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Red Dead Re-Deadcoats

I thought I’d make a new thread here to discuss a newer kind of deck that was all over the place at the Slovakian Nationals that I just finished playing in. The basic idea is that Obokata Protocol and Punitive Counterstrike go really well together, and can work in a variety of Jinteki IDs. The ID that I played it under was Pālanā, and was just going to post and discuss my deck in the already-existing thread for Pālanā, but it turns out other people had a similar idea as I did, and were playing it in Nisei Division and classic PE.

I can’t speak for exactly what the other decks were doing, other than trying to kill people (PE was still doing the 1-pointer shenanigans with traps, Mushin, etc, but the other decks had other ideas), so I’ll just post my deck list and discuss what my deck did, and the pros and cons of it.

I named the deck after the old Deadcoats archetype, because after playing it for a while I realized that my game plan was the exact game plan of that deck; tax the runner on runs, and kill them for stealing your 3-pointers. This works best by far in Jinteki now, due to their agenda suite, and worked great for me on the day (I got 6th overall, and the only games I lost was due to bad luck, which I’ll discuss later).

So clearly you play 3 Obokata Protocol. I was also playing 3 TFP and 1 Labyrinthine Servers, which should really have been either a Hades Fragment or a Eden Fragment, or some better 5/3, but for some reason that didn’t occur to me until I had already taken a 14 hour series of bus rides away from the rest of my cards on the morning of the tournament. As the 7th point, I was playing “Clones are not People.” The idea, then, is that I score 2 agendas, but the runner has to score 3, and my agendas (save the one) all suck to steal. The reason the final agenda isn’t something like Nisei or Philotic is because it doesn’t do me any good to score it, given that I only want to score 2 agendas, and I can’t Punitive off a 2-pointer.

The obvious thing is that Film Critic just shits all over this strategy. The runner can just take your agendas, and you can’t even punitive them for their trouble. A lot of people’s answer to that seemed to be voter Intimidation. The obvious downside to this is that not only does the runner need an agenda already in their score area in order to turn Voter Int on, but that it’s Psi game based, so you have a 33% chance to lose (barring runner credit shortage, super mind games, etc). Over Regional season, I played Blue Sun Boom exclusively, and I think over 4 regionals, I lost 3 games with it. It was Midseason’s based, so FC was a problem as well. However, in that deck, I ran 3x Consulting Visit and 1x MCA Informant. It was really, really good at killing Critic. So I ported some of that over to my deck and ran 1x Consulting and an MCA as well. This kills the Film Critic.

Anyhow, before I discuss too much further, here’s the deck list that I played at the actual event, and because I’m a nice guy, here it is right below.

Red Dead Re-Deadcoats - 6th at Slovak Nats

Pālanā Foods: Sustainable Growth (Business First)

Agenda (7)

Asset (2)

Upgrade (6)

Operation (17)

Barrier (3)

Code Gate (8)

Sentry (6)

15 influence spent (max 15, available 0)
21 agenda points (between 20 and 21)
49 cards (min 45)

I went back and forth on whether 2 or 3 Clones was the right number a lot. I had 2 Clones and a Fast Track at one point, figuring I could always Consulting to get the Clones if I needed to, and could similarly Consulting for the Fast Track as well. However, that’s slow, and usually requires 3 turns of your agenda being in the scoring remote. Overall, I thought it was just more consistent to have 3 Clones, and figured extra ones could always just be used to fight other currents in a lame, expensive way if I really had to.

Other than that, the deck is basically just money, ICE, and useful upgrades. Ash is really good here, because it helps you turn your money into another win condition. Crisium is kinda okay, but vastly less useful now that Siphon is gone. It’ll still usually make Shapers pay 5 when they go into R&D in the hopes of getting an Indexing off later, but those are almost always turned off by a Mirāju on R&D to reshuffle when they go back in to try and score. Mostly, I just needed 1 influence Weyland cards, which is also why Errand Boy is there. I think the Consulting Visit is good enough to justify them. I was rarely sad to see Crisium, and Errand Boy either taxes 3 or gives me economy of some sort, depending on what I need. I could see going to other options if I can find something better, though.

