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Plugged in Tour Spoilers: Updated as we get them

New Spoilers from the Plugged in Tour! I will be updating this as we see them.

Latest Updates - Odin:

Additionally, the Cleaners is a 5/3 Weyland Agenda with the text: Whenever you deal meat damage, deal an additional meat damage.

Well… I’ll admit, the Hive is interesting. Its not exactly an early game defense, except for maybe GRNDL, but it definitely has a strong presence for mid game and hilariously enough, makes Security Subcontract not a 100% useless card just by existing. Just 99% useless. :smiley:

As for The Cleaners… all I have to say is… LOL! and I repeat… LOL!

The Cleaners allows a double scorched to burn through a plascrete and a full hand- scary!

Updated with new cards.

Looks like they are pushing an anti Katman / Crypsis angle. I think this is a really good decision to help the corp out.

Shinobi however looks atrocious. I do not get that card at ALL.

Looks like a new free 1 damage Snare?

Looks like there’s a bunch of anti-AI tech. So much for atman muahahaha

The Cleaners allows a double scorched to burn through a plascrete and a full hand- scary!

I think it doesnt. If you prevent all 4 from the first scorch with plascrete you dont take an extra dmg. Then the second does 5.

Wraparound: CRAZY GOOD.
Swordsman: CRAZY GOOD vs AI breaker decks.
Hive: Very strong, especially in dedicated kill decks. Super good at helping score that first agenda.
Caprise Nisei: WOW. If they cant beat you on the Psi, they CANT GET IN TO TRASH HER. In a defended server this is just insane.
Shinobi: Situational. Most of the time will be weak, but at certain times it could win outright. Not a thing you generally rez, just a thing to blow them up with if they ran poor and didnt seen it coming.

Marker: Sucks Chum. Bad.
Sundew: Wow in Jinteki RP! Automatically get your money back. Also, if you can get out multiple at once thats nice. Rez them on an important turn.
NAPD: My favorite 4/2 agenda! This awesome!

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Updated with:




Shock update! Added in first post. Holy crap it triggers in archives!

hey the archives personal evo flatline deck wth all one pointers and shock is possible now.

caprice is deceptive. she requires a healthy chunk of credits if you are using her to defend an agenda. 2 to rezz + 1-2 credits (smart runners should almost always be choosing zero) + whatever you need to score. if you are poor she does nothing.

swordsman. this is going to see a lot of play in every faction. ETR on a cheap sentry that cannot be broken by AI?!!! who doesnt want that?

wraparound. another deceptive card, i still see corroder in most decks.

all the illicit ice- shinobi/grim/swarm imo is an effort to go after the fix strength / AI breakers. they are 5 cost for a reason because 6 cost punishes ninja and cloak/dagger. i think what they got wrong is the rezz cost. bad pub is bad enough but going broke to rezz the ice and take the pub is a steep cost. it almost makes archer’s agenda point requirement seem like a great deal lol. i think we are still missing the “aha, this is why i play illicit ice card”.

sundew makes dedicated server look worse than it already looked. replicating is finally getting the tools to differentiate itself from personal evo.

napd…wow. this seems really strong for a 4/2. seems to fit right into any deck that is going to score agenda points to win + works to even out the pure win of runner accesses that exists right now.

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Only ends a run if they are depending on an ai icebreaker

i misread the card. the thought of trashing a crypsis or atman was intoxicating.

good design i think. swordsman hates on three very popular deck types - noise w/crypsis only, gabe w/mostly crypsis especially for the siphons and katman.

New Card up!

A code gate I really like!

I read that there were two decks for the FFG staff challenges… Jinteki (Personal Evolution?) and GRNDL.

Seems strange to have only 2 Weyland Consortium cards, though… or maybe everyone wanted to play against the “new” Jinteki cards?

Anyway Caprice Nisei is amazing, basically the Runner cannot anymore be mathematically sure to succeed in a Run, when she’s around. Shock! also is kinda game changing, given it does damage from Archives as well.

Absolutely love the hate for the predominant runner strategies. I had definitely hoped for some anti-AI cards in particular, but them printing a damage ambush that works in Archives is a step I never expected to see given the existing card pool and presents a nice solution to the Datasucker problem. TGTBT hinted at this, but I thought that given it doesn’t actually stick around in Archives, it was merely not necessary. I have a lot more faith in FFG’s development team after seeing these cards; it would be practically impossible to get this awesome AI-hate printed by now if it was in response to the domination of Atman, so they clearly show some understanding of how the game might become unbalanced and have the hate ready for them in a form that isn’t completely useless if you’re not facing the hated cards.

I wish we had any idea when we’d be seeing these cards :).

This will depend on the actual wording of Cleaners and how exactly damage prevention effects are handled with respect to its trigger condition. If I looked at it from a Magic rules perspective (which I know is not a great idea, but just as an illustration), it depends on whether Cleaners is a replacement effect (If you would deal meat damage, deal that much meat damage plus one) or a trigger (Whenever you deal meat damage, deal an additional meat damage) as it could be the case with the former the active player can choose to reply his replacement before the prevention while with the latter you’d have to have some convoluted wording to avoid infinite recursion. It would be as simple as “the first time you deal meat damage each turn…” but then that clearly answers what happens in the double scorch scenario and seems far less powerful. Again, that’s just in Magic terms, which I know is mostly wrong for this game. Regardless, I’d at least wait until the actual wording of the card is released.

Wow I didn’t realize that Shock stays in archives, I thought for sure it would be removed from the game if its ability triggered. awesome

Also I think the intent of The Cleaners is pretty obvious. Damage about to be done is increased by 1. The only other option is any meat damage is an auto flatline, which is just ridiculous.

The GRNDL deck was heavy on the flatline. Frequently the corp would install a naked 5/3 turn 1 and hedge/restructure, then do double punitive or punitive and sea source scorched earth if the runner stole it. Usually only 1 or 2 ice would get installed all game.