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[Official] Trading Thread


still looking for NGO Front and Black Orchestra -
want to buy or trade (i have a lot of things to offer - just ask what you’re loonig for or look higher up in my offerings-post)


Hi guys,

still got loads of promos, tokens and mats that I don’t use. Maybe someone here has a warm home for them:

ger = german // eng = english

Official Promos:
3x Team Sponsorship (ger)
1x Political Operative (eng)
1x Chronos Project (eng)
1x Wall of Static (eng)
1x Kati Jones (eng)
3x Swordsman (eng)
1x Swordsman (ger)
3x Wyldside (eng)
1x Wyldside (ger)
1x Kabonesa Wu (eng), plastic
1x Reina Roja (ger)
1x Snare! (eng)
2x Snare! (ger)
3x Ice Wall (ger)
1x Ice Wall (eng)
1x Sunny Lebeau (ger)
2x Pop-Up Window (ger)
3x PAD Campaign (eng)
3x Fisk Investment Seminar (ger)
2x Magnum Opus (eng)
2x BOOM! (ger)
2x BOOM! (eng)
1x Eli 1.0 (eng)
2x Corporate Troubleshooter (ger)
2x Bank Job (ger)
1x Mushin No Shin (eng)
3x Mushin No Shin (ger)
1x Chaos Theory (ger)
2x Plascrete Carapace (eng)
3x Amina (ger)
3x Same Old Thing (ger)
1x Jackson Howard (eng)
1x Jackson Howard (ger)
1x Data Raven (eng)
1x Data Raven (ger)
1x Ken Tenma (eng)
1x Ken Tenma (ger)

Official Tokens
1 bag metal advancement tokens (Nationals 2018)
2 bags orange 2&5 credit (hex) (Regionals 2016(?))
1x Weyland Click Tracker
1x Anarch Click Tracker
1x weird blue Card Holder (Nationals 2017, Top 4)

Official Playmats

Engolo (Regionals 2018)
Activist Support (Regionals 2015)
Project Beale (Regionals 2013)
Project Beale (UK Nationals 2013)
Biometric Spoofing (Nationals 2017)
Maya (Regionals 2016)

Tracked worldwide shipping for just 7€ - or even free if you take more stuff.
Looking forward to your messages :slight_smile: