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On the Lam - Musings on the NAPD MWL


Originally published at: http://stimhack.com/on-the-lam-mwl/

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Hey, I wrote something. Admire and destroy. Hope I didn’t bore too much. Was a bit long winded.


Very good point @spags. The MWL is something that needed to happen, it will give them the chance to experiment with fixing things, but in a way they can take back


As I mentioned in my post on FB. Silver bullets can’t fix power cards because that’s how you end up with PPVP kate only having 3 “free” slots. That was the direction we were heading, decks full of auto includes to beat other power cards, punishing people for experimentation.


Nice article and great counterbalance to the “sky is falling” reactions that always come with change.


Meet the new boss. Not the same as the old boss.


I did not touch on WNP. My thoughts: should have been unique from the get. Errata is good, slows down DLR, but, it’s still a pretty viable deck.


As a new player to the game I appreciate you injecting some history around the core set cards into the article. I’ve frequently heard strong players in my area bemoan Astro, but I never really understood why (in the couple months I’ve been playing I’ve had decent luck against fast advance! haha) so thanks for adding some extra text to explain a bit about the history of this game, made me understand the changes a bit better. =)


@spags I agree Parasite should cost 3-4 inf, but I disagree for Anarchs. It’s their flagship, the only card they “have to” put in lots of their decks.

Criminals have Account syphon and Shaper have SMC / Diesel / many things.

There is not much left of Anarch decks because of all the factions they have the more generic inf problems.

No in-faction tutor so unlike the two other runner factions, they are headplanting into an ice until they find that stupid breaker.

I agree with all the rest of your article.


Nice write-up. I especially like the comment re: Kate and EtF. Do you think there will be a way for them to be included in the MWL(i.e., address them without changing the way they work as printed), or do they need eratta-ing? my gut says that might be the way to go; influence penalty only goes so far until it goes too far and they’re just unplayable (which honestly wouldn’t be that bad imo…)


@syntax I disagree, anarchs need to borrow less than any other faction. So many power cards are already in anarch including the best breakers in the game.

This is coming from a noise player, parasite costing influence for anarchs is justified.


Damn, my toughts exactly, specially about Kate, ETF and Desperado.


Kate and ETF need errata. They’re too broad-based and generic. Look at the rest of Core: very specific abilities, which lead to choice about IDs in the future. Gabe is super Aggro… on HQ. Noise is powerfully disruptive… with viruses. Both PE and BABW are well designed, with specific uses. Those are great intro IDs. Kate and ETF feel like generic teaching IDs, and should be changed.


Best errata for Kate/ETF is to lose inf. Probably 3.


That’s a fantastic start.


Building HB is a lot harder without an automatic x3 Eli, x3 Architect, x3 NAPD.


Life is hard.


I think that’s part of the reason. There shouldn’t be any card that you “have to” put in your deck, even though we all do it.


One could say that Damon and the devs are trying to “build a better world”


I’ll believe that when I see Weyland get more Oaktown-esque toys.