One option is to just play more Jinteki and Neutral cards in their place, and actually pay for Consulting. This has some merit. I was actually thinking of adding a second Consulting, though, probably in place of Crick. I never really felt like Crick did much, so I don’t think I’d be sad to see it go, and think I’d be fine on 16 ICE. The reasoning is that I can kill Critic faster, and that I have kind of 5 Punitives for ultra-fast retrieval. I say kind of because having 2 Consulting Visits is still only having one Punitive, seeing as they’re a double. This might be going too far down a rabbit hole, though, but I want to try it out. I lost a game due to not getting any of my 4 Punitives in the top half of my deck when any one of them would have killed the runner on either of his first 2 agenda scores, and that felt really bad. It might just be too much shit though.

The other game I lost was in the cut vs a Hayley deck with 2 FCs. For this reason (and others), it might also be good to shove a Preemptive Action in to shuffle the goodies back. However, I lost this game in a hilariously unique way. He stole a fairly early agenda from the Film Critic he installed turn 1, so he was up 3 points at the start. I countered by scoring an agenda with a Clones attached, so I was at 4. A few turns later, I found my Consulting, and threw the MCA on the FC. The following turn, he installs his second FC (damn) and then runs R&D, seeing an Obokata. He sticks it on the MCA’d Critic, kills the critic, and then gets a credit or something for his final click (doesn’t really matter). “How odd,” I think. I IAA the agenda in my hand in my scoring remote, made completely safe by the Batty and Ash contained therein, given his current credits. His next turn he throws down a Freedom, draws up, and runs Archives for the win.

This is hilarious, because if I hadn’t MCA’d his critic, he couldn’t have won. I gave him the opportunity to kill it, and he used it against me in an awesome line. Afterwords, I severely considered if MCA was the right choice. I still firmly believe it is, because the chances of him having Freedom already drawn and that one of my remaining agendas was on the top of my deck was definitely less than the 33% chance that Voter Intimidation gives him. It was actually drastically unlikely that he could win from his position, and got fairly lucky. Good on him, though, it was an awesome way to lose.

Anyhow, I’m overall very happy with the deck. Some things I might change are the extra Consulting and a possible Preemptive (as already noted). I’m also not sure about Lotus Field. It taxes almost everything people play these days for 3 credits, and at a 5 credit rez, it often doesn’t feel worth it. People these days almost never run against Jinteki unless they already have a Code Gate breaker installed, lest they hit a DNA Tracker, so when it’s time to rez it, say, on the remote, it feels like the runner is getting the better deal, especially when it’s my goal to kill with Punitive. Aside from that, 5 is a lot to pay for an ETR. The deck does need ETR Ice, though, and I do want that ICE to be taxing, so I might shop around some. The Barriers feel like a better bang-for-your-buck. They really just force the breaker to be installed, and then tax a couple credits a run, and that’s fine. I like Launch Campaign because it gives my server something to do while I’m waiting to score, and I really need money, I wish Jinteki had a better money asset, but nothing is good enough to bother with. Oh yeah, and Labyrinthine Servers should be any better agenda. Any of them. God what a dumb agenda for this deck.

Anyhow, that’s where I’m at with the deck. If others want to chat about it, or their versions of it, I’d love to hear your thoughts. I saw enough ideas and different IDs that I’m open to hearing what people think might be a better idea. From what I saw at the tournament, there could be quite a lot of ways to go with this kind of thing.


Is there a particular reason you play Himitsu-Bako and Wall of Static over Kakugo? Kakugo is so strong now.

Otherwise, I think this is great. The core concept fits pretty well in a lot of Jinteki decks, but I think Palana and PE are the top 2 for it, for better econ (win the traces) or more damage tax.


@dashakan was bodying me with a similar deck the other night on JNET. Seems quite difficult to play against without Critic. With Critic I feel it’s mostly a coin flip, whether they run your traps or not

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With Runner econ as shaky as it is now, is Snatch and Grab a less-Inf costly way of dealing with Critic? It would also allow you to move the 6-Weyland card requirement off, if you wanted to go that way.

