3x Swordsman (eng)
1x Swordsman (ger)
3x Wyldside (eng)
1x Wyldside (ger)
1x Kabonesa Wu (eng), plastic
1x Reina Roja (ger)
1x Snare! (eng)
2x Snare! (ger)
3x Ice Wall (ger)
1x Ice Wall (eng)
1x Sunny Lebeau (ger)
2x Pop-Up Window (ger)
3x PAD Campaign (eng)
3x Fisk Investment Seminar (ger)
2x Magnum Opus (eng)
2x BOOM! (ger)
2x BOOM! (eng)
1x Eli 1.0 (eng)
2x Corporate Troubleshooter (ger)
2x Bank Job (ger)
1x Mushin No Shin (eng)
3x Mushin No Shin (ger)
1x Chaos Theory (ger)
2x Plascrete Carapace (eng)
3x Amina (ger)
3x Same Old Thing (ger)
1x Jackson Howard (eng)
1x Jackson Howard (ger)
1x Data Raven (eng)
1x Data Raven (ger)
1x Ken Tenma (eng)
1x Ken Tenma (ger)

Official Tokens
1 bag metal advancement tokens (Nationals 2018)
2 bags orange 2&5 credit (hex) (Regionals 2016(?))
1x Weyland Click Tracker
1x Anarch Click Tracker
1x weird blue Card Holder (Nationals 2017, Top 4)

Official Playmats

Engolo (Regionals 2018)
Activist Support (Regionals 2015)
Project Beale (Regionals 2013)
Project Beale (UK Nationals 2013)
Biometric Spoofing (Nationals 2017)
Maya (Regionals 2016)

Tracked worldwide shipping for just 7€ - or even free if you take more stuff.
Looking forward to your messages :slight_smile:


Decided to sell all the promos that are not my favorites, so feel free to send me a message and make me an offer on things.

I am still looking for very certain things, but other than that, I would rather sell my haves.


x3 GNK Full-Art NGO Front
x2 GNK Jinteki Click Tracker



x4 Alt Art Bhagat (European 2016)
x1 Full Art Magnum Opus (PAX) (pic)
x2 Alt Art BOOM! (Nationals 2017)
x2 Alt Art BOOM! (Spanish Nationals 2017)
x3 Full Art Eli 2.0
x3 Alt Art NAPD Contract
x4 Alt Art Corporate Troubleshooter
x3 Alt Art Lotus Field
x1 Alt Art Eli 1.0
x1 Alt Art Crypsis
x2 Alt Art Femme Fatale
x1 Alt Art Brute-Force Hack
x1 Alt Art Corroder
x3 Full Art Charlatan
x2 Alt Art Chronos Project

x1 Full-art Seidr ID
x1 Alt Art Weyland Core ID
x1 Alt Art Controlling the Message ID
x1 Alt Art Builder of Nations ID
x1 Alt Art Making News ID
x1 Alt Art Engineering the Future ID
x1 Alt Art Gabriel Santiago ID
x1 Alt Art Ken Tenma ID
x1 Alt Art Leela Patel ID
x2 Alt Art Apex ID
x1 Full Art Ayla ID
x1 Alt Art Nero ID

x1 Acrylic Valencia / Cerebral Imaging
x1 Acrylic Los / Jemison
x1 Acrylic Hayley
x1 Acrylic Edward Kim / Gagarin

x1 Playmat Chronos Protocol
x1 Playmat Regionals 2014 Pawn Caissa (German)
x1 Playmat Store Champs 2014 Wotan
x1 Playmat GNK Deep Red
x1 Playmat GNK Planned Assault
x1 Playmat GNK Freelancer
x1 Playmat Store Champs Run Amok
x1 Playmat GNK Vitruvius
x1 Playmat GNK Silhouette

x1 Nationals 2018 set of Metallic Advancement Counters (pic)
x1 GNK NBN Click Tracker
x1 GNK HB Click Tracker
x2 Regionals 2013 Acrylic Click Trackers (pic)
x3 Set of Regionals 2016 2s/5s Acrylic Orange Credits (pic)
x3 Set of Regionals 2014 1s/3s Acrylic Orange Credits
x5 Set of (1st ever) GNK Orange (1s) and Green (5s) Credits

x2 Nationals top 4 Blue Cardholder

Almost a hundred successful trades at this point through both BGG and Stimhack.com.


Hey :)! From europe(sweden) and interested in the deluxes if you sill have them! How much do you want for them?


Successful trade with @Kelfecil!


Still into trading/selling things, so a new post!

All cards are in English.


  • Fan Made alt arts! (I already have some, so please message me with what you would want to trade/sell)

  • Lotus Field alt art

  • Brute-force hack alt art

  • Any (sometimes double sided) acrylic ID (looking for the older ones: noise, etcetera…; I already have los/jemison, val, jinteki PE, kim/gargarin, jesminder/palana, hayley, maxx, titan, reina, wu, andromeda, chaos)

  • Apex Worlds 2018 ID

  • Apex champion playmat Worlds 2018 (just to keep dreaming!)

