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Philly Regionals (June 20) Discussion Zone™

I’m in… Looking forward to missing the cut. This tournament sounds brutal


We were thinking of taking the train to Philly but decided ZipCar will be easier. We are planning to take the train to Minneapolis in November :wink:

You want to extent your torture? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll be there! First time posting to Stimhunk but I’m a long-timer in the Philly meta alongside @steve_houston and @mediohxcore. My name is Corey, come say hey. I have a beard and I’ll be wearing two sombreros.


could setup tables outside. That would be an extra bonus for the top players since you’ll get fresh air and less noise.

Have you ever had your board erased by an errant wind gust? I have. Not fun. You have to like put paperweights on all your ices and hardwares so they don’t blow away.


Forecast for Saturday is scattered thunderstorms, 50% chance of rain. Might be risky.

I was half joking. 90 is good cap honestly and it’s not like it was filled in hours like worlds.

Tournament was long last year and the 6 rounds of swiss seemed appropriate to the amount of people.

Doors are at 10am for anyone trying to get in without reservation. Still waiting to hear back from the owner.


I’ll be there bright and early, with one mans for my beach side play group.

2 of our guys has commitments they couldnt avoid sadly.

hope for me to get in. i need to show the world the power of players who bleed purple, and why kate is so cute.

Just saw this thread and made an account to respond. I didn’t expect there to be pre-registration, so I never called. Me and a friend drove up from Lynchburg VA today, oh man the traffic. We will be there before the doors open to hope to squeek into the event. Thanks for your effort with the store, mediohxcore, working in the stragglers!


Stream is live now but it is very slow for me.

We are working on it. It will be better later, sorry.

You guys get in?

Stream is being transferred to an Ethernet line. Next round should be better.


How did our boys fare on the first round ?
@mediohxcore ? @d1en ? @bblum ?

Works great now. Thanks for doing this.

Is there a chat option I’m missing?

On the Android YouTube app there’s a live chat. I’d assume it’s on all the platforms.

thanks. It was my youtube proxy plugin that blocked the chat (youtube livestreaming not available here)