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Online Playgroup

The strongest ways to improve your game is to talk to your opponent after the game, to just ‘talk Netrunner’ and bounce ideas around. However, this isn’t possible for those of us who don’t have a local playgroup. Even a brief textbox chat on OCTGN afterwards can’t be a substitute for consistent conversation.

So! Both @moistloaf and myself want to start an online playgroup where we play on OCTGN and supplement it with Skype (or whatever voice chat you prefer).

My skype name is the same as my username here so feel free to add me. If I’m online with Skype I’m available to play.


My username on Skype (I think) is "htphinney"
Lemme know if that works
OCTGN is “moistloaf”

My primary times to play are Saturdays, and Tuesday/Friday nights after 7pm MST. Hopefully we can get a sizable playgroup in here. I have also recently started streaming via Twitch. username there is cakeplz

Mountain Standard Time
Skype: htphinney
OCTGN: moistloaf
Twitch: cakeplz

I thought Db0 opened up his mumble server, aint that an idea? Ofc I’d be open for skype as well, but I rather not put my skype user on the open internet for everyone to see:) OCTGN is the same as stimhack user

Not sure whether I’ll have the time to participate in a meaningful way (sure would love to, my meatspace NR time has been gimped lately), but I’m pitching in with my vote for Mumble as a means of communication. It’s much better suited for what you’re trying to achieve - when you connect to a server where there’s already ongoing discussion, it’s like walking into a room and joining in :slight_smile:

edit: for reference, here’s db0’s post with both the connection information and the download link for the client itself. I’ve been using Mumble for the past 8 years, if anyone needs assistance with getting something to work, just drop me a line.


Mumble sounds great. I’ll install that later today. Btw, I work an odd 4:30am to 12:30pm shift today, so I will probably hop on for some games. I’ll hop into Mumble and post here when I’m off and getting ready to OCTGN.

Thanks @PeekaySK - just installed Mumble. I’ll open it up whenever I’m playing.

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Just one comment - might be helpful to also write down the time zone everyone’s in. We’re a (somewhat) global community, and information like “I’m off work early today” is decidedly less useful without that :smiley:

edit: count me in, i’m CET (UTC+1)

Maybe keep the top post an updated list of everyone’s info?

I’d be interested in participating for all the great reason already stated and just faster games in general.

I haven’t used mumble before, but I’ll set it up and see how it works. My OCTGN username is the same as Stimhack and I’m on EST. Haven’t had much time to play online, maybe this Friday evening.

Great idea.

Add me on Skype as: chris.macleod6794

I think we are going to try Mumble. Skype is a good back-up, though. As far as I understand, Mumble is like a chatroom, which sounds more fun! We can always hop into separate lobbies or w/e during games.

I’ve always wanted to get into OCTGN more, and talking with someone while playing seems like a good way to promote engagement in general with the online play. I haven’t used Mumble before, do we need to set up a server or something? Or can we just share friend information.

Neither. You connect to the server that’s mentioned in the post I linked, and just find the relevant room. Whoever comes in can talk.

I’m on CEST(UTC+1|2) during my lunchbreak and evening hours, and will be on mumble if my other half is not at home.

I’m going to be very busy, and consequently very tired, for the remainder of the week. Maybe get some games in next week. :frowning:

I’ll likely be online playing tomorrow morning around 9am EST until about noon if anyone is interested.

internet was disconnected yesterday so not sure when I’ll be back online. I can still forum on breaks/lunch at work but no OCTGN for the time being :frowning:

Has anyone had problems connecting to Mumble (I’m using the 1.2.8 client)? I’m getting a " Server connection failed: Connection refused" message when I connect to @db0’s server.

I was having the same issue. I let him know on twitter so hopefully there’s a fix.

It’s up again.