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Philly Regionals (June 20) Discussion Zone™

Most Brits consider a 4 hour trip a long trip. Hell, there were only 2 Southerners at the Manchester Regional (2 and a quarter hours away from London by train), and 1 at Sheffield (same).

Apparently, FFG made a really dumb ruling about the Oxford Regional. The Store had to hire an external venue, but could only get it for 6 Rounds + Cut to Top 8. The Store was told that since they could not hold a 7th Round of Swiss, they must cap attendance at 64. Ludicrous.



USA is land of cars and highways. And cheap gas (AKA petrol). We drive everywhere. I’d like it if we had nice affordable trains like you guys have.

This regional is actually pretty close to me. It’s only a touch more than 5 hours to drive there. Although this community is so tremendous that the 9 hours to Atlanta and 6 to Louisville were definitely worth it. It’s the community that just pushes this game beyond great to the actual best.


This is gonna be hot. Looking forward to watching @Apreche’s stream! @hasuprotoss pls do Atlanta proud…

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If we were in the UK there’d be a nice cheap train to take :stuck_out_tongue:

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The trains are affordable. I wouldn’t call them cheap :stuck_out_tongue: If you want cheap trains, you want to go to continental Europe.


A direct train to NYC from Philly (a 2.5 hour drive or less) costs like $90. It’s a shame.

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It’d only take me slightly over 17 hours, yeah I think I’ll stick with the flying method :slight_smile:

Atlanta to Philly is 17 hours?

And you’re taking a flight to play Netrunnner?


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It really depends on when you buy the ticket though - if I wanted to jump on a train to Birmingham today, I’d be staring at a £90 ticket ($130ish). IF I bought the ticket in advance, and was willing to travel off-peak (i.e. not during Rush hour) it’d be more like £20 ($30ish).

Ross you know the rules we live by in ATL . . . Ahmed is already enjoying his new home in Louisiana.


Our cap issue is due to store size, which actually has slightly more room on a 2nd floor with some smaller areas. If we only have enough extra people who come out that we can fit them in one of those rooms, the owner might agree to it. I don’t expect them to let us go past 100 if they allow more than 90, but up to 128 is the same amount of time to play as 90.

I’ll be there, good luck to all!


I don’t want to add to the pressure Dan, but as Reigning World Champ, and Philly overlord, I think you should win. Undefeated.

Just saying.

Couldn’t they hold 7 rounds Swiss in that venue and move top 8 to any nearby pub? After the cut you don’t need that much playing space anyway :smile:

I did so once (flew to a city approx 250 miles away) when I managed to snatch a special offer of the airline getting my flight ticket for $6. The flight was around 40 minutes, though with getting to and from the airport it added up to 4 hours anyway, still better than 6 hours by bus when going back home (cheap plane tickets that way were already sold)

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I think playing in pubs is a polish feature, not because of beer, but because we usually don’t have FLGSs to play in.

It’s an English thing also. In our case the beer is very key to the decision.


One of my playmats is still drenched from all the cider that night.