Pls help to finetune my CT build

here is the deck:

Chaos Theory: Wunderkind

Total Cards: (40)

Event: (16)
3 Diesel
3 Quality Time
2 Stimhack
3 Sure Gamble
3 Test Run 
2 Modded 
1 Inside Job

Hardware: (9)
2 Dinosaurus
2 Plascrete Carapace
3 R&D Interface
2 The Personal Touch

Program: (11)
2 Corroder
2 Femme Fatale
2 Gordian Blade
2 Magnum Opus
2 Datasucker

Resource: (4)
1 Aesop's Pawnshop
3 Personal Workshop

what i figured out after first playtests is:

  • i need 3rd stimhack
  • no/late PW = no win
  • datasucker is bad, unsure what to put instead, thought cyberfeeders for more consistency, but i lack replicators/viruses so this may not be optimal
  • vs HB i lost twice and felt helpless, i could do 6$ and run per turn and it was always too few as i needed 8 to break all stuff
  • femme seem too pricy if no PW/stimhack, would u put cheaper sentry breaker?
  • in general my feeling was that im not turbo enough (or just had bad draws vs very good corp draws) and corps economy is on par or better each game

pls tell me what u think. i got tournament (no c&c) in 3 days and need some pro advice :smile:


I think the problem is you have 2 Magnum Opus as your only significant econ aside from Sure Gamble, and there are only 2 copies. If you’re burning a Test Run to bring up MO to then click it a bunch, then draw, install, click more, you’re not only setting yourself back 2 turns to get your econ up, you’re burning a Test Run that could’ve been used to Femme something more important.

I think the Datasuckers definitely need to go – if you get your full rig online you have 0 MU slots for them. I also think you could easily replace the Dinosaurus and probably 1x Plascrete. Also probably 2x Personal Touch.

My guess is you’re trying to both run aggressively and rig up, but don’t have the econ to install the breakers you need to access servers before the corp has a defensible remote up. Is that right? Then you need to move away from slower cards. A Special Order would probably be useful. I’d probably add a few Kati Jones so you have an alternate econ source until your MO is online.

I had this problem with my CT deck, so I added Tinkering, and it works in the mid-game until you can rig up.

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im trying to not bring MO via test run first turn. usually mulligan to get PW. modded is for MO in mid game.

but you are 100% right im trying to do both things: run aggro and build rig at same time and this deck is not well suited for that without economy other than MO.

this is rethinked version that include @szymkodf comments as well as my thoughts post testing.

  • katie jones ftw!
  • i like 3 test runs as they also get cards from heap, added special orders too
  • thanks to that i made smaller breakers suite
  • still unsure on dino, i like it as it make some of the breakers very efficient (no credits) and saves memory
  • added deus x: can save my ass vs some tricks as well as break some unexpected things, can go back with test run! :wink:
  • im still not sold on tinkering/indexing. better than maker’s eye?

###[CT turbo rig][1] (40 cards)

  • [Chaos Theory: Wunderkind][2]

Event (22)

  • 3 [Diesel][3]
  • 1 [Inside Job][4] •••
  • 2 [Modded][5]
  • 3 [Quality Time][6]
  • 2 [Special Order][7] ••••
  • 3 [Stimhack][8] •••
  • 3 [Sure Gamble][9]
  • 3 [Test Run][10]
  • 2 [The Maker’s Eye][11]

Hardware (5)

  • 2 [Dinosaurus][12]
  • 3 [R&D Interface][13]

Resource (5)

  • 2 [Kati Jones][14]
  • 3 [Personal Workshop][15]

Icebreaker (6)

  • 1 [Corroder][16] ••
  • 1 [Deus X][17]
  • 2 [Femme Fatale][18] ••
  • 1 [Gordian Blade][19]
  • 1 [Yog.0][20] •

Program (2)

  • 2 [Magnum Opus][21]

Built with [][22]

A lot of the time you would want to play those cards in addition to makers eye. You will have to play your own deck a bit to get a feel for what you can cut.

For example, if you played indexing, you might find that dirty laundry is better than sure gamble when you play.

The cards are really flexible, and at a certain point you just need to test, since netrunner is 50% deck and 50% playstyle.

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I build a somewhat similar deck recently. You can see lots of discussion in this thread (it’s not really old, Future Proof meta, too)

I share the sentiment against HB, I lacked some pressure against HQ, otherwise the corp could just bury R&D deep and be pretty safe.

What tournament are you going to?
edit: See you in Munich :wink:

well, im in another part of the world :smile:

im gonna read that thread now, thanks.

Good luck at the tournament, get us a full recap :smile:

i will, altho unsure if i will pick andromeda… first world problems :slight_smile: