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Overlooked Spoilers! (Double Time, the sixth data pack)

These are from Double Time, the sixth data pack in the cycle. Sorry if this is a repost - I don’t see it anywhere else here.


Gah, once again NBN gets the best stuff! Previously the best counter is to R&D lock NBN so that they won’t get a chance to use Astroscript and SanSan. Now, they can get out of lock even easier than with Jackson.

Savoir-Faire looks great for Criminals, and can be used mid-run!

A little disappointed with Witness Tampering. Two clicks and 4c to remove two BP? I’d consider paying that only if it removed all BP.

Singularity seems like a nice buff to Noise while not helping Whizzard as much. Seems more expensive than its worth, though I suppose it can help recover a game.

Interestingly, you can Queens Gambit a card and still trash it with Singularity that turn since it’s not being accessed. Otherwise, they fill a very narrow niche due to their drawbacks.

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Thanks for posting this.

I agree, I think the NBN card is very strong.

Power Nap has a lot of potential assuming there are doubles you want to play anyway. Scaling upwards like that is powerful.

Agreed on Witness Tampering. I think it is quite overcosted.

Also, who doesn’t like Caprice Nisei! I totally agree on Corporate Shuffle, Power Nap, and Singularity.

I don’t get why I’d waste a card slot on Queen’s Gambit or Witness Tampering, though. I guess QG is good at the right moment, like Successful Demonstration, but I don’t like that it is two clicks for 6c.

Witness Tampering is frustratingly expensive: a 4c double? Please.

Witness Tampering does seem pretty expensive, but I have a hunch that between now and when that card is released, we’re going to see a lot of cards that do terrible things to corps with bad pub. It might end up being worth the 4c/2click

I kinda hope it doesn’t, actually, since quite a few of Weyland’s good cards give bad pub already. It would be a shame to make something as inefficient as WT a “must-include” for Weyland.

I don’t think Witness Tampering is too expensive, since in the 5th Data Pack there will be GRNDL Refinery.
4 credits will be just 1 click away!

Caprice is ridiculous. I’m a fan of giving the corp more toys to play with, but creating a situation where the runner can be locked out of a server just because of a die roll is bad game design.

She should have been trashable ala Ash or Red Herring so she could force at most ONE extra run. Very very stupid card.

I guess that’s what singularity is for

You mean that new card that requires a successful run before it trashes the contents of a server? That card?

I’m sure there will be someone else posting, but figured why not…

Lucky Find - Imo, this is better than Sure Gamble. I usually prefer clicks to credits, but playability is key and getting to 5 credits can be a pain sometimes, which even in a click perspective makes it more efficient.

Quandry - I’ve always felt that it wasn’t necessarily the existence of Yog that made Code Gates relatively less played, but the lack of good Code Gates. Well, here we have an amazing Code Gate, and I do feel like this will enable decks to run more of them. Enigma is better if you are going Code Gate light though. I don’t think you should run both, since you don’t want both blown up by Yog.

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Lucky Find costs influence, so that will definitely impact on its usablility.

Ouch. Yeah, didn’t see that. Saves me the trouble of buying multiples for the pack at least. It’s still very good in my opinion though.

Lucky Find is very interesting. A very strong econ card but it costs influence. Not sure if it will be worth the loss of influence as two is quite a steep price.

I do want to make a bad for fun Power Nap deck with it though.

I think Shapers might be the most interested in the card if they divert from Atman and into more traditional breakers. Sure, they have Professional Contacts and Magnum Opus, but they are click inefficient in the short term with tag/memory issues. This provides a much smoother transition into the mid-game. I might even want toolbox.

I don’t think Power Nap will be bad at all really. The trick is don’t play the first one. Just draw up to six and discard it at the end of your turn. A lot of Shaper’s best trick involve getting things out of the heap.

If it were one influence it would be more interesting, I think. As it is it is sort of a mega-easy-mark that saves deck slots? With some potential synergy with stuff that benefits from double events like power nap / starlight crusade.

Lucky Find is indeed strong, its a Sure Gamble plus a $2 click, with a lower starting cost requirement. The 2 influence is pretty important as a balancer, or else we would just see 3 of it in every deck. I think it will get some play, in decks that can spare the influence. At 1 influence it would probably be auto include in practically everything, and then runner economies would just tend to converge onto Lucky Find + Sure Gamble + Daily Casts + Dirty Laundry + something else, with almost no variation.

Quandary’s flavor text is hilarious. It wants to have two subroutines when it grows up! I guess it grows into Enigma. Original netrunner had a code gate named Quandary: Strength 2, cost 2, end the run. Even though this seems less efficient, its probably stronger most of the time, because it costs 1 less, and the difference is usually not important.


… or in neutral runner decks in the future.
< /speculation >

Lucky Find strikes me as quite mediocre at 2 influence. It’s only sometimes better than Dirty Laundry or Daily Casts, which already get cut from many decks. As a result I don’t think it will see much play.

Quandary, on the other hand, will be everywhere.

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