I like the deck concept; nasty :smiling_imp:


I think if Snatch and Grab is too expensive an FC answer. Sometimes it’s going to be cheap, but I was facing some Hayley players that were able to keep their credit pool up just fine, even without Mopus, and if I have to Trace 3 against those players than I’m probably either not going to have enough money to rez things like DNA Trackers later or I’m not going to be able to trace them down with Punitive. This deck can spend the crap out of its money already, and I think it might be a trap.

I was thinking about this last night as I was posting it up, and my original reason for not running Kakugo was that I’m more interested in taxing money than cards, because I need to be able to threaten 1-2 Punitive traces, and taxing them an extra credit on Static rather than an extra card on Kakugo was probably a little better (plus Kakugo is 1 more to rez, making the monetary trade doubly bad. Bako is really just there so I can bounce it to my scoring remote if I need an ETR for Batty later in the game.

There’s another side to Kakugo, though, and those are the times where it brings someone down from me needing 2 Punitives to kill to me only needing 1, and they happen to steal an agenda that run as well. In this scenario, I still need to be able to threaten the Punitive trace, but I only need to threaten one of them, which is potentially vastly cheaper.

I think in the end it’s a change I’m going to just have to test, seeing as there’s potential upsides both ways.

I’d remove some ice and put some level clearance there.
Ice / agenda ratio is 2.4, this is overkill, even for a glacier.
You could go down to 11 ice in theory.

Yeah, that’s… not true at all. You need the runner to spend money, and you do actually need to protect your agendas. I wouldn’t blindly make statements about decks that you don’t know anything at all about, especially considering your track record about being correct about things.


I was correct in saying Tower Maxx are strong, it just won our national, dude :slight_smile:
(and yeah, this is one of, if not only, “track record” with you)

Ice / agenda ratios have a statistical existence that you can ignore, but if you enjoy drawing more ice when you needed agendas, then put fast track, sure. It’s not my problem if you discover that today, is it ?

2.4 IS overkill. This is 24 ices in a 10 agenda deck, allowing to put small alphashot ice. Beware your Crick because it may repop crisium/launch campaign or maybe some 8% other card if you drew it ? Mkay, this is terrifying I guess.
Then, Bako must be 100% times better there than a Vanilla because both are broke for 1c but I’m too noob to tell.
There is a lot to tell about ice integration too, but I’m not even there.

That’s 2.4 ices drawn for 1 agenda. Bring draw and this is you bringing more of both (you were saying “I tried fast track”), with the benefit of prepaid install money, since Clearances are a compromise between fast track & dillution. But whatever, “dunno building, got a bad track record”.

To get 4 on 10 - 3x agenda/clone + 1xmiss, you will have to draw between 40% to 60% of the deck. Do you win T15-25 or do you clic draw ? Therefor, why don’t you use draw for that ?

Also now R&D lock is less much of a problem + your dilution (which was op even in the MWL days) + having Fast track envies, why are you still @49 cards ?

Last thing, because I did not really swallow your “track record” authority argument.
a - do you think about yours ?
b - are you thinking about what people tells you when asking critics or ideas about your deck, or just look at their name - latter case, is it better if I create an alt talking to you, because my name seems infamous / offensive and maybe shouldn’t be put in front your eyes ?

I’d tell anyone they were wrong about the deck only needing 11 ICE, regardless who it came from. Maybe my track record comment was out of line, because it’s not really on the merit of your other statements that I should be taking your current ones. That being said, it wasn’t your previous record that bugged me about your statement, but the merit of the actual statement given the goals of this specific deck. The fact is that you’re very, very wrong about 11 ICE being fine.

