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Overlooked Spoilers! (Double Time, the sixth data pack)

lucky find i see being useful for bursting up to monolith and blackguard credits quickly.

i also see anarchs getting some use out of lucky find. usually they spend 6 influence on a variety of criminal or shaper econ cards so maybe they go this route and are all in on the anarch stuff.

Once Quandry is released, I am immediately switching out my Gordian Blades for Zu.

Here’s an interesting interaction: Same Old Thing Power Nap, you would get a bonus credit for Power Nap itself. Not the best use of SOT, but interesting.

Lucky Find is great, I’ll always have an answer to what to do with leftover influence.

I feel the most apt comparison is Easy Mark. 1 click nets 3 credits. Easy Mark is 1 influence, Lucky Find is basically 2 Easy Marks, so it’s 2 influence and it nets 6.

Daily Casts trades a credit for a click, but can’t give econ now. Dirty Laundry is great, but only if you don’t need money for the run.

Which decks do you think Quandry will replace Enigma? I think Weyland doesn’t need the added strength and subroutine, they just want more money. I think Jinteki wants the money as well, because their punish Ice is expensive. NBN/HB not entirely sure, but I think I still like Enigma since taxing Ice is needed to create scoring windows.

Almost all of them. Most icebreakers break Quandry and Enigma for the same amount (Either with Yog or running 4th click). Crypsis and Zu are the only common breakers that are really affected (they get better). Bioroid HB might want to keep enigma over Quandry because of the potential click loss, and Quandry is more susceptible to parasite.

Could NEXT Design become more viable in the future?
Their big problem before was that they couldn’t afford to rez all their ICE, but now there are a host of 0-2 cost ETR options.

I could imagine a first turn of Blue Level Clearance, Shipment from Mirrormorph -> Agenda + 2 ICE. Suddenly, on turn one the runner is facing a board of 5 ICE with every server guarded and the agenda under double lock, knowing that the Corp on $6 could potentially rez the lot. Decks that rely on run economy (Gabe, Desperado, Dirty Laundry, Account Siphon etc.) will have a hard time getting up and running.

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5 ice first turn being able to rez them all? That sounds… BEAUTIFUL.

The main problem with that plan is that you have to spend deck space on Shipment from Mirrormorph. I’d rather play more ice or econ.

Yeah Mirrormorph might not be the route to go, but the premise of low cost ETR ICE could have merit, if supplemented with econ ICE like Caduceus and the big destroyers like Grim who re-enable the “binary” ETR ICE once the runner has breakers.

It’s not unreasonable for an opening board of three ICE (R&D, HQ, remote) and for a first turn of: Hedge Fund, ICE remote, Agenda. The corp is now on $8 with only archives open.

HB have some decent economy ops so you don’t have to spend influence on that. Just an idea at this stage, but the more viable cheap ETR ICE there is, the better it becomes. Popup and Caduceus are ideal for it, Wraparound probably gets a look in too.


I definitely think that you want a good mix of plenty of low cost end the run ice of various types in order to gear-check the runner, combined with trashing effects and/or high cost ice that is difficult for the common answers to handle.

‘Binary’ ice plus program destruction is a strong strategy. It allows the use of bad publicity, and there are good cheap options for it now (or soon coming out), like Wraparound and Quandary.

full spoiler in polish:

shout what cards u wanna translate


We actually know all the runner ones except the criminal/anarch chips

Most of the corp stuff is easy except HB

anarch chip is stealth one giving recurring credit for fracters
criminal one is stealth one giving recurring credti for killers

hb operation is double, that says ‘name a card (other than this one). take any number of such cards from archives and add to hq’


reddit text spoiler guy was right

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whats the shaper program and Broadcast square?

Text of all cards is here:

I’m actually really surprised he was right he had the full spoilers for the list quite awhile ago iirc, I just brushed it aside as BS too :P.

BGG User Hsiale has a complete list of Double Time’s cards with nice translations of the spoilers from Polish…

Runner: http://boardgamegeek.com/article/15261822#15261822

Corps: http://boardgamegeek.com/article/15262112#15262112

How do people feel about corporate shuffle in competitive decks?

Taking a double action to draw a fresh 5 new cards seems worth it to me, I’ve been happier drawing cards lately.

On the other hand, the card is safest used when you have a jackson out, allowing you to draw 2 cards as your last action and sculpting your hand perfectly. In that case though, why not just use jackson twice instead and get a similar end result without using a deck slot.

Maybe you want to shuffle to disrupt an indexing or something the runner has done to your stack? Maybe you don’t have Jackson in play right now but still want to draw?
Plenty of reasons.

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