Philly Regionals (June 20) Discussion Zone™

I just wanted to get a thread started to discuss anything related to the Philly regionals.


Thanks to Apreche for offering to set up the stream. He recorded the famous Double Sweeps Triple Siphon video from last year: Netrunner with Scott - Philadelphia, PA Regionals - Elimination Game 30 - YouTube

It should be a great event. I will be there as well as several noted Stimhackers (as far as I know):


Please chime in if you’ll be there!

On gameday you can come here to place your bets, chat up hot strats from the stream and just have a blast.


I herd ur moms gonna be there @steve_houston

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She is, actually, she graciously offered to come cheer me on! Thanks for remembering :wink:


I heard @jerklin quit netrunner so he could play softball in the park instead


Hopefully I won’t give @Basoon a free Beale this year. I’m still really mad about that one.


10 chars.

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I will probably be there to try and sneak in

you guys sold out all of your pre-reg when we called to do so (over 2 weeks in advance) at 90 people. the guy on the phone said thats literally every seat available

i think me and 1 of my guys are gonna go out anyway, have decklists printed and ready to roll, but hope theres a couple no shows. there were 4 last year IIRC

there should be a couple jersey guys tho… i just got lazy on pre-reg remembering last year and seeing all the other regionals, thinking it wouldnt be an issue.


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@groober, get down there and play!

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It’s not a bad idea. I feel like you have a shot, surely someone won’t show.

I’ll be there. Gonna get me some wooder ice.


Are you coming, Ross?

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hoping :frowning:

I’ll be present as well, though I too am without an entry at present having received the same response from the store as @bahram.

But @hasuprotoss will be in attendance as he’s staying with me. I can bring my cube if folks who are left out want to have a draft.

I’ll be glad to meet everyone I’ve been unable to thus far.


Ready to scoop to whomever in the finals!


God this tourney is stacked.


Is attendance capped or something?

They are at capacity with 90 ppl.

Damn… You Phillies sure like Netrunner!

We do, but also it’s just a big city on the coast surrounded by other big cities and isn’t too hard to get to if you live within like 4 hours and love Netrunner. NYC also doesn’t get a regionals so any NYC runner would make the trip. But yeah Philly has a good scene.


I’m going to talk to the owner tomorrow re: @Webster and @bahram to see if we can’t squeeze the stragglers in. Don’t wanna pull an FFG if we don’t have to.