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Reign and Reverie: NEW DELUXE


Shouldn’t this actually be really vulnerable to Leela? Anything you put out with SFT or Arella can be bounced before you can score/Rez.


You’re right, she’d get to bounce one of the things you SFT’ed. You’d have to have 3x Cali and 3x TS and install all of them off SFT to be “safe”.

So yeah, there’s another weakness/complication needed to play around hate.


along with this, given that Akiko is a ‘head case’, they probably deemed her an unsuccessful test of the cloning process that they later perfected when they got Caprice. in my head canon, she was set to be destroyed but managed to escape through the clone underground railroad that i heard someone mention was in one of the books that also runs through ChiLo (but someone can probably help expand on that and/or correct me)


40 card economic Anarch ID… i call broken. also the flavor text is an ANR meme, was this someone’s Worlds design?


The kid seems pretty good, you’re right. I kind of wish it was on turn end rather than turn begin because you can easily gain a credit every other turn is you do Grip trash, gain credit, draw up next turn, pr something similar. Acme is neat but weird and Hydra is awesome. Eavesdrop seems really good, but I dunno because right now the game is basically anarchs in linkland.


All I’m saying is, if Crim doesn’t get some kind of Roadrunner-themed anti-tag tech, there’s gonna be hell to pay


I hereby promise I would never get tired of “Clicks 2 and 3, Rogue Trading, Click 4, MEEP MEEP”

Everyone else might, though


Does Acme turn on Keegan Lane?


Time for Pachinko To shine !


Great question. I would say yes, because ACME says “one additional tag”, so it could satisfy Keegan’s “remove one tag” cost. So you’d remove a tag, dropping them to 0, and then of course they’d immediately go back up to 1 because the ID is a constant ability. It’s not a “the runner is considered to be tagged” like Paparazzi, where you can be tagged but still have 0 tags, leaving no tags for Keegan to remove.

Using him, however, is a separate issue, as you only get the tag on encounter. You’d have to rez Keegan on approach, cause there’s no rez window during the encounter, then, when the runner faceplants the ice, they get a window to use paid abilities before you. So you can’t trash the breaker which they would have used to break that ice before they use it.


I disagree, seems to fall under the same situation as corporate scandal vs. All-Seeing I.

Seems good with Henry Phillips, though.


I totally agree. What is more, the uFAQ on MCA Informant says:

  1. While MCA Informant is installed as a condition counter, can the tag be removed if the Runner has no tag tokens?

No. The Runner is considered to have an additional tag, but it cannot be manipulated by card abilities.

So you can’t remove a tag that you don’t phisically have.


Lol. #henryphillipsmeta


Looks like you’re right actually, it’s the same phrasing and it’s been ruled. Shame, was looking forward to Keegan Lane shennanigans :frowning:


i know this is probably a joke post, but i’ve seen it brought up a lot, so i thought i’d shed my thoughts on why Pachinko is still bad (even though it’s such a cool piece of ice, it will just never be that great)

any Acme deck can use IP Block or Pachinko. they have the same strength, 2 subs. the main difference being that you spend 1 extra credit (DOUBLE THE COST) on IP to get an on encounter ability

Acme’s ability only works on the outermost piece of ice, and Employee Strike is a card, so:

with Acme ability: same cost to break subs for both; IP Block is potentially less if the runner has lots of link or doesn’t care about having more tags. BUT: IP Block also gives a tag if they runner has an AI

without Acme ability (and no tags): IP Block gives a tag if they have an AI and traces for an additional tag; Pachinko does absolutely nothing

so the only time Pachinko comes out ahead is when the runner is going tag me (but if they’re using Paperclip, the cost to break is the same, so it comes out ahead on 1 credit). if you’re Acme, you’re probably fine if they’re going tag me. give them more tags, get a larger Psychographics Project Beale, Exchange things like 15 Minutes for Global Food Initiative, or Close their Accounts

in every other situation, IP Block is way better. so Acme still won’t be enough to save Pachinko (but people will of course try it anyway)


Yeah I wouldn’t go quite that far. I think he’s OK though-- the ICE you want in Acme is mostly Universal Connectivity Fee (ick) and Barriers, all of which will get broken on the way in to trash mr. phillips. So you are at least breaking even with his rez cost (and ahead if they pay the 2 to trash). It’s not like it’s “stop playing hedge fund” money, but data ward bucks is nothing to sneeze at, and he makes Data Loop’s stupid first sub actually relevant.

edit: actually, UCF is extra cool in Acme because if it fires (and trashes), the next ICE is now the outermost, so the runner will be tagged for that encounter, too. Neat.


the really cool thing about UCF is the big counter to it is AI, but that just turns on the IP Block tag. win win


IP Block is handled by trace surprisingly often. Pachinko is a hard ETR to rush behind in ACME. Turns 1/2/3 the 1c difference could also be meaningful sometimes.

For taxing purposes you’re definitely correct though, IP Block is better unless you’re playing against a couple link.


can’t trace through an IP block if acme has you tagged though.


I’d like to try 1-deep remotes for ACME (aka 2012 netrunner).

“if the runner is tagged” is on a small but consistent number of ice, including Universal Connectivity Fee (mandatory imo) or Data Ward.

Chief Slee decks incoming.

Anarch id ability is crap in my eyes, the main yeepee effect there is A 40 ANARCH AT LEAST