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Post your terrible decks


How does that work? (the rounding, I mean)


It’s just to the nearest integer. EDIT: The spreadsheet that I used might clarify further.


Exile: Streethawk](http://netrunnerdb.com/en/card/03030) (Creation and Control)

Event (15)

Hardware (7)

Resource (7)

Icebreaker (10)

Program (7)

15 influence spent (max 15)


e3 literally does nothing in this deck, atman is a better answer to boirds and it’s in faction. you could also probably switch it to professor and bring in non zu/creeper/inti breakers


And that’s exactly what the enemy would expect you to do when they rez heimdall 2 into your inti, then you drop e3, run click click credit, and next level mindgames them.


I made this a while ago and played it maybe fifteen times. Basically relied on people ditching their Plascrete when they saw HB.

Customer Service v0.7

Custom Biotics: Engineered for Success (Creation and Control)

Agenda (9)

Asset (11)

Upgrade (1)

Operation (11)

Barrier (6)

Code Gate (6)

Sentry (5)

22 influence spent (max 22)
21 agenda points (between 20 and 21)
49 cards (min 45)
Cards up to Double Time

Deck built on NetrunnerDB.


It’s not posted in terrible decks for nothing :wink: but E3 is there to make creeper passable.


Now this is what ANR is about! I am a jank-boy through and through. Been running this ETF shell deck on OCTGN, lose much more often than I win but it’s always fun popping Alix’s. Intended to be as influence-free as possible, but couldn’t pass up Jackson and Marked Accounts. Agenda suite is intended to be as compressed as possible, but Beta Test could be NAPD. I do like installing Beta last click then scoring the following turn. ICE suite could likely be better. Recursion might help recover trashed assets, too. IDK

###[HB Diversify] (49 cards)

  • [Haas-Bioroid: Engineering the Future][2]

Agenda (8)

  • 3 [Accelerated Beta Test][3]
  • 2 [Executive Retreat][4]
  • 3 [Project Wotan][5]

Asset (19)

  • 3 [Adonis Campaign][6]
  • 3 [Alix T4LBO7][7]
  • 2 [Encryption Protocol][8]
  • 2 [Eve Campaign][9]
  • 3 [Jackson Howard][10] •••
  • 3 [Marked Accounts][11] •••
  • 3 [PAD Campaign][12]

Operation (3)

  • 3 [Diversified Portfolio][13]

Barrier (6)

  • 3 [Bastion][14]
  • 3 [Eli 1.0][15]

Code Gate (5)

  • 2 [Enigma][16]
  • 1 [Tollbooth][17] ••
  • 2 [Viktor 1.0][18]

Sentry (8)

  • 3 [Draco][19]
  • 3 [Ichi 1.0][20]
  • 2 [Ichi 2.0][21]

Built with [http://netrunner.meteor.com/][22]
[1]: http://netrunner.meteor.com/decks/9v4ZxNfwMNHq9BHtx
[2]: http://netrunner.meteor.com/card/haas-bioroid-core
[3]: http://netrunner.meteor.com/card/accelerated-beta-test-core
[4]: http://netrunner.meteor.com/card/executive-retreat-trace-amount
[5]: http://netrunner.meteor.com/card/project-wotan-creation-and-control
[6]: http://netrunner.meteor.com/card/adonis-campaign-core
[7]: http://netrunner.meteor.com/card/alix-t4lbo7-creation-and-control
[8]: http://netrunner.meteor.com/card/encryption-protocol-trace-amount
[9]: http://netrunner.meteor.com/card/eve-campaign-humanitys-shadow
[10]: http://netrunner.meteor.com/card/jackson-howard-opening-moves
[11]: http://netrunner.meteor.com/card/marked-accounts-cyber-exodus
[12]: http://netrunner.meteor.com/card/pad-campaign-core
[13]: http://netrunner.meteor.com/card/diversified-portfolio-honor-and-profit
[14]: http://netrunner.meteor.com/card/bastion-creation-and-control
[15]: http://netrunner.meteor.com/card/eli-1-0-future-proof
[16]: http://netrunner.meteor.com/card/enigma-core
[17]: http://netrunner.meteor.com/card/tollbooth-core
[18]: http://netrunner.meteor.com/card/viktor-1-0-core
[19]: http://netrunner.meteor.com/card/draco-what-lies-ahead
[20]: http://netrunner.meteor.com/card/ichi-1-0-core
[21]: http://netrunner.meteor.com/card/ichi-2-0-creation-and-control
[22]: http://netrunner.meteor.com/decks/9v4ZxNfwMNHq9BHtx


have you tried shipment from mirrormorph? I like that card even without alix, but it would make you more vulnerable to donut.


