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One Big Turn - Quest Completed

I’m currently tinkering with Quest Completed, using Hayley so far. Originally my plan was to squeeze as many clicks as possible into one turn with Hayley and Comet, and then using QC and Notoriety to capitalize on it.

It works surprisingly well - it’s not tier 1 or anything, but using Maker’s Eye and Legwork to trigger QC has been nifty. But I’m starting to doubt if Hayley is the right ID. It’s OK to get an extra install on the big turn, but usually it doesn’t matter. What does matter is having All-Nighters (which Hayley can easily drop), but something else can be better. But what ID?

The basic idea is to use high quality runs like ME, Legwork, Vamp, Escher, Siphon etc to fulfill the requirements of QC, hopefully putting enough pressure on the corp that if he does stop those I can then run the remote and nab the agenda - and if he saves credits and nisei tokens for the remote, well, QC. So three parts - click compression (All-nighter, Comet), quality central runs (Maker’s etc) and Quest Completed if the corp surrenders the central pressure to try to score the agenda.

This might not be a Hayley deck. What’s the proper ID?

Just from a glance, have you tried 3x Quest in a Oracle May Chaos Theory Deck (The ‘blind call’ Event style because you run 31+ Events in your 40 card deck?)

Might be nice. Run Hostage to get a 1-Off Kati since Quest means you lack Lucky Find Influence Maybe?

If you stay Comet you can test on Day Job.

But at a glance, this seems like a shell for you.

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It’s a Comet deck, as opposed to a Hayley deck.

The best IDs for Comet are Kate (cheaper Install for the kind-of expensive console), CT (quick deck, extra MU if you need it), and possibly an Anarch ID if you can find enough run events to warrant it (Retrieval Run into splashed Maker’s Eye into Dirty Laundry into QC)? If you can manage the influence somehow, consider a Criminal ID. 3-each of your two big cards are 12 influence. Find an efficient way to spend the last 3 and you have a billion run events for Criminal. Early Bird R&D into Siphon into DL Archives into QC with two clicks to spare.

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I’ve found that All-Nighter has been pretty clutch - allows Same Old Thing shenanigans, as well as squeezing an extra click into the turn often being the difference between success and failure.

However, Early Bird is an interesting idea - Criminals can replace Comet with Doppelganger, and invest the influence into R&D pressure (Maker’s). Hmmm.

How would Comet work in a deck that wants only 9 non-events? I would have thought that it’s in CT precisely because the deck has no room for a console?

Déjà Vu & Test Run as seat belt :wink:

Still, the problem is drawing enough to use 3 clics to play two run events, one run and a QC.

I think you can remove Oracle May there.

I would think quest completed would probably be best in Silhouette since you get the free expose from an HQ run to make sure you aren’t wasting a Quest Completed on an advanceable asset.

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Actually, I’ve found that it’s not necessary. I see more people gamble that I can’t get in (Ash, caprice, lots of ice) than trying to fake it out with advanceable assets. QC is just one part of the plan - The other part is hitting the corp with Maker’s Eye, Legwork, Siphon or whatever at a time he’s really interested in defending a remote.

@TheRedArmy has it right, but I would phrase it even more strongly: this deck should definitely not be Hayley, and indeed Hayley and comet go together like peanut-butter and a bucket of rusty nails. Basically the more events you have the worse Hayley gets, and the more non-events you have the worse comets gets. it’s lose-lose.

There are good arguments I think for both Kate and CT with a build like this, and I think a similar concept might be good in a “generic” anarch like Whizzard or Eddie. If you can queeze the influence into criminal (I don’t see how, but… maybe you could do it) Silhouette obviously has natural synergy with QC, though gabe or Ken would also be strong choices.

Probably Exile. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I think that Criminals would use Doppelganger and Early Bird, while Shaper uses Comet and All-Nighter. Influence will have to be R&D/HQ pressure (respectively), unless the Shaper deck goes for Escher.

Anarchs could probably do some fun stuff with Amped Up and Stim Dealer, but what could they do that’s comparable to Legwork and Maker’s Eye? Anarch centrals pressure generally requires more runs (or clicks in case of Wonton). Stim Dealer, Amped Up, Retrieval Run, Vamp, multiple Keyhole runs and finish off with a QC?

Now that’s a Johnny deck.

I think Valencia would probably be a good choice for a Comet deck taking advantage of QC as well. Without going OOF you get Dirty Laundry, Stimhack, and Blackmail as run events you can double up with. You can also do neat things with Wanton Destruction and Comet with other run events, meaning you don’t need to splash Legwork to get the accesses that turn.

Ken might be amusing. Supposedly the early bird comet interaction works favorably someone would need to confirm.

It definitely works. Why wouldn’t it?

I’m not a big fan of “One Big Turn” decks, I am however a fan of Quest Completed. My issue with it right now is that once your opponents know what’s up, there’s typically a crisium grid coming down onto the board, and I typically run it out of Eater. The package is pretty simple:

3x Quest Complete
3x Eater
3x Security Testing
2x Spinal Modem
2x John Masanori

Add cutlery, suckers, and other anarch cards to taste. 6 inf for lucky finds/clone chips/what have you.

The problem, again, is the Crisium grid though. When your opponent knows what you’re up to, its pretty easy to turn off. BUT, it’s still excellent against an RP or HB that isn’t isn’t teching with crisium.

A good turn might be, Sec Test HQ with lamprey for -1/+3 creds. Keyhole R&D. Check Archives excitedly. Quest Complete the remote.

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Idk the idea that you can early bird twice with comet on click 1 bothers me for some reason.

I don’t have a technical reason for it not working and it sounds pretty cool if you do get it to work

You can’t do that. The second instance isn’t paid for with your first click.

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I misunderstood what you meant. Yeah, you can’t do that.

This is something along the lines of what I’m trying to do - Sec Testing definetly goes into the crim deck (I’ve played too little criminal - totally forgot it).

Do you never feel that you’d needed just one more click in those turns? It’s a lot easier to pull off a QC if you have some room to improvise/retry a run. Like trashing Crisium and then rerunning the server.

When your main breaker is eater it rarely matters; if that’s the case, I try to find a way to make them broke… or open up a server by destroying all of the ice on it so that they have a hole they have to patch up.