I agree that 17 is too much, and talked about changing the Crick into something else. However, the deck does need to see ICE early, and I do enjoy scoring my first agenda quite early, before the runner can set up to stop me. I also need at least 1 ICE on R&D, because if a runner sees TFP on top and I can’t pay for/don’t have 2 Punitives, they just get that agenda, because the chances of me winning 4 Psi games in a row is low, and if I do then chances are I just shot my foot economically to keep it. Finally, I really do have to keep people out of my remote, or at least make it taxing enough that I can murder them after they get in. A couple ICE here and there isn’t going to get that to happen, because the runner will simply have too much money after getting in.

Sure, I draw more ICE than I need. The issue is that I need to see ICE early enough, even with a lowered agenda density. I can’t play the Gagarin game of leaving centrals open until I can find something to throw in front of them because I have no other way to pressure the runner.

Finally, where does this magic influence come from? Do I cut Ashes? The runner wins in my remote. Do I cut my Alliance influence? Now I only have 1 MCA and 3 Punitives, something testing has already shown me isn’t good enough consistency. Finally, I said that I used to have a Fast Track, but took it out, deciding I didn’t need it. Clearly I don’t have Fast Track envy.

I do agree that Clearances would be nice, as they make money and draw. I looked at them, but the hard truth is that without what I already have influence-wise, this specific deck becomes very inconsistent in it’s stated goals.


Ok, let’s forget this then.

11 ice is ratio 1.4. With Jackson this worked : without, sure, you may need to do other wise : exact quote is “11 ice in theory”.

I’d suggest you tried 14 in a 46 deck ?

At least Crick is wrong I think.
I’d replace a DNA with a Chiyashi maybe (because you may need to punish each missing gear with etr - and also, after testing CR2B, Chiyashi are quite “zomg, won’t go there anymore”). As a Johnny, I’d try replacing a DNA with a Susano (perfect sentry would have been rotating Shinobi) : because DNA is telling “hey, only etr of the deck are 2x Lotus + 3 x shit wall, you need your decoder & fracter dude”, then your only mamoth ice is DNA : aka broke by required breakers.

Bako should be replaced with Vanilla because poping it have no real synergy (this is a desesperate R&D defense, also Temujin are banned and you can’t phantom remote Jackson there).

Last thing, 5 etr on 17 ice is one etr per central + 1 on remote +only 1 spare. Playing this makes your etr much like positionnal ice : if you face a bumping runner with the wheel, you want innermost etr (or real deflect) so you need more etr ice % in your pool of ice so draw are earlier. I use 60% ratio most of the time, after years of testing… Now, about that ratio if you want quicksand ice (not the barrier but the irl quicksand aka “are you greedy enough to break everything ? gonna cost a lot”) then I don’t really guess the synergy purpose of Lotus Field there : there is a lot more taxing & synergical for <5c cg in Jinteki (Aiki, Lockdown, Mind Game, Upayoga, Metamorph).

Last thing, that kind of ice distribution is strong (op) vs Anarch, weak to Shaper. I hope it’s what you wanted.

-late edit- (I allready know you are among the one making fun of Quicksand, but) in a “bumping is bad” + lots of deflect synergy + parasite is dead, Quicksand is better than Statics. Because it is “sort of” punishing, when Statics never punish.

-late edit again- If you still go the Fast track route, you should re-study the Improved Protein Source instead of Laby Servers, because you can do Fast Track, find “IPS” then IA, then runner turn then AAA score.
Or the old “Clones are not Protein” combo : IAA, wait a turn, AA, Clone, score 4 pts.
“Only” problem is scoring this one before the others, and that should happen a little more than 1 time in 7 games (1/7 + some of the times when you have to score 3 agendas).

-late late edit- I should throw a list, but only inf is clearances. Then cut is easy :

  • For inf, -1xConsulting, -2x Crisium (which use ?), -1x Errand Boy (consulting out)
    • 3x GLC
  • -1x Lab Servers, -1x Crick, -2x DNA, -2x Lotus, -1x Pup, -1x Bako, -2x Statics, -1x Clone (because we go 45 cards and you said “2 or 3 or 2 or 3…”)
  • +1x IPS, +1x Chiyashi, +1x Susano, +1x Vanilla, +2x Quicksand, +1x Macrophage
    => this is 45 cards, 13 ices if I’m not wrong. Ratio becomes the one you have with 16-17 ices / 9 agendas or 18-19 ices / 10 agendas aka “contained risks”.
    7 ag / 45 cards is 7.62 ag in 49 aka very low density, but happen quicker in 45 than in 49 (same story with ice - you would need 15 ices in 45 to get about the same ice ratio, but since GLC are null slot cards, you would need 14 ices there).