Promos for trade/sale:

  • Omar Kueng ID
  • Hayley Kaplan ID
  • Sunny ID
  • Nero Severn ID
  • Noise ID
  • HB: Engineering the Future ID
  • Weyland: Building a Better World ID
  • 3x Mushin
  • 2x Aesop’s
  • 3x Data Raven
  • 3x Team Sponsorship
  • 3x Bank Job
  • 3x Wyldside
  • 3x Plascrete Carapace
  • 1x Femme Fatale
  • 3x Black Orchestra
  • Various community made alt arts
  • 2014 Silhouette playmat
  • Freelancer playmat
  • Weyland Winter 2014 deckbox
  • Anarch click tracker (transparent)
  • Shaper click tracker
  • NBN click tracker


I am building a cube. . . and due to my own neuroses, I’m trying to get full sets of matching art econ cards. Looking to trade my champ deck cards for regular art cards, if anyone prefers the full arts and would like 'em.

Jackson Howard Full Arts (2016 Champ Corp Deck) x9
Hedge Fund Full Arts (2016 Champ Corp Deck) x9
Hedge Fund Full Arts (2017 Champ Corp Deck) x3
Sure Gamble Full Art (Champ decks) x6
Armitage Codebusting (Old Art) x~8
Full Art Cards from Runner and Corp Decks
Daily Casts
Corp Agendas (from 2016 x 2017 decks)
Basically, lots of cards from the champ decks. . . runner and corp, but no 2015 corp cards

Jackson Howard (Opening Moves) x12
Hedge Funds (Revised Core) x12
Hostile Takeover (Revised Core) x1
Armitage Codebusting (Revised Core) x2

I am also down to trade other stuff. Here’s the more standard wants / haves:


Official Alts
Bhagat x1
Femme Fatale x3
Professional Contacts x3
Eli 1.0 x3
Boom! x3
Gordian Blade x2
Corrroder x2

Fan Alts
Personal Evolution (Samurai Alt)


FFG Alts
Chronos Project (Nats Prize)
Omar Keung
Black Orc x9

Fan Alts
NISEI Titan Tranational x3
Hungarian Nationals Lady Liberty
Seskamo NGO Front x6
NISEI Rashida Jaheem x12
Tea and Ink Rashida Jaheem x6
South SanSan IPO x3
Krembler Adam ID x2

Data Packs (sealed)

Business First
Democracy and Dogma
Salsette Island
The Liberated Mind

Blood Money
Escalation x2

(Professionally printed, a bit larger than FFG cards, but still fit in sleeves)
Labor Rights x3
Border Control x3
Slot Machine x
Embolus x3
Timely Public Release x3

Reign and Reverie
I bought two copies. Not looking to trade things other than IDs, but for the right cards, I might part with some of the duplicate play sets, esp. non-Jinteki corp stuff. Hit me up with questions.

FFG Extras (Reg arts available for trade)

Anarch IDs
Alice Merchant x11
Edward Kim x2
Freedom Khumalo x5
Nathaniel “Gnat” Hall x1
Noise x3
Null x5
Omar Keung x5
Quetzal x2
Valencia Estevez x 2
Wizzard x5

Anarch Events
Demolition Run x5
En Passant x3
Frantic Coding x3
Mining Accident x3
Retrieval Run x7
The Noble Path x3

Anarch Hardware
Cyberfeeder x4
Friday Chip x3
Respirocytes x3
Spinal Modem x2

Anarch Programs
Darwin x9
Djinn x2
Exer x3
MKUltra x1
Morning Star x3
Parasite x3
Wyrm x2

Anarch Resources
Crypt x3
Data Leak Reversal x6
Emptied Mind x3
Jarogniew Mercs x5
Salvaged Vanadis Armory x3
Wyldside x2

Crim IDs
419 x5
Armand “Geist” Walker x5
Gabriel Santiago (First Core) x3
Iain Stirling x5
Ken “Express” Tenma x5
Khan x2
Laramy Fisk x2
Leela Patel x2
Liza Talking Thunder x1
Los x1
Nero Severn x2
Silhouette x5
Steve Cambridge x1

Crim Events
Easy Mark x1
Forged Activation Orders x6
Hostage x1
Information Sifting x3
On the Lam x3

Crim Hardware
Lemuria Codecracker x3
Maui x6
The Gauntlet x3

Crim Programs
Aumakua x3
Aurora x4
Breach x3
Faerie x4
Femme Fatale (Org art) x1
Ninja x2
Peacock x3
Saker x3

Crim Resources
Blockade Runner x3
Bug Out Bag x6
Caldera x3
Crash Space x4
Data Dealer x1
Decoy x2
Keros Mcintyre x6
Mr. Li x5
No One Home x3

Shaper Ids
Akiko Nisei x1
Ayla “Bios” Rahim x1
Chaos Theory x2
Elle “Smoke” Scovak x8
Exile x5
Hayley Kaplan x5
Jesminder Sareen x2
Kabonesa Wu x5
Nasir Meidan x2
Rielle “Kit” Peddler x1
The Professor x5

Shaper Events
Cold Read x3
Deep Data Mining x3
Diana’s Hunt x3
Indexing x10
Marathon x3
Out of the Ashes x6
Reshape x3
Tinkering x3

