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Riga Regionals

Hello, if you would be interested to visit Riga, please vote on the dates for a 2 day Netrunner Regionals event http://doodle.com/poll/hvk9tfhfyawkczrc we will both play and party :wink: more details follow later. Now just need to set a date asap so we can start planning.

Hello, The date is set and event description is finished.

This will be a two day event.
*September 30th - Regionals with Regional kit prize pool - 5 rounds of swiss followed by a cut to TOP4 double elimination.
*October 1st - Bonus event with Limited kit + extra prize pool - “The Runner, Not The Net” 5 rounds of swiss (you do not have to use the same decks as in Regionals).

Entry fee 20 eur.

NAPD MWL 1.2 applies.
All officially released packs up to the date of the event are legal.

At the evening of 30th of September there will be an official party.

For Regionals
1st place = Winner’s trophy and a bye for Nationals.
TOP5 = Plastic ID.
TOP10 = Playmat.
TOP17 = Acrylic credit tokens.
TOP65 = Alt art of the Ele ‘Smoke’ Scovak.
For "The Runner, Not The Net"
1st place = Winner’s trophy and a limited playmat.
TOP9 = Brain damage tokens.

It is an idea I took from AGoT side event called “The Driver, Not The Car”. The main idea is that you will always play someone else’s deck.
Everyone brings 2 decks (one Runner, one Corp) like you normally would, they don’t have to be the same decks you used in Regionals. Then we put all the Corp decks in one common pool and all Runner decks in one common pool. Every player gets a random deck from each pool for each round.
After each round you get pts like you normally do (3win, 2modified, 1draw) BUT you also get pts for how your deck performed - so if the player of you deck gets a win - you get additional 3pts, if the player loses - you get additional 0pts.
During the swiss rounds to match players we don’t take into account the extra pts from your decks, only the points from you. The extra pts are awarded afterwards and then the final score board is assembled.
I have not run anything like this in the past and I don’t know if anyone has… but I am sure it will work and be a lot of fun. Let me know if you have any comments or suggestions.

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