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Run Last Click - Podcast


In this episode we are joined by the very lovely Graham Linehan, the writer of such great TV shows as Father Ted, Black Books and The IT Crowd. We talk about his work; how writing is comparable to deck building and that satisfying moment when you finally ‘get’ a card. ALSO! I know what you’re thinking and yes I did steal a souvenir from his house. It was a roll of toilet paper and no, you can’t look at it.


Whaaaaaaaaaat? Does he play?

Holy crap he does! He used to play @Nordrunner’s Andromeda’s deck!


I know right!


In this episode we talk about deck building with each of the new Data and Destiny runners. Something something something something Apex. Something something something Adam. Something else, something something something something Sunny. Joke relating to previous sentences. Exclamation point!


In this episode we are joined by a most excellent member of Team GB’s Worlds team Laurie Poulter. Laurie gives us the low-down of what went down at Worlds. Then we glide in liquid smooth to a discussion about the current bestest deck. It’s not to be missed! Unless you want to miss it. Both options are things you can do!


In this episode we are joined by the very lovely Timmy Wong fresh from his stonking performance at Worlds. We talk to him about his deck selection; the trials and tribulations of getting to the final and what decks he thinks are strong in a post Worlds meta. ALSO! We talk about a few choice NBN cards from Data and Destiny.


In this episode we celebrate the festive season with a Christmas story. Bad am-dram ahoy! Also we finally talk about Charles Stross’ Glasshouse in the first ever Run Last Click Book Club, (27:30). Merry Christmas and a happy new year (if you are into that sort of thing)!

N.B. Our audio mixer messed up during recording and it starts sounding a bit different part way through. Very sorry and normal service will be resumed next time.


In this episode we are joined by lovely friend Lane. Together we present you an audio Kinder Egg of a show. Featuring a chocolate of gauntlet discussion where they talk about pitting tournament decks against one another round Dave’s house. And as we all know the only prize round Dave’s house is GLORY and maybe a sandwich is you ask Dave nicely. He has a turkey that needs eating!


In this episode we are joined by David Hoyland of “agenda behind only an Ichi at Worlds” fame to discuss The Most Wanted List and his infamous Endless Waltz Leela deck. In fact that deck is the star of the latest Deck Club! If you want in then you just play the deck over the next few weeks and send us your thoughts (check website for details). Counting to three and spinning in circles for a very long time has never been so fun!


In this episode we are joined by London meta chums Lane and Cathy to talk about the recent Store Champs in London and Brighton. We chat about choosing a deck for a tournament; what decks we expect to see post MWL and, of course, general deck care and maintenance. Particularly we talk about the importance of a good deck wax for a nice smooth shuffle and we all agree that nothing gives a smoother shuffles than Old Mama Murphy’s Deck Wax.*

(*This podcast description has been brought to you in part by Old Mama Murphy’s Deck Wax. If you’re not using Old Mama Murphy’s, you’re not really shuffling.)


In this episode we are celebrating two years of podcasting with a bumper crop of features. Kala Ghoda card talk; a Q&A; Eady being in charge; drinking; that bit after the outro which is sometimes sort of funny; something else we’ve done before probably. All this for the low, low price of a single click from your mouse.


I had to click twice. I want my money back!


I think they misread High Stakes Job, the run has to be successful for the runner to get paid. They seemed to think the runner got paid even if the runner jacked out…


2 things:

everyone forgets about Inside Man!

also, High Stakes Job isn’t guaranteed because it says

EDIT: i see @BubbaTheGoat posted the same as me about HSJ


real talk: my gf is giving me such a hard time that i’m excited about this haha


I know there’s deck club and book club, but can we start movie club, where we all just sit around and talk about Starship Troopers?


No, they were talking about something that helps the runner install Hardware :smile:

Seriously, I’ve run decks that used heaps of hardware, and never saw Inside Man as an advantage. he is just too expensive and slow to return the credits spent on him; there was always a better econ card to slot in instead.


That is a fun idea! I’ll see if Eady is down.


If she is confused I think you didn’t explain properly how Eady he is and how he is the most Eady of all the Eadys. If you do then she will understand.


This mistake has had the biggest response since the first John Hackman. We should do it more often :wink:


This episode Eady is on holiday but dry your tears as Chris is joined by Cathy and Lane to discuss their tournament experiences in a post-Most Wanted List world. Is it a world where we have flying cars and travel mostly in tubes? Or is it a world where the primates have taken over, the plot’s a bit confusing and Tim Burton is directing. ALL WILL BE REVEALED. MAYBE!?