Polls inside - Stimhack League Round 6 Quality Control

Lets keep this easy and awesome.

Our lord and savior @Argamas is stepping down from running SHL. Good on him for doing what he did for as long as he did.

I will fill his shoes. I believe I can! With grace and justice!

Or at least a competent job.

So… we all know how this works. If you don’t (Where have you been btw?) you should check this out and read up.

What I am concerned with is improving the experience. Here are some polls. Vote as you can. Let me know if we can improve on the SHL experience!

When should we start?

  • 3rd Week of Sept
  • 4th Week of Sept
  • 1st Week of Oct
  • 2nd Week of Oct
  • Other, see reply

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How long should it last?

  • 4 Weeks
  • 6 Weeks
  • 8 Weeks
  • Other, see reply

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Should Data and Destiny be Legal, even before street date?

  • No
  • Yes, but you need to title your game “SHL6 - D&D - LF whatever” if you use D&D cards.
  • Yes, no warning

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Whats the interest level on me spectator streaming league games weekly for commentary?

  • Yes, I would watch more often than not
  • Yes, I would watch on occasion
  • Yes, but I would not watch
  • No, as a player I don’t want this
  • No, because I have no interest in the idea
  • Other, see reply

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What level of cut for the “Top X” end of season tournament"

  • Top 4, as it is
  • Top 8, but players qualified would need to work with you to schedule harder.
  • Other, see reply

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Change how the “Top X” cut is decided?

  • Top X on the scoreboard at end of season, as it is now.
  • Point System, explained below.
  • Other, see reply

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Point system concept for SHL:
On a pre-determined day and time, I would take a record of the Top 10 on the scoreboard in that moment. For that week, each player would gain number of points on their ranking. At the end of season I would total all the points, and that would decide the “Top X” cut. You would not earn points in a week you did not play a minimum amount of games. Minimum amount would be low, but TBD.

Points would be publicly visible on the SHL6 thread, editted into the top post.

Pros to this is that encouraging playing all season, rather than late season ELO charges or AFKing your ranking to maintain it. Cons to this is that it is less transparent, since the leaderboard and the point totals wouldn’t be on the same page. The fact that it is more work for me is irrelevant.

Interest check in a New Champion vs Prior Champion Grudge match for the SHL Title?

  • Yes, all of the yes.
  • Yes, but only if commentated.
  • No, keep each season its own thing.
  • No, bad idea, I don’t like it.
  • Other, see reply

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Please review the questions, let me know. Any comments or questions, of course, respond below!!


the Grudge match is my favorite idea. SHL Champion could be a rotating title; current champion always has to defend his/her title at the end of each season, like in MMA weight classes. I think that’s a much more interesting, dynamic, and fun way to do it.


I think I universally voted in favor of the current format. The new season usually starts after the finals of the previous one (Sep 6). I’m also not a fan of being compelled to play games in windows rather than just when I feel like it.

You really can’t organize a finals with more than 4 people well without incentivizing it, in my opinion. Everyone’s schedule has to match, and people are usually indifferent hemispheres.


All fair points, this is why I’m doing this.

I am giving it a small break, since I personally voted for 3rd week Sept… which would be barely over a week after the stream for finals.

But really its just anything I heard anyone mention that I thought could be up for change. No harm in asking. :3

You’re kinda diluting yes/no by making multiple yes/no’s.

Not really.

I can add them up, but knowing the reason helps me weigh the votes value.


No half work Bahram, great job! :clap:

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I agree, having a hyped up match is fun, obviously. A small issue might be that shl champions have a tendency to have achieved everything they ever wanted in life and drop off afterwards, which might make the actual games worse than the games in the top x cut.


Very fair point. A lot of these ideas arent like “if it gets 51% of the vote its in.” Change would need to be very favored to shake up the current deal.

Do you YouTube? I’d watch commented games on YT. I won’t likely find time to watch streamed games live, and Twitch doesn’t have a mobile solution for archived footage (afaik).

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I’ll look into the twitch into youtube thing. Never did it before, but cant be too hard…

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Only thing I wanted to mention is that for a weekly"streaming game" I voted “Yes, but I wouldn’t watch”. Just to be clear, I have no issue with games being streamed if players agree to it (IE, if someone wants to keep their deck secret, they should have the option). That said, I actually never watch live streams, so just be advised. I do think it’s a neat idea. The only thing better than Netrunner is Netrunner with commentary. :smile:

I vote we start SHL this week! :stuck_out_tongue:

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3rd week of sept seems to be doing well.

Expect it sometime next week. XD

Earlier, rather than later. You can wait. <3

Spoiler - Post coming later tonight for the next round.

cough 9/17 cough

Look forward to it. :wink: