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Philadelphia Regionals 2014 1st Place Report

Originally published at: http://stimhack.com/philadelphia-regionals-2014-1st-place-report/

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Why does everyone run Clone Chip over Deja Vu? Deja Vu is 1 Credit and 1 Click behind in the worst case. You might be able to recur both parasites though. You can SOT it. You can use it as another Siphon if you dont need a program.

People run Clone Chip over Deja Vu because they can use it mid-run in response to Ice that would devastate them if they didn’t have an answer.


Thats a very specific case though… You’ve already used a (2-of) parasite, you’ve already got the (1-of) clone chip, you have enough datasucker tokens and/or not all your breakers?!

That’s not specific at all, It happens all the time. The Runner’s ability to handle encountering Ice is kind of really important in Netrunner. One might even say the most important thing in Netrunner.

You approach unrezzed Ice like Tsurugi or Komainu or Grim or Rototurret and you want to burn it down with Datasucker and/or Parasite or at the very least find the right breaker. With Deja Vu, you’re always going to be too late. With Clone Chip, you always win.


All the time… It can only happen once a game. And I just can not belive that it happens every game.

Anyone else care to share their opinion on this?

Once a game PER clone chip (and then you can deja-vu that if needed).

You don’t need to break every ice in this way. Only the ones that you are not ready in any other way at the moment.

Trust me, it’s much, much better than deja-vu.

You can also get that Deus-X, or Faerie, or whatever midrun and save your rig/hand from being destroyed to oblivion.

I’m talking strictly criminal/andy (1-of) deja vu or clone chip here.

As a long-time Andy player of exactly four games standing, I think @striatic has it dead on.

To take a real-life example from this morning. I’m playing ETF. I know they have a Rototurrent on R&D but they are poor and I have Fairie, Clone Chip and Datasucker in play, so I keep hitting it. Eventually they have to rez the Roto’ because I’m on match point and they’re leaking too many accesses. The card I see in R&D is Archer. Next turn they put an ICE on HQ and an ICE on R&D and get the money for Archer. Deja Vu would mean I have to spend click 1 playing it, click 2 playing Fairie and only get to run click three. Clone Chip meant I could keep the pressure on him from click 1 and more importantly I didn’t waste my only recursion card if the ICE didn’t turn out to be Archer or he decided not to rez.

And since the thread seems to have been de-railed from the word go, congratulations @mediohxcore on the win and an entertaining and informative report.


Great write up! I’ve watched your videos and could see you were well prepared. Winning in a 80 plus field with so many great players is a great achievement!

Are you going to Worlds?

Well played. Gratz.

Insert obligatory LOL at your loss to Weyland.

Congrats on the win dude - Dig the Jinteki build


Well done @mediohxcore, I definitely was betting on him taking first, as medio is one of the strongest players I know. We have been playing tons of Replicating Perfection lately, and it really is a beast in capable hands.

He did not lose to Weyland? He lost to Replicating…


Nice work, Mediohxcore! Well played & congratz on defending your home turf :).

One loss to an early-Opus Kate and one to a RP Glacier—seems pretty solid!

He misread, Medio feared he lost, but his opponent did not get the Atlas.

I then saw a Biotic in his HQ after getting Yog online and panicked that he could score his last Atlas and win despite me locking him out of his Grim/Archer remote with Femme and shutting down the Archer. I went nuts on his R&D as he went nuts drawing for his last Atlas, and I managed to find The Cleaners to win before he could get what he needed.

@Korrigan As has already been mentioned, Clone Chip is an instant speed parasite 99% of the time. Yes it happens EVERY SINGLE GAME where you draw both cards. The other 1% of the time Clone Chip gets back a breaker lost to damage somehow, if you screw up. Instant speed Parasites are one of the most over powered tools in the runners arsenal in this game, the power of it simply cannot be overstated.

@mediohxcore Good playing and meeting you Dan, and nice writeup. A couple notes - In our match I didn’t femme your tollbooth, I don’t have Femme. Also I never won the Psi game on Caprice, and you didn’t score a Nisei (I stole the only one you installed) must have been a different game. I lost a psi game I needed badly to win when you had 1 credit, had I won that I am sure I would have taken the game. You won off of a Future Perfect and 2 NAPD contracts. Also, the Baltimore player you beat in the Semis name is Ben Mason, one of my testing partners.


Thanks Jesse. I definitely mixed up your game with another, I think probably my round 6 against slamming the table dude.

Congrats mediohxcore and thanks for the report! Can’t wait for the videos.

Not sure on the Bank Job either, of course it depends on the meta but I really like having a 2nd copy of Legwork in that slot. Strong against CI and Astrobiotics.

Congrats! This was a great tournament and I can’t think of another player in the region with as much talent, dedication, and drive to win as you. It was a well deserved win.

It’s also impressive that you seem to play better as the day goes on, giving up a loss or two early, and then steamrolling at the end, where as most normal people (myself included) get worse as the day goes on and fatigue sets in.


The 2nd Legwork makes a ton of sense to me, but as soon as I added the second one in testing I played a few games and had 2 stuck in my hand a bunch. It’s definitely the type of card you want to play one per game most of the time. HQ isn’t usually an easy server because people are trying to keep you off Siphon. You’re right, though, that not seeing it can hurt against FA decks. 2 is totally reasonable. I just like playing bare-bones on tricks and playing a ton of economy. I’m never sad that I had too much money.