If no consulting is a real issue, then spam 3x Errand boys instead of semi-useless to total useless Crisiums, and switch for total draw on ice, there you have :

  • -2x Crisium
  • +2x Errand Boy
  • -1x Lab Servers, -1x Crick, -2x DNA, -2x Lotus, -2x Pup (not a net source), -1x Cobra (well… :confused: ), -1x Bako, -2x Statics, -1x Clone
  • +1x IPS, +1x Chiyashi, +1x Susano, +1x Vanilla, +2x Quicksand, +1x Macrophage, +1x Miraju, +1x Fast track.
    => this is 45 cards, 15 ices. You will draw every important piece 10% faster, have quicker agenda, can Clone are not Protein, can Fast Protein, etr ratio is a little better so etr ice will sink innermost a little more, and ice dillution is barelly untouched (and boosted if Errand fires once).

(I meant that one, sorry for super easy title)

Red Dead Redemption

Pālanā Foods: Sustainable Growth (Business First)

Agenda (7)
1x Improved Protein Source (Fear the Masses)
3x Obokata Protocol (Blood and Water)
3x The Future Perfect (Honor and Profit)

Asset (2)
2x Launch Campaign (Data and Destiny)

Upgrade (4)
2x Ash 2X3ZB9CY (Revised Core Set) ●●●●
2x Marcus Batty (The Underway)

Operation (17)
2x “Clones are not People” (Democracy and Dogma)
3x Celebrity Gift (Revised Core Set)
1x Consulting Visit (The Liberated Mind) ○○○
1x Fast Track (Honor and Profit)
3x Hedge Fund (Revised Core Set)
3x IPO (Terminal Directive)
1x MCA Informant (Station One) ●●
3x Punitive Counterstrike (Revised Core Set) ●●●●● ●

Barrier (4)
1x Chiyashi i[/i]
2x Quicksand (Chrome City)
1x Vanilla (The Liberated Mind)

Code Gate (5)
1x DNA Tracker i[/i]
1x Macrophage i[/i]
3x Mirāju (Blood and Water)

Sentry (6)
3x Errand Boy (The Source) ●●●
2x Komainu (Honor and Profit)
1x Susanoo-no-Mikoto (Honor and Profit)
15 influence spent (max 15, available 0)
21 agenda points (between 20 and 21)
45 cards (min 45)
Cards up to Revised Core Set

Deck built on NetrunnerDB.

The entire reason that people have run 49 card decks is specifically to dilute agendas drawn. Sure, I want to draw a couple agendas, but I only ever really want to see 2 of them. I really don’t like drawing too many, because that just gives the runner more targets in HQ. Plus, just because they’re harder to steal than normal doesn’t mean that I want the runner to have easier access as well. I’ll stick to 49 and feel fine about my decision. I’m completely fine with playing a slightly longer game vs most decks with this.

So, in the thing you posted above, what’s the reason behind Macrophage? I can’t think of many viruses I care that much about these days. Aumakua is a thing, I guess, but I haven’t needed to tech for it yet. As long as servers have ICE on them, a single purge shuts things down pretty well. Also, I’m usually happier to see Crisium than I am to see Errand Boy, and used it almost all weekend.

Finally, Protein Source is cute, but I’m nearly positive it does more harm than good here. It has some synergy with the Fast Track and the Clones, which, I’ll admit, is cool. But giving the runner 4 credits when it’s stolen or scored seems like a really bad trade, especially since I just lost tons of tempo scoring the stupid thing. I’d rather have an agenda that actually does something for me when I score it than have an agenda that helps the runner out whenever anything occurs involving it.

