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Reboot Mother - Value Worlds 2017 Report

Originally published at: https://stimhack.com/spags-worlds-2017-report/

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That was a great report, @spags! Congratulations on the top-16 finish!


Excellent report! I loved:

“So, it’s 20 creds for 40 strength?”. Those kind of words scare me a little, but I shrug it off. I end up smashing headlong into a Tithonium on R&D that reaches 55 strength.
“Uh…. it fires?”


Excellent report. And thanks for calling me old.

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Stop trying to get me to like netrunner again, man. I hear you all :slight_smile:


Come to the dark side. We have cookies. And Hedge Funds.


You follow a dying forum for a dying game.

Join us as we head into the abyss.


I’m ashamed to say that I didn’t realise that AR-Enhanced Security was a play on words until I saw your abbreviation. Not the most egregious of Punrunner crimes, but it’s up there.

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This ded gaem had one of its higher attendance years this Worlds… I think we’re fine for a while.

Admittedly, I was one of the doomsayers after GenCon. I beg yet another indulgence, O’ Howardly Father.


Your penance is 10 Our Howards followed by a tithing to Reversed Accounts. Then all shall be forgiven.


Best take your Sarcas-mo-meter into the shop for repairs.


Thanks for writing this report. Also, I think making the cut at Worlds is ‘performing well’ by most folk’s measures.


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Nah. I figured you were joking. Pointing out the facts for the masses.

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Thank you very much for the report, really enjoyed it and thank you for all the things you are doing for the community!

I would like to add that time shift from Sat to Sun is not really helping as it least in Europe ours happens 1 week earlier so it makes planning hard. Sat 6 h time difference, Sun 7 h.

On top I’m very interested how you are organizing KOS? This has nothing to do with your report, bit interests me!
How big is your team? Just you?
Do you use a software? Have a special Excel Sheet? Just paper?
How do you announce the rounds? And the pairings in the team?
And other things you think are valuable to know!

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Team of 1. I have assistance with art, and people helping day of, but the 99% of the planning, money up front, etc. is me.

Just a stupid Excel sheet I made. I should just use some generic software out there to make it easier.

I use a mic and announce rounds. I could print and hang sheets like FFG, but the venue is too small for that, and a projector wouldn’t work in the space. Pairings in the teams is handled at the table by the teams themselves. I have someone from each team come up each round to verify the results. I then pair by teams, and have each player keep their individuals score sheets to determine seating.

Not many other things to know. Planning as much as possible will make your day of easier. I have all the teams sign up ahead of time so I can have my spreadsheet set, and first round pairings ready ahead of time.


You might actually be able to use TOME instead of the spreadsheet if you wanted. It doesn’t care if you put in IDs, and it seems to be happy to let me put in any values for the points from each match.

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The value thing I was worried about.

Where do I get that?


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Thank you very much for this insights! Hope you don’t see it as OT, but there are some people who like it.

Sounds all reasonable to me and hope I have a chance to participate in one.