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Regionals 2015

Regionals are announced


1 Regional Champion trophy
1 card granting the winner a first-round bye at the country’s National Championship
4 double-sided, spot-glossed identity cards featuring Edward Kim and Gagarin Deep Space
8 Regional playmats (Activist Support)
16 packs of acrylic credit tokens
64 Reina Roja alternate art cards

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It’s awesome that there will be more regionals per area.

Man, I’ve got to say that Reina Alt Art is threatening to edge out Adonis as the worst alt art ever.


Yeah, not really feeling the prize pool on this one. Playmat is alright and credits are cool. Other then that…


It’s personal taste, I like that Reina a lot :blush:


too much anarch


I’m pumped!

Props: Additional events. That was my #1 gripe last year. Having to drive several hours to find a regional is a pain. Doesn’t mean it won’t happen again, but less of a chance and more opportunities to play.

Poop: Prize support is pretty poopy. Alt IDs are not great participation prizes for events you may attend multiples of. Makes sense for Nationals, or Worlds to have a card that you would only ever need 1 of. I’m going to end the store championship season with 10+ Chaos Theory and the secondary market will just simply not exist to sell them. Not really that big a deal… not as big as the CT art sucking, the Reina Art looking questionable and the tokens being meh. At least the regional playmat is of high quality art.

2nded too much anarch, too much reina. Get your hardons away from Reina, FFG… I’m looking at you Damon.

EDIT: I applied for a regional in my basement. Let’s see how that goes.


When Genesis/Spin rotate out, the plastic CI/Andromeda becomes 50% less useful, but that that was before the rotation policy was announced. I’m a little surprised that post-announcement they’ve printed an alt-art that’s going to rotate out, but I guess they did that already with Plascrete.

I’m just sad that they broke the pattern - seemed like they were doing Alt Art IDs in order of release, at least within the faction. Was kinda hoping to see an Alt Whiz.


if this is true, I’ll gladly buy one for $5. closest Store Championship to me is about a 6 hour drive to Denver and I have no vehicle, I assume the closest Regional will be as equally unattainable.

i was about to defend the Reina art from the tiny picture, then I went and saw a larger version… dear lord… why is her head so large? she legitimately looks like a DnD Gnome

playmat sick though


If you send me a self addressed stamped envelope I’ll send you one after I get more than 1.

edit: I am 100% serious. If anyone can’t get a copy send me a message here and I’ll give you my address. Send me what I would need to get it to you (self addressed stamped envelope, any card sleeve or protection) and I’ll send them out first come first served.


More regoinals is a huge boon. Super glad to see this.

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No doubt. The prizes have consistently gotten worse since the game came out, which defies logic. Feels like we’re in some sick psych study.

I’m not saying I need to make money on the game, but it does feel that FFG doesn’t want to support a secondary scene at all.


they seem to want to go wide rather than tall, just churn out lcgs and see what sticks.

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Going to be driving to Portland and the Bay this year it seems, assuming it is hosted there… which it probably will be.


Let us not forget they are a board game company, first and foremost.


As someone who is going to play the tits off Ed Kim I’m stoked. As someone who probably won’t win a regional, I’m sad in the face. I like the mat though.

Super byes all around yall.


Both Chaos Theory and Reina alts are complete shit. What the hell is going on with FFG? Even the credit tokens look a little bit cheesy to me. And can we please stop with the Reina lovefest?

I honestly believe the decline of both the quantity AND quality of prize support is is some way the result of their acquisition by Asmodeus Games.


They should just exclusively hand out Covenant tokens.


I think they should hand out dice.