I’m not even going to debate Quicksand any more. If it were a good card, good players would play it. And there’s no way 1 DNA tracker is anywhere near correct. That ICE does more work in the deck than almost any other.

Susanoo is interesting though, although Switchblade shits all over it. Might be worth it, depending on how much Smoke is anticipated.


Amakua is the target, yes (-edit- forgot tapwrm). It’s targeted through a few cards there : Chiyashi, Macro. Quicksand voids it (some good builders use it - and this card get even better now Parasite + Corroder are out, but talking about this would need its own thread, so agree to disagree).
So there you can protect each server (Turtle players plays Dan so it pumps it after a purge). Susano & Macro have high str and I think it’s needed. There is too much low str ice if I remove Quicksands, and Statics have no special benefits against Clip.

You use IPS to close the game. Yes, it’s a “flaw” 1 game in 7, like I said in the previous post edit edit rereedit version (sorry for this).

I think synergies there are close to what you played and liked a lot. But it’s different, sure : not telling you it’s stronger or better but it’s sure very fun to play. Got compressed money & operations if you compare to your deck (8.16% more frequent at draw), not very significant dilution difference if you look the ices (4% less frequent ice at draw), and compressed agenda (8.16% more frequent agenda at draw - but you said you may needed a fast track).
45 card running 7 agenda is not “dumb”, it’s unusual. It’s valid because medium is out. It makes a 7.6 agendas for 49 cards, it’s not like this becomes a 11 for 49. Fast track transform this to 8.6 aka near the rythm of any random 2x3pts, 7x2pts glacier : this is still slow.

45 cards “buys” all operation / money compression, so the deck acts with a little more speed there (removing 2x Crisium / 2x Ice gives 8.16% faster Punitives), since all the “intelligence” of the deck is held by the operations. But let’s not argue again on size of decks, this will go nowhere you and I both know that :slight_smile:

Labyrinthine is a blank 5/3, if you don’t trust IPS (my inner Johnny can understand your inner err… Well, the competitive guy there), maybe you should put a Fragment there ?

I can see me replacing any DNA by Chiyashi in cash decks because I love these so much :slight_smile:

2 games with it so far, 2 burned runners. “Fire” when you can break on Errand boy is a very bad decision :wink:
-edit- +1 fried runner, then 2 loose (decked to apocalice but 49 would have done nothing, and stolen & out-ecoed by Ken Comet Larla. Relying on a single Mongoose made a funny rez errand boy break then rez susano, bump to komainu in archives. Otherwise, he steamrolled me. :slight_smile: )

Fair, you know much better than me how the deck’s econ goes :slight_smile: My first thought was Enforcing Loyalty, but obv that’s no good against Shapers


Would go up to 49 again, with 3x Premptive action and another consulting visit. Playing without archives is very tough against ApocaMAW decks.

I made other ice replacements (because 3x errand 3x miraju is too much, Vanilla not good enough), that’s the list now.

Should I comment this, DNA, Susano & Chiyashi are 3 mvp of their kind :
each one makes “oh, f…” moments at rez (and punitives makes final “oh, f…” of course).

Playing Obokata + Punitive is a sick idea. Even not to kill, this is 15% of the runner deck burning away : preemptive lets you recycle that, I’ll try +3x Pre + 1x Cons, but could go +2/+2 (Cons is sick there). Could add heritage comitee instead of one of these cards : even at 45, I drew a lot.

Agenda (7)
1 Improved Protein Source
3 Obokata Protocol
3 The Future Perfect
Asset (2)
2 Launch Campaign
ICE (15)
1 Aiki
1 Chiyashi
1 DNA Tracker
2 Errand Boy
1 Ice Wall
2 Komainu
1 Lockdown (in tests - trying to protect Obokatas in the scoring remote with this)
1 Macrophage
2 Mirāju
2 Quicksand
1 Susanoo-no-Mikoto
Operation (21)
2 "Clones are not People"
3 Celebrity Gift
2 Consulting Visit
1 Fast Track
3 Hedge Fund
1 MCA Informant
3 Preemptive Action
3 Punitive Counterstrike
Upgrade (4)
2 Ash 2X3ZB9CY
2 Marcus Batty

Here’s where I’m at right now, having tested several variants.

