Red Sand Cycle: We're finally going to Mars!

Man, that Weyland ID is neat. Dunno if it’s good, but neat.


So…advancable ice again huh?

The ID and the upgrade both work on agendas.


So…you’re going to sacrifice agendas to be able to fast advance agendas in order to be able to sacrifice agendas so that you can fast advance other agendas?


The ID and Oberth can turn an Hostile Takeover into a 5/3. Seems like an alright trade.


At least we got the Weyland disappointment done with super early.


I like it, MCA informant and Warroid Tracker both look really cool (depending on costs), and Oberth looks fairly legit even just in Titan FA.

Interesting how no new mechanics have been announced. Personally I approve, as it’s better than going into gimmicks.

Khan players now have to wait for Keros.

Also, I’m calling Reina gets killed this cycle.


lets see if I got this right with the ID, an unrezed Oberth, an installed Government Takeover, and a scored 5/3:

  1. rez Oberath sacing the 5/3 place 4(!) advancements on GT.
  2. advance GT placing an extra advancement from oberth: click 1, total 6 advancements
  3. advance GT: click 2 total 7 advancements
  4. play biotic labor (could also be tol): click 3
  5. advance GT: click 4, total 8 advancements
  6. advance GT: click 5, total 9 advancements
  7. score GT never advanced…

While not the best plan in the world, the ability to ‘step up’ agendas similar to exchange of information seems to have real possibilities…


you lost me there :wink:


If I’m not mistaken, I think she has already been captured by Weyland a while ago. Not confirmed death, but I think they did nab her. It was in one of the flavor inserts, I wanna say.

I wasn’t sure whether she was killed at the end of spin, maybe you’re right. Damoin apparently likes her, so hopefully we get some references to her this cycle. Additionally what do people reckon are the chances of this being a 2 id cycle, maybe Weyland and Anarch to replace what we lose in Spin?

Lean and Mean does make it look like we’re getting a shaper though.

Sometimes I hate being so cynical

These spoilers have me a bit wary. Tribal themes and a lot of obtuse mechanics starting to venture a bit too far into the territories of other games that I left for my own reasons. I don’t mean to knock the designers; they’re trying to keep it fresh and that’s admirable. I am sure I’m just being too cynical, but the overall aesthetic of these few spoilers don’t seem ANR to me. They probably just want Mars to be obviously different, and thats probably fine.

Honestly I’m sick of spoilers so far in advance. Would have preferred these to be held off until we are at least at pack 5 of 23S.


Heck yeah!

Looks neat! I think the nice thing about such a different setting is that you can explore some slightly different concepts while still keeping it separate from the ‘main’ theme of the game. Kind of Netrunner’s Rogue One, if you like.

Also any bets on an ice named after Elon Musk?

Honestly I’m sick of spoilers so far in advance. Would have preferred these to be held off until we are at least at pack 5 of 23S.

Don’t look at them, then.

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Pretty much this yeah. I dunno, I kind of like the idea as it reminds me of firing booster rockets to break atmo. I think it is neat.

I don’t think we will see Reina “killed off”. Instead I half expect her card to be her in a prison cell somewhere, or her getting sprung. Her story is probably done as a runner, but I totally would peg her for a resource in the future. “The Red Queen” as a connection.


Reina’s book is also on the way. It’ll be neat to see if it ties in.


Well, the hype machine is full macro. Initiating fuckyeah protocols



So anyway, you can fast advance a 5/3, people don’t think this is off the wall? You can actually protect a remote in Weyland, or punish the steal or access if they clot. Hey, maybe we’ll get a card that can double tag the Runner