I haven’t, but I don’t like the idea of it. I am never really in situations where I wish I could install more cards per turn. Unless things are going absolutely terribly, you are never clicking for credits, and as long as you have Jackson out, card draw isn’t an issue. First turn is ideally install/rez Alix, ICE Alix (future scoring remote), and install PAD/Eve/Adonis in another remote. Change the asset to ICE HQ if you fear a Siphon. I almost never protect any assets besides Alix.


I love this deck!!!


An economic engine that makes the runner rich, No good fast advance and no ASH/caprice, ICE that doesn’t do anything when the runner has their rig setup. ICE that requires you to forfeit agenda’s , agenda’s that forfeit themselves, A backup win condition that everyone already tech’s for and everyone can see coming starting on the first turn. Trap’s that don’t fool anyone, A program trashing plan that loses to datasucker. No Jackson Howard and no NAPD contract, seems like a winning formula to me!
###[worst deck Ever][1] (49 cards)

  • [GRNDL: Power Unleashed][2]

Agenda (12)

  • 2 [False Lead][3]
  • 3 [Geothermal Fracking][4]
  • 1 [Government Contracts][5]
  • 3 [Hostile Takeover][6]
  • 3 [Project Atlas][7]

Asset (3)

  • 3 [Snare!][8] ••••• •

Operation (17)

  • 2 [Anonymous Tip][9] ••
  • 3 [Hedge Fund][10]
  • 2 [Power Shutdown][11]
  • 3 [Restructure][12]
  • 3 [Scorched Earth][13]
  • 1 [SEA Source][14] ••
  • 3 [Subliminal Messaging][15]

Barrier (6)

  • 3 [Ice Wall][16]
  • 3 [Wall of Static][17]

Code Gate (3)

  • 3 [Quandary][18]

Sentry (6)

  • 3 [Archer][19]
  • 3 [Grim][20]

ICE (2)

  • 2 [Chimera][21]


Did you literally just do that.

I mean, I was reading the intro, and thought, “okay he’s describing an intentionally crappy deck… oh wait.”


well I won a store tournament with it today, so it immediately moves up to tier 3. New meta.


A bad Ken deck where you maybe cheat stuff into play, or just lose.

Event (25)

Hardware (4)

Resource (8)

Icebreaker (6)

Program (2)


There is no spoon

Kate “Mac” McCaffrey: Digital Tinker (Core Set)

Event (17)

Hardware (7)

Resource (13)

Icebreaker (4)

Program (4)

15 influence spent (max 15)
45 cards (min 45)
Cards up to Upstalk

Deck built on NetrunnerDB.


I couldn’t play this deck because I’d be tempted to just aesops my motivations and blind-oracle and blind-eureka every turn. That said, I think eureka-rachel-beckman would be funny when she comes out.


Ah Harmony Medtech. I so want you to be good…

So I did the obvious and put in six three-pointers and obviously if I’m only playing three pointers we want punitive counterstrike and if we want counterstrike we need archieved memories to increase out chances of being able to kill with it and since we’re using three pointers we should probably have Mushin no Shin and since we have Mushin no Shin we need an advancable trap to go with it and since we’ve used up all our influence we can’t actually afford any of the good one so we’ll have to stick Juneberg in and if we’ve got Juneberg then we really need Trick of Light, but Trick of Light does sweet FA with 5/3 agendas so it came out again and then I remembered that we actually need some economy and there’s no point playing Jinteki drip economy outside of RP so it has to be operations, so I have an economy that shows my traps to my opponent and gives them money but its ok because actually I don’t have any traps other than Juneberg so I’m not giving that much away (except the Counterstrikes but I’ll just draw up so I don’t have to show them, even though I don’t have the influence for Jackson to protect me if I draw into an agenda) oh I need Caprice or Siphon wrecks me, now I suppose I should put some ICE in, so the usual realy good Jinteki ICE because I don’t need to worry about parasite because no-one plays that card now Lotus Field exists and oh hang I’m playing 6 three-pointers, I should be running Shi Ky - ok, I don’t really need to run more than 14 ICE right because my mind games will ensure that the runner kills themselves within five turns?

