Pacific Northwest ANRPC

  1. I believe there were two events in Vancouver/Victoria CA (I saw facebook posts and some posts here, but couldn’t go those weekends). I also saw some discussion of Portland and Seattle ones. Has anything materialized there?

  2. Suppose there is no progress on Portland/Seattle. Does anyone want to get together and organize? I am willing to help run one in Seattle.

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Contact @bazookajoe he was organizing the overall anrpc here

Portland had theirs as well ( I won )

Seattle has had no activity

Fairly certain that finals is not happening at this point(we already had worlds for instance…) but you mighht be able to reignite it ?? I’m not sure.

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I’m in Olympia, and would be interested in stepping up to do some organizing. Not the biggest city, but conveniently located between Seattle and Portland

Not so convenient for us Canadians. :frowning:

I talked to Joe about this awhile back, I think the issue was largely that there wasn’t much traction from organizers in Seattle beyond the initial phase. Not for lack of interest and certainly not for lack of good intentions, but people got busy (Jacob has his hands full with GLG tourneys, Got2.0 release and his duties surrounding that, and ANCUR…and to be honest I don’t really know anyone else in Seattle running tournaments beyond leagues and the beginner tourney; Joe himself is extremely busy nowadays, too).

Worlds having happened is not an issue-- Texas circuit is still going, and I think a few countries like Malaysia are having their Nationals soon anyway.

To reignite it, we need probably just one weekend that includes:

  1. A last-chance qualifier
  2. A final tournament.

No small undertaking :slight_smile:

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The final thing would be at most 12 people, so it’s an easy thing. No idea how big and LCQ would be.

I’m sure we could find a place to host it up here, but after nationals I think its our turn to travel. :stuck_out_tongue:

One problem is I think some of the prize money might already have been distributed to winners of the anrpc qualifier events. Doesn’t stop a large final but makes it awkward.

As the winner of the Victoria qualifier, I don’t think we got the prize money yet :wink: though the events here were well done already.

I wish my life had a little more stability that I could help set something like this up.

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It can work. I was thinking about this. Instead of an invitational finals, qualifiers can just be given $20-25. Then, the finals is $20-25 entry, so those qualified can play for free.

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OK. Sounds like mandatory is LCQ + Finals. It’s the top 3 of each tournament who can come to Finals, right?

Seems reasonable to skip a “Seattle CPC” if we are having the LCQ + finals in Seattle anyway.

Spags’ idea is interesting. It might make the finals more exciting (bigger).


  • Who is @BazooKaJoe and can I email them? I’d like to page in the history of what’s happened so far, what fees/prizes were collected/distributed, etc.
  • Prospective attendees (CPC winners / Seattle netrunners): If we can get this to happen in 2015 it probably would be the weekend of 12/5-12/6 or 12/12-12/13. Thoughts on those dates?

That is Joe Held, he runs Cascadia Collective (video channel, did the streaming for all the PNW regionals and PAX) and he is running the ANRPC stuff.

I vote 12/12, personally, but I’m local and am flexible.

12/5-12/6 is right before finals wouldn’t be able to make that happen. If prizes weren’t distributed to Canada then its possible I was mistaken. It had been discussed with me that the finals weren’t happening and that $ was going to be distributed to each individual player that had won a qualifier.(because of finals not happening)

As a local seattle netrunner, this is like a dream come true. I have been lobbying for an ANRPC event in the area for a whole now, and am glad to see one actually forming. This photo wa posted on the ANRPC Facebooj a while ago, and was super disappointed when nothing came of it. Thank you!

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One has to take up the reins. The ANRPC is a loose umbrella organization. I know that the GLC, which I ran, had 11 events. I really relied on local TOs to take ownership and push events, with our support. I believe that we were hoping @SneakySly or @Nordrunner would push in Seattle, but, they’re busy, or their interest waned.

Let us know if you need any help. Worse case, Seattle can run some next season. I would focus on finishing up. I know @Ziziros is starting up a circuit in the NE part of the US, by just running a large, one-weekend event this weekend in Rochester, NY. Hopefully, turnout is good. The hope of this year was to get the word out, show off some cool prize support, and note that fan-run events can help fill in the gaps, calendar-wise and otherwise, in FFG’s OP events schedule.


Wait, @nordrunner is in Seattle?

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For awhile now.

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He attended both Tacoma and Portland regionals

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Wasn’t able to make either

The Vancouver/Victoria qualifier players got the ANRPC “alt arts”, and I think that was it. Unless our guys are still figuring it.