Playing the High Stakes Game with Personal Evolution

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Love the deck. Great article.

I like the deck better out of Biotech, with Vanity.


Threatening 4 points from a IAA feels great.

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Or Punitive deth.

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I love this archetype to death. The only thing better is having two Neural EMPs on deck all the time that can’t get Imp’d.

I love PE. I really, really love PE. When I wake up in the morning the thing that motivates me to get out of bed is the dreams I had about PE the night before.

That said, Apoc MaXx (Apoc, Siphon, Keyhole), DLR Mill and Shapers potentially running Deus X and Feedback Filter destroy it. Apoc MaXx has been my main problem so far playing PE in the SHL.

Getting lots of practice against those decks has helped tremendously but it still feels awful. The only thing that makes it worth it is the grin on your face as you score a Future Perfect through a Mushin.

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I try to deal with those threats in the article, but as you say they can be tough. The most useful strategy is that when they know they have a hard counter they will dig for it, not run, so you should be scoring out fast as hell!

Also, deux ex and feedback filter are very rare to see nowadays, and with the MWL-rules we will see even less clonechips to recur Dx. Also: a 3-4 advanced cerebral hits right through both the shaper counters!

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Globalsec Security Clearance also does work against this kind of deck.

Imma try this deck. Need to train the 'ole Yomi muscles.

I play two Drive Bys / two SoTs in my Leela deck and they do a lot of work against PE. I generally mulligan for them. I try to shoot anything Moosh’d out and run everything else (shooting a Moosh’d w/ SoT Drive By is worth it in my book, three clicks be damned). I see a lot of PE on and beat them pretty easily with Leela. Generally don’t see Mr. Hiro though, so maybe I’ll start running into this gross variant and start dying more. Maybe I’m missing something, but Leela / Drive By seems like pretty relevant counter-tech.

After looking at this list I will certainly stop tossing my Plascretes though. Hiro / Punitive / Neural would rattle me pretty hard.

edit: And yes, occasionally I hit a Psychic Field and that is quite unfortunate, but I don’t see them all that often (one-of in this deck seems typical).

Zam, right? Are you going to force me to spam expose effects for the NACH qualifiers?

More seriously, Feedback filter does some work against Cerebral. Is two brain damage for a 4-advance Overwriter good enough?

Two brain still puts you in ronin/EMP range

I love PE. The deck seems fine, but there’s really nothing new here. And anyone who’s played PE with any success for any amount of time has pulled off crazy plays to get wins. That’s what makes the deck awesome. Anyway don’t think this version is any better than Cambridge style lists atm. People should already be playing plascretes in case of scorches, and punitive seems excessively situational for me, which is why I have not liked it in PE in the past. But hey this style seems to work for some so who am I to argue.

As for people saying feedback filter v cerebral, the right play is to take the brain damage and keep feedback filter as long as you have the econ to back it up. I remember winning a game against someone with feedback filter precisely because I forced them into this situation, and they chose to negate some brain damage, which cost them the game.

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Hey Ulrik, remember to pack those Drive By’s :wink:

Thing about FF is that it can’t be recurred, meaning i need to hit it with a cerebral and it’s gone. This means i 4-advance my cerebrals/agendas/ronin and it is very much a threat meaning i can score out. It is hard, but not impossible.

Usually there is very little counter tech against PE though, meaning this is rarely a problem.

I have not tried Biotech kill yet, i can’t see how to manage without the clickless damage from agendas, but i probably need to try it.

Great article,but I guess I’m just bad at Yomi,sad face :frowning:

Similar idea: Mushin makes hard choices. Greenhouse turns IAA into Vanity threats. Tank gives actual resiliency v. Noise/DLR/Keyhole, unlike PE. Still plenty of traps and ugly choices. Only 7-8 agendas helps.

I believe this is the secret trick here. I won four out of seven swiss matches in Nordic 2014 with a singleton Scorched out of Tennin. Eat the cost and play that plascrete.

I just install Plascrete every time when I face a PE,or Tennin,or Biotech,or any Jinteki except RP.It makes me feel safe.
…Unless someone starting to play Punitive in RP…

Actually did this a little bit a while ago (just pre O&C) and while not really optimal, it was pretty hilarious :smiley:

[quote=“spags, post:2, topic:6545, full:true”]
Love the deck. Great article.

I like the deck better out of Biotech, with Vanity.
[/quote]This. I am definitely not enough of a head games player to pull this archetype off, but as one of those “careful, tactical players” that can regularly beat PE by not making mistakes, I can definitely confirm that good biotech players are on some next level shit. The twin threats of a four point score and a not-in-hand double emp can make for some really, really hard choices. Know of any good lists for the biotech variety? The guys playing them at my local are keeping their exact working lists very close to the vest…

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All very true, this is now on my ‘to learn’ list for the SC season. Do you have a preferred up to date list?