Shaper Hardware
Daredevil x5
R&D Interface x1
Rabbit Hole x4
The Personal Touch x1
Top Hat x3

Shaper Programs
Battering Ram x4
Deep Thought x6
Equivocation x3
Gordian Blade x4 (3 old art, 1 new)
Magnum Opus x3
Mass-Driver x6
Misdirection x3
Net Shield x 2
Pipeline x4
Dummy Box x3
Gbahali x2
Liberated Chela x3
Sacrificial Construct x1
Temple of the Liberated Mind x3

Neutral Runner Cards

Government Investigations x3
Infiltration x6
Rebirth x3

Dyson Mem Chip x3

Netural Programs
Baba Yaga x3

Neutral Resources
Access to Globalsec x6
Citadel Sanctuary x3
Corporate Defector x3
New Angeles City Hall x3

White Hate x3
Reaver x2

ASA Group x2
Cerebral Imaging x2
Custom Biotics x5
Cybernetics Division x2
HB: Architects of Tomorrow x9
HB: Stronger Together x5
Next Design x5
Seider Laboratories x1
Sportsmetal x1
The Foundry x5

HB Agendas
Accelerated Beta Test x5
CFC Excavation Contract x3
Project Ares x3

HB Assets
Adonis Campaign x3
Kuwinda K4H1U3 x3
MCA Austerity Policy x3

HB Ice
Brainstorm x2
Fairchild x3
Heimdall 1.0 x1
Ichi 1.0 x3
Loki x6
Next Sapphire x3
Ravan 1.0 x3
Viktor 1.0 x3

HB Operations
Biotic Labor x3
Friends in High Places x2
Restore x3
Shipment from Mirrormorph x1

HB Updgrades
Experiential Data x2
Manta Grid x3
Ruhr Valley x6
Warroid Tracker x6

ACME Consulting x1
Azmari EdTech x8
Haarpsichord Studios x5
Harischandra Ent. x5
NBN: Controlling the Message x5
NBN: Making News x1
NBN: The World is Yours*
New Angeles Sol x2
Spark Agency x2

NBN Agendas
AR Enhanced Security x3
Astroscript Pilot Program x1
Degree Mill x2
Escalate Vitriol x6
Project Beale x6
Puppet Master x3
Reeducation x6

NBN Assests
Ghost Branch x2
Personalized Portal x3

Data Raven x3 (2 old art, 1 Revised)
Data Ward x3
Flare x6
Matrix Analyzer x6
Thoth x3
Waiver x3

NBN Operations
Closed Accounts x2
Exchange of Information x2
Midseasons Reports x4
Pyschographics x3 (1 old art, 2 revised)
Rolling Brownout x3
Threat Level Alpha x3
SEA Source x2 (1 old,1 revised)

NBN Upgrades
Drone Screen x3
Traffic Analyzer x6

Weyland IDs
Blue Sun x1
Jemison Astronautics x5
SSO Industries x5
Skorpios Defense Systems x1
The Outfit x1
Titan Transnational x1
Weyland Consortium: Because We Built It x2
Weyland Consortium: Building a Better World x4
Weyland Consortium: Builder of Nations x2

Weyland Agendas
Meteor Mining x3
Posted Bounty x2
Standoff x3

Weyland Assets
Anson Rose x3
Chief Slee x3
Dedicated Response Team x6

Weyland Ice
Bulwark x3
Burke Bugs x6
Hadrian’s Wall x1
Ice Wall x3
Red Tape x3
Sapper x2
Shadow x6

Weyland Operations
Aggressive Negotiations x2
Beanstalk Royalties x3
Death and Taxes x3
Priority Construction x3
Shipment from Kaguya x4
Success x6
Trojan Horse x3
Fractal Threat Matrix x3
Research Station x2

Corp Neutrals

Neutral Agendas
Corporate War x6
Private Security Force x6 (Three old, three revised)
Show of Force x3

Neutral Assets
Melange Mining Corp x2 (1 old, 1 new)
TechnoCo x3
Whampoa Reclamation x6

Neutral Ice
Conundrum x3
Hunter x4
Best Defense x3
Enforced Curfew x3
Mass Commercialization x3

Sorry, that’s probably an obscenely long post.

Keep on running,



I’m looking for the following stuff to complete my collection. Willing to buy and potentially trade.

3x Alt Art Eli 1.0
2x Alt Art Gordian Blade
2x Alt Art Brute-Force-Hack
1x Alt Art Snare!
1x Alt Art Kakugo
1x Alt Art Apex
3x Alt Art Diversion of Funds

1x Acrylic Gabe/Weyland BABW (2013?)
1x Acrylic Jinteki PE (Euros 2018)
1x Plastic MaxX (Worlds 2018)
1x Plastic Titan (Worlds 2018)

2x NAPD Contract
1x Wall of Static
1x NGO Front
Lot of easier to get stuff


@estrogenesys: Do you still have the System Breach playmat?

Or anyone, who is willing to send it to the EU?


Reporting successful trades with @Dome_ and @Menghini.