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[Pālanā Foods] Soylent Red (It's Made of Runners)


So how are people liking Palana now that Councilman and Political Operative are out? Are you finding it ruins your day, or is it not as bad, because Palana can afford to have 3 Caprices in the deck and can keep replacing them, whereas ETF can only have 1 or 2?


Yeah, plop makes things difficult. But what you gonna do? Play CI?


The latter. Dump upgrades into the remote and rez early, interns back if they get plopped, win the econ war like Palana does so well. I still think it’s the best glacier deck right now, they just force you to adjust your lines of play a bit.

Also seriously, Crisium on HQ does so much.


probably feel that way. There’s an extremely good group of players that like to keep to themselves.


I’ve been trying to use it out of NBN (plus lily lockwell for off-turn/non-clottable installs and DBS for deeper draws), but it is not easy to set up and almost certainly not worth the influence hit when SSCG is in faction and has a higher trash cost. Though it is quite fun.

On the flipside, DBS is only 1 influence and I think it’s worth trying a jinteki fast / never advance deck that plays 3/2’s, traps, political dealings, and DBS. Palana + agroplex or medtech could both be suitable IDs. As you point out, ToL could get you to in-faction 4/2 scores from hand, though I’m not sure what you’d store the tokens on. I guess a rezzed junebug?


I had been trying to use Ice Wall, since it is good rush ICE, and boosting it by 2 to be safer from parasite and more bothersome for Faust is okay.

The results have been pretty mixed. In match ups where I could protect my FA tools, I could win as quickly as I could draw agendas, which still didn’t feel as fast as NEH. In games where I didn’t get set up quickly, all the FA tools seemed to easy to destroy and/or I couldn’t find enough ICE.

Finally, I won several games without any FA working, just setting up as a regular glacier. Relying on Caprice and Batty is still a really strong server, and Nisei tokens to back them up are oppressive. My agenda suite allowed me to run a Never-Advance game, which worked really well since the server was very taxing to get into, and the archetype otherwise uses a lot of 5-3 agendas.


I’ve been playing Weyland almost exclusively since O&C and I really think I need to try something new. So, I came up with this Rush/FA Palana list a couple days ago and it’s a blast.

Scarfin’ It (Palana Rush/FA)

Pālanā Foods: Sustainable Growth (Business First)

Agenda (10)

Asset (8)

Upgrade (1)

Operation (15)

Barrier (5)

Code Gate (5)

Sentry (5)

15 influence spent (max 15)
20 agenda points (between 20 and 21)
49 cards (min 45)
Cards up to Democracy and Dogma

Deck built on NetrunnerDB.

I love the idea of Jinteki FA because Snare and spiky ICE make going faster than the Corp a pain. Also, FA is really expensive, but fortunately Palana makes a bunch of money just by sitting around letting the Runner do what they do. They also have some pretty fantastic Agendas for this style of play, especially since their 5/3 protects itself. Also mind games, which I love. :slight_smile:

Anybody have any suggestions? I’m really wanting to tighten this thing up to take to Regionals. I’m not the best deckbuilder and I don’t get to play very often so any help is appreciated.


Couple quick thoughts:

Drop heritage, it’s bad value for money (when used in a normal deck). Play 3 Restructure. Money is so good for FA and modern runners force a lot of ICE rezzes. Consider adding more FA tools–Trick of light is in faction! Try the new Jinteki asset Political Dealings? Not sure Juenbug is great here…

Drop Archer, every point is precious and you can just play Assassin, Ichi, or more Komainu instead. I’m a big fan of Komainu personally. Eli is a great use of extra influence that will almost always improve your deck. More ICE would be really good so you can achieve a scoring server faster and be able to defend vs the counter-attack on centrals–yes you can FA some too, but Rush/NA is still super important. With this in mind, Caprice/Marcus would be great adds–if you go Marcus route consider the new fancy Cobra :wink:


Thanks for the suggestions!

Heritage Committee hasn’t been too bad in testing far, I don’t have influence for DBS, and Agroplex sounds awful, so I need something in faction to help me get through my deck a little faster. Plus, I’m making a free credit nearly every turn, so spending one isn’t bad. Let’s me do stuff like drop a Snare or Medical Breakthrough on top, or set up money or Biotic for my next turn. I’m going to give it a little more time in testing.

Trick of Light could be good, but I don’t really have anything advancable except Agendas and a couple ambushes. I would need to rearrange influence. I do think I need the third Restructure tho. Junebug is there because once they see one Junebug, everything could be a Junebug. :slight_smile: plus is good vs Faust runners to buy a scoring window. But yeah, it’s flexible.

Political Dealings could be good, but I would need a more permanent draw solution. I’ll have to look into that.

I agree on Caprice. I’m dropping the two Clones Are Not People for two of them. It was too gimmicky anyway and I need more ways to score.

Archer has been amazing so far and won me a couple games. I totally agree I need to save agenda points, but it’s usually so unexpected that it buys me another scoring window for a 3/2 anyway, so I usually replace that point. I want to keep it a little longer and see how it fares. If it’s too much of a liability I’ll replace it with an Ichi or something.

Thanks for the suggestions! I appreciate all the help :slight_smile:


Don’t do it. Without DBS and/or Agroplex, it is way too unreliable and expensive for what it does. It’s fun to play around with, but it’s still quite bad, as a competent runner will trash your support cards (DBS/Agroplex) if you manage to protect Political Dealings. It also has the huge problem of not being able to FA cards from hand. It might work in an IG deck though, where it’s harder to trash everything on sight.


Those were my initial thoughts on it as well. I’d have go include a ton of support assets for it, and even then, Whizz is everywhere. I think it’s for a different kind of deck. Honestly, it seems like a better yellow card than red. Thanks for the tip!


With employee strike being played in a decent number of runner decks these days does anyone find the need to include cerebral static?


I haven’t found the Strike to do enough real damage to warrant counterplay other than just scoring an agenda. It’s annoying to not get a credit a turn, but not annoying enough to use deck space on, I think. Besides, there’s not many ID’s I’d care too much to turn off, so CS is not doing much anyhow.


I would rather use “clones are not people” or import targeted marketing if it bothers you that much. Otherwise I agree with Saan, it is probably not worth including in palana foods.


Having played against Palana a lot on Jinteki I agree with Saan a lot, perhaps from a different angle. The flash and burn nature of Palana’s operational econ makes it pretty pointless to stress out about the Employee Strike. It’s like ok sure they Striked which might be 1-2 credits, the big question is still did you draw the giraffe or not, did you draw the giraffe or not?

I think if you faced Employee strike in ETF you might be misled due to how the deck works differently (or actually, even how RP works differently). Credits are reinvested in those decks to produce more credits, by icing a campaign (RP ices the campaign by icing a central), and then those credits make you more credits, so falling behind on credits at any one point can mean a bigger credit differential later in the game. With palana’s econ it’s much more linear.


I think you are correct, was just curious what others opinions are. Had some success recently at a regional with Palana and only struggled vs. a Ken siphon spam deck with employee strike. Figured I was overthinking employee strike, but wanted to confirm.


It was definitely the account siphons and not the strike. There’s a big rock-paper-scissors going on.

Siphon Recursion > Op econ > Whizzard > Asset econ > Siphon Recursion

Because the asset econ ducks the siphons.

Unfortunately you were throwing rock into his paper, if he was up against a mumba temple-team-turtle deck strike wouldn’t have been enough to account for how well his siphons were getting ducked.


ES is not something to worry about, even with Agroplex out. Just jam an agenda into the remote with caprice and score. I view ES as an economic denial card that costs the corp 3-6 credits, I’ve stopped running it in whiz myself.

What really helps Palana is scored CSTs I found. Between those, the ID and Op econ I have found that I can let siphon spam go ahead and normally close the game before the threat becomes terminal.


Won Regionals with Palana.


WRT using Cerebral Static to dodge the E-strike, that’s not REAALLLLY why I care about Cerebral Static (although ensuring the extra cash is nice) - why I care about Cerebral Static is to disrupt Noise and Hayley’s abilities. (and to lesser extents Leela’s and Kit’s)


I like the deck, seems like a nice combination of rush and glacier styles, and definitely has some interesting includes (3x little engine! Just Crazy Enough To Work?)

how was cerebral on the day? I think I might test CANP instead in that slot (allows for a lot of score-order flexibility in my experience, and allows you to forgo scoring a GFI entirely if need be) just because I dgaf about noise generally.

The other card I’d like to ask about is rainbow- is it strictly anti-silverware tech, or is there some secret value to the card I’m not seeing? If so, Maybe I’ll try a mother goddess and an extra interns to serve pretty much the same role but have actual uses besides…

Anyways, love the look of the list, and congrats on the win!