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Reboot Mother - Value Worlds 2017 Report

What in god’s name is an ‘utz pool’? Google’s no help here. Something to do with potato chips…???

Great writeup anyhow – and congrats on doing well at Worlds!

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For Legend of the Five Rings, all their big tournaments start with chanting, and the chant used to include “utz.” “Dived into the Utz pool of L5R” doesn’t mean anything more than “took up playing Legend of the Five Rings.”

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Aah! Thanks much @absotively – glad to know there’s not some snack-related esoterica I’m missing out on.

good lord.

i don’t generally incline toward hypersensitivity on such matters but i’d rather my have legs gummed off by a toothless but extremely tenacious shark than participate in that inane chanting.


You asked. :wink:

I don’t think there are any sharks in the Utz pool (card sharks? - maybe?)

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If there are sharks, they are very slow moving. #slogun

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Used Tome for a KOS tournament and it just worked. You need to work in a bit, but this is the case with every software. Then it worked fine.

A bit more: 1st King of Servers in Europe + Regular Tournament in Berlin