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present…

“One-trick Pony”

Harmony Medtech: Biomedical Pioneer (Honor and Profit)

Agenda (6)
3x Priority Requisition (Core Set)
3x Executive Retreat (Trace Amount)

Asset (3)
2x Project Junebug (Core Set)

Upgrade (2)
2x Caprice Nisei (Double Time)

Operation (18)
3x Archived Memories (Core Set) ••••• •
3x Hedge Fund (Core Set)
3x Celebrity Gift (Opening Moves)
3x Punitive Counterstrike (True Colors) ••••• •
3x Medical Research Fundraiser (Honor and Profit)
3x Mushin No Shin (Honor and Profit)

Barrier (3)
2x Wall of Static (Core Set)

Code Gate (3)
3x Yagura (Fear and Loathing)

Sentry (9)
3x Tsurugi (True Colors)
3x Komainu (Honor and Profit)
3x Pup (Honor and Profit)

12 influence spent (maximum 12)
18 agenda points (between 18 and 19)
44 cards (min 40)
Cards up to Honor and Profit


I suppose this might qualify. This is a few months old and I believe it has since been surpassed by legitimately competitive decks attempting to pull off the same thing - this is not one of them. Its ultimate goal is to fire off 6 x Neural EMPs in a turn with the Power Shutdown/Accelerated Diagnostics combo and it is hard countered by any net damage prevention cards whatsoever. It also cannot win against Noise decks with an installed Clone Chip, runners that don’t run, and is vulnerable to anyone who trashes Jackson Howards on sight. That said… nobody ever expects this combo having not seen it before, so I only play it about once a month (4 total plays, thus far) and I am undefeated with it. I have also made sure to never play the same person with it twice, because I am absolutely convinced that this deck cannot win repeat plays. I have never won and never intend to win a game with this deck by scoring points.

Neural Shutdown

Cerebral Imaging: Infinite Frontiers (Creation and Control)

Agenda (7)
3x Priority Requisition (Core Set)
1x Project Vitruvius (Cyber Exodus)
3x Project Wotan (Creation and Control)

Asset (5)
2x Director Haas (Creation and Control)
3x Jackson Howard (Opening Moves) •••

Operation (22)
3x Accelerated Diagnostics (Mala Tempora)
3x Green Level Clearance (A Study in Static)
3x Hedge Fund (Core Set)
3x Neural EMP (Core Set) ••••• •
2x Power Shutdown (Mala Tempora) ••••
3x Reclamation Order (Double Time)
3x Restructure (Second Thoughts)
2x Shipment from MirrorMorph (Core Set)

Barrier (7)
2x Eli 1.0 (Future Proof)
1x Heimdall 1.0 (Core Set)
1x Hive (Double Time) ••
3x Wall of Static (Core Set)

Code Gate (4)
2x Quandary (Double Time)
2x Viper (Cyber Exodus)

Sentry (4)
2x Grim (Opening Moves)
2x Rototurret (Core Set)

15 influence spent (max 15)
20 agenda points (between 20 and 21)
49 cards (min 45)
Cards up to Double Time

The Requirements

  • The Runner must have made a run on the previous turn
  • 19 credits
  • The following cards in HQ:
    0x Neural EMP
    2x Accelerated Diagnostics
    2x Jackson Howard
    1x Director Haas
    1x Power Shutdown
    1x Shipment from MirrorMorph

The Combination

  1. Shipment from Mirrormorph on Jackson, Jackson, and Haas
  2. Rez Director Haas
  3. Power Shutdown R&D
  4. Remove Jackson and seed R&D with 3x Neural EMP
  5. Play Accelerated Diagnostics
  6. Remove Jackson and seed R&D with 3x Neural EMP
  7. Play Accelerated Diagnostics


This deck has no backup plan:

The Foundry: Refining the Process (The Spaces Between)

Agenda (11)
3x Accelerated Beta Test (Core Set)
2x Chronos Project (First Contact)
3x NAPD Contract (Double Time)
3x Project Vitruvius (Cyber Exodus)

Asset (4)
1x Aggressive Secretary (Core Set)
3x Jackson Howard (Opening Moves) •••

Upgrade (1)
1x Panic Button (True Colors)

Operation (15)
3x Anonymous Tip (Core Set) •••
3x Blue Level Clearance (Fear and Loathing)
3x Green Level Clearance (A Study in Static)
3x Hedge Fund (Core Set)
3x Power Shutdown (Mala Tempora) ••••• •

Barrier (9)
3x Eli 1.0 (Future Proof)
3x NEXT Silver (Upstalk)
3x Paper Wall (Mala Tempora)

Code Gate (3)
3x Merlin (All That Remains) •••

Sentry (6)
3x Architect (Up and Over)
3x Rototurret (Core Set)

Played one game with it on OCTGN and won. Now I never need to play it again :smiley: