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Patreon Announcement

Originally published at: http://stimhack.com/patreon-announcement/

Discuss the latest announcement here. Also I want to say thanks to anyone that has supported us in the past, your help was vital in making this work.

Edit: Make sure to comment on Patreon with your Stimhack username to help me out with giving you your supporter badges.


“Since I signed up to this my RnD accesses have been much more agendary, 10/10 would recommend.”


Glad to support! Wish student funds would afford the platinum.

Does this make Dan the highest paid Netrunner player?


“Just signed up and already legworked some dude for 7 points. LOL! 10/10 you can’t survive without this service!!!”


“Signed up and instantly won a game with The Professor, 10/10 this really works!”


love this concept, and love the testimonials :slight_smile: — will definitely be pitching in soon™

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I signed up and weyland became good again. Coincidence?


I’ll be signing up for sure. Which I suppose means Kate will win the next Worlds.


And… pledged!


I pledged about 5 minutes ago, and now 60% of my Noise mills are agendas, every time. It’s the sex panther of Patreon. 5 stars, would support again.


I was on the fence about donating until a few Weyland employees showed up at my door and convinced me that it is definitely in my best interest to pay my dues.

Thanks Stimhack!


I just received an email from NBN saying that based on my online consumption choices they’d already used my credit card to sign me up.

I ain’t even mad! They do good research.


Two very nice sysops tracked me down while I was wandering the globalsec byways and “helped” me through the form, and they already seemed to know my Patreon account info! Such service!

I can already tell my access to globalsec has been upgraded! I’m a weeflerunner no more. Thanks, Stimhack!

*As an aside—*coaching from @mediohxcore is an incredibly valuable offering: there’s only one two-time World Champion, so to get one-on-one practice time is probably a steal at $50 :slight_smile: now, I wonder if there’s a market for netrunner coaching…


If you rez it, they will come


Hey I’m a new player to the game (started bout a month and a half ago) and I don’t think I’d be half of where I am today without stimhack.com and all the resources here. Take my 25$ and keep making awesome stuff.

(also swag ID hype!)


I supported and the professor became tier 1. Maybe?


Bizarrely, since supporting, runners now only run on my traps and not my agendas. Well worth the investment. 5*.


I gave up my day job and donated to this scheme, I now earn 10c per click working online from home! It really works, try it now!


Maybe if you gave money to FFG to bribe Damon into creating the most wanted list. That professor match suuuuuuuuuuucked

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Hey guys!

Thank you so much for your support. It’s a really big deal.

I know I’ve been away for a bit, but I was just balls deep into playing xenoblade chronicles. I am still alive.

Everyone who signed up at $25 should expect a pacakge coming sometime before the end of the first quarter. I’ll email you all when I have things assembled. I will send things out as soon as I have them; as of right now I still need to buy the surplus promos off @spags so I can ensure that I get get everything to as many people as possible. We will be making more dice, (as well as more alt-material IDs for the coming ANRPC season). I’ll email you personally for your addresses.

Everyone who signed up at $50, I’ll email you about scheduling.

Expect to see weekly streams on Tuesday nights starting next week, and expect an announcement about a Stimhack Jinteki Open to take place sometime in March.

Thanks again, you guys are the illest.

“Because I can’t reasonably sign up for my own Patreon, everything has recently taken a sharp downturn for me. My corp deck was nerfed into oblivion by FFG, and I can’t seem to access an agenda for the life of me anymore. All my opponents are on Noise and they all have Wyldside Pawnshop Cache in their opening hand. Life is terrible since the launching of the Stimhack Patreon”

-Dan D’Argenio