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Philadelphia Regionals 2014 1st Place Report

Congrats on the win! Great report. I was very interested to gain some insight into how you make decisions with RP, since I’m working on polishing my play with a similar list at the moment.

I don’t have much Andromeda experience but I did win a Store Championship with Parasite Gabe and Deja Vu. I was running 3x Parasites and I only think I pulled back multiple Parasites once or twice.

I did have situations where I’d have to overwrite a Datasucker for a Faerie or something, and then pull it back with a Parasite (before Desperado). Most of the time it sits in your hand early game, which means its going to cost you an extra click when you really need it and could force you to discard if you are digging for something.

With only running two Parasites I think Clone Chip is probably more efficient most of the time, but I would also consider trying out a single Scavenge as well. Femme is really good with the abundance of Tollbooths and moving it around seems like it could be pretty good. You can also use it like a poor mans Clone Chip if you pull an extra Datasucker or something.

While off topic, I think this conversation is actually fitting for the thread considering how much time Dan spends going back and forth on the merits of seemingly simple things like clone chip/RDI/quality time/mr li, etc…

It’s pretty easy to not have this discussion now that we’re probably going to have to burn 2 influence in criminal on a way to break Lotus Field, but it’s worth noting that clone chip has the advantage of work compression. You can easily play it as soon as you draw it, not have to worry about losing it to damage, and use it without spending a click on a more critical turn later in the game. Being able to instantly recur a Faerie is also nice, because not only can you keep a faerie available without making it vulnerable to a destroyer rez, but if you never actually need it you can just use it on a Parasite later.

The idea that you can recur Siphon with Deja is nice, but I find that you usually have access to more Siphons than opportunities to Siphon in high-level play anyway. Often when you draw two you can just burn one to make them rez their HQ ICE or otherwise spend all of their money on something if they can’t keep you out, (and sometimes, it actually just lands and you win).


I read that backwards indeed. Thought the corp found the cleaners. WEll played indeed. Seemed like several nail biting moments all day.

Its probably because they have played with Clone Chip in a game of Netrunner, and have also played with Deja Vu in a game of Netrunner, and then experienced how much better of a card Clone Chip is than Deja Vu. :smile:


-2 Mr. Li, +1 Legwork, +1 Emergency Shutdown, and then I love this deck. :smile:

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Strongly disagree on cutting Mr. Li. Without Quality Time you need something to see more cards and Mr. Li is the best in-faction option. Two factors make him better than in the past:

  • Corps are more diversified and you need different tools to deal with the range. Mr. Li gets you all those singleton cards that are relevant in your current matchup.

  • Siphons are harder to connect with profitably, so on average you spend more time untagged and Mr. Li lives longer.

Once you keep Mr. Li in the deck, 2 Shutdown and 2 SOT is enough in the matchups where that card still does anything (mainly HB). If you have 3 you’ll just chuck the first copy you draw because nothing on the table costs more than 3 to rez, or there is a Caprice on HQ, or because you can just Parasite the annoying ICE instead of shutting it down.

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What about that 1-of Infiltration? Can you share some experiences?

I was going to ask about the Bank Job, as well, but you answered it.

Infiltration is usually cycled for credits, but when its used otherwise its often huge, enough so that you play it with same old thing for expose a fair amount of the time. You can be wrecked by a mushined overwriter or a 2x agg sec. Infiltration simultaneously protects you from those traps, exposes potential agendas in expensive servers, and can be easily dumped from your hand on turn 1 or whenever.

I used it once on the day just to expose random ICE that could have been Grim when I had sucker mimic but no faerie. Think of it as a cheap insurance policy. There isnt a huge downside to playing it over, say, 1 easy mark, but it can save you from disasters.


However, Jesse started absurdly, with double Sweeps Week, install in a remote, (no ICE!).

Actually, I believe my first click was to draw a card. I figured with 18 ice I would probably get one with the mando or on my first click, and playing 1-2 sweeps vs Andy on t1 is too good to pass up. Especially when I may need to rush and beat your RDI/Kati Engine. Unfortunately, I think I drew into a Beale or NAPD or something terrible.

I forgot to ask but I was wondering if you had RDI in your opening hand. I think you played it in the first two turns and I was thinking that might have been another reason you wanted to keep your hand given that in our testing it has generally made the difference vs taxing NBN.

You are probably right that you drew. I thought you may have installed, but that was probably just the PAD you drew on turn 2. I did have the RDI in my opening hand. I tried to hold it for a couple of turns to see if I could get you to spread out defenses and I could get a better read on my attack vector. I’ll just wait to get the videos for the last two matches and correct anything I screwed up. I think my opening hand was like… Siphon x3 Desperado Gamble RDI Mr. Li Special Order Datasucker or something. I was actually not in love with it because it had no long-term economy and falling behind on money can be really bad against that deck, but I kept it because it had desperado gamble and I didn’t want to get greedy.

Its probably because he has played with Mister Li in a game of Netrunner, and have also played with two legwork and three Emergency Shutdown in a game of Netrunner, and then experienced how much better two Mister Li is instead of secind legwork and a thirth Emergency Shutdown :smile:

Sorry, couldn’t help myself :blush:


To be fair to Alex, he sort of stopped playing much at a time when games were shorter, and corps were poorer. Shutdown made more of an impact, as it was easier to credit deny a corp by chaining Shutdowns and Siphons, and Li was worse, because you didn’t even get great value out of him in a lot of matchups even if you played him early. Mr Li is borderline, but better than no Li. 6 Months ago, I would have agreed that Mr Li was too slow, too inefficient, and made you too tag-vulnerable. At this point, it’s a different story. Mr Li is still a lot worse than most people think he is, and I see tons of people play him when they should just recognize he isn’t going to be good and click to draw for that game. There were a number of games in the tournament where I had either drawn the vast majority of what I needed to find, was floating tags, or did not want to let up pressure, where I let Mr Li sit in my hand while I clicked to draw cards. Quality Time is SIGNIFICANTLY better, but another Parasite is EVEN MORE BETTER than the alternative, (2nd Plascrete or something). Li is still worth the include for his value in now-common grindy games if you don’t make the mistake of always playing him.


The total turnout was: 87 of the 91 paid preregistrations showed up. We had 17 store champ byes in round 1.

Awesome writeup, @mediohxcore. I hope we get a chance to play in the OCTGN League. Are you planning on Worlds or Nationals?

Well, personally if I was playing the deck, and I drew the Mr Li, I would refuse to ever play it, so Legwork and Shutdown are clearly better for me. :smile:

I played Andromeda for months with no card draw in the deck (just Special Orders), and it was fine.


I’ll be at worlds but not nationals.


Then do so :wink: it would be great to have you back. Cruyff retiring at 18… /Euro reference

FWIW, is Badtimes a worry for your Crim deck?