Red Dead Re-Deadcoats, 16 ICE

Pālanā Foods: Sustainable Growth (Business First)

Agenda (7)

Asset (2)

Upgrade (5)

Operation (19)

Barrier (3)

Code Gate (7)

Sentry (6)

15 influence spent (max 15, available 0)
21 agenda points (between 20 and 21)
49 cards (min 45)
Cards up to Revised Core Set

Obviously the Labyrinthine goes out, and I decided that, if I were actually to score my 7th agenda first, Utopia Fragment does the most for me. As I said, Crick didn’t really do anything, so I made it a Preemptive in order to potentially recycle agendas, but most likely recycle economy. Finally, I decided I wanted to try out a 2nd Consulting Visit, and the best way to make room for this was to move a Crisium influence into ICE, so I took out a Crisium, took out Bako, and made it an Ice Wall. Effectively, they’re almost the same card in almost all circumstances in terms of runner breakers, and the times where I want to move Bako around are fewer and farther between than the situations where I want to have a Consulting in my hand sooner.


It seems like the extra Weyland cards to allow x2 Consulting visit are dragging down the card quality. My version uses Aginfusion to allow for an archived memories (great to double up on single punitive in hand) and to make the Weyland imports more relevant. I used Executive boot camp to prerez (good in the ID) and to fetch econ. Here’s my list:


AgInfusion: New Miracles for a New World (Earth’s Scion)

Agenda (7)

Asset (4)

Upgrade (3)

Operation (20)

Barrier (3)

  • 3x Kakugo (Daedalus Complex)

Code Gate (6)

Sentry (5)

Other (1)

17 influence spent (max 17, available 0)
21 agenda points (between 20 and 21)
49 cards (min 45)
Cards up to Revised Core Set

Deck built on NetrunnerDB.

I think it needs more ice to fully take advantage of the ID and strategy, but I don’t think I can afford Chiyashi.

I think the economy provided by palana is quite important for the deck.


You’re probably right considering how expensive everything is.

Yeah, you’d have to come down quite a bit on ICE costs, and Punitives might be harder to land. I dig the Archived, though. That’s a great use of Ag’s extra couple inf.

I don’t disagree, but the Consulting is super important. I wish Weyland had more relevant 1-inf cards, or that there were better in-faction scoring upgrades so I could take Ash out. Ben Musashi is something I’ve thought about; that way the extra influence could be moved into some better Weyland cards instead. However, it’s very nice to have a scoring upgrade in Ash that doesn’t just fall to Film Critic like the rest of the deck. That way, if they get one that sticks to the board, you don’t just have this remote that they only have to walk through once.

I might test -2 Ash, +2 Ben Musashi, -1 Errand Boy, +1 Veritas, -1 Crisium Grid, +1 Bryan Stinson and just grind against decks with 1-2 Film Critics. If I can reliably keep FC off the table, it might turn out to be fine. Ben still synergizes with the Punitive plan, and makes even non-Obokata agendas more possible to die to a single Punitive if taken, Veritas is just as taxing as Errand By to break, but has more relevant subs, and Bryan has the ability to just run away economically.

–Edit-- Or maybe take out the Veritas and the Ice Wall and just make them Hives? With Hive, though, you really, really only want to score Clones as your second agenda; otherwise it gets stuck with just 1 sub instead of 2. Still, though, it retains subs all game long. Brings up the overall ICE cost even higher, though =/

–2nd Edit-- It’s also possible to take out both Launch Campaigns and the Veritas and replace them with a 2nd Stinson, a Chiyashi, and a second Preemptive. Stinson firing even once would give the econ of both Campaigns. I think I like this version better than the above 2. Hopefully losing Ash doesn’t hurt too much; I really like the way this version looks.