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Run Last Click - Podcast


In this episode we are joined by Lane to discuss the newest data pack which is named after metal stairs that ascend you out of train stations in Europe and possibly other places. Seems a bit odd but there you go… wait… it’s -tion not -ors isn’t it… Well I’m not writing this again.

PSA: We are going to Worlds so for a while the usual release schedule is out the window! We are doing recordings while there but between travelling and not knowing how much work the audio will need episodes are going to be sporadic. I’ll try and keep you updated via the social medias. Hopefully it will be worth the extra wait. Lots of love, Chris x


The first batch of Worlds audio is up!

We have an intro episode as well as chats with Dave Hoyland, Seamus, Timmy Wong and Spags! And loads more still to come! My goodness.


So much content. Sublime.

Nest hole… Amazing.

EDIT: And Dave with the best player remark. Good call.


Great podcast!
Also I was not prepared for this 1 min long Tony talk. Dave is a hero for team dog.:grin:


Thank you both so much! Hope you will enjoy the next batch too :slight_smile:

Deck testing and building methods?

Cannot handle all this great stuff!


people want to know what’s Dan’s dad’s handle on slack!!






All this world’s content is absolutely great, guys. Really top work!


Even more Worlds audio for your lug’oles.

We have a chat with Chris Dyer and Ben Ni about their finals experience. And we sit down for a chat with Katrina Ostrander and Dan Clark about Netrunner lore.


All Worlds audio is now live!

We have a chat with the man himself Damon Stone about the upcoming Red Sand cycle, we wrap up the Worlds coverage with a final recording and share some great outtakes.


In this episode we are joined by friend Lane to discuss Intervention. Which is a new expansion or “Data Pack” for a card game called Android: Netrunner - The Card Game, produced by Fantasy Flight Games. The rules for Netrunner were designed by Richard Garfield after visiting the ruins of Babylon; the subterranean secret of Memphis and spending ten years alone in the great southern desert of Arabia which (as we all know) is held to be inhabited by protective evil spirits and monsters of death.


Just had a listen. Looking forward to what you recorded for over the winter holidays. You guys had a ton of great content this year. Best yet. Thanks a lot.


Very kind @thopol. It been a lot of work but glad it is being enjoyed :).


In this episode we are joined by the fine fellow of Terminal7, Nels and Jesse. And what fine bed fellow they do make. Together we all journey into the past using only the power of their minds to discuss the bygone era of 2016. Was Lucas’ last cycle Mumbad or Mumgood? Was Damons first cycle Flash-on point or Flash-not quite as on point as we would have liked? Did the MWL do all we had hoped? All this and slightly more!


In this episode we are joined by friend Lane to discuss Martial Law. And Chris didn’t write a proper description on the way home like he normally does on a Monday. He was playing iPhone games instead so this meta narrative will have to do instead. Oh well. Maybe Chris will try harder next time.


In this episode we are joined by friend Lane to talk about the exciting conclusion to the Flashpoint cycle, Quorum. As with all season finales we’re expecting conclusions to story lines such as: Was Omar right all along? Were the rumours true about Jackson Howard? Will Smoke win enough money with vape tricks to save the rec centre? Maybe we should just hope for the cliffhanger to not be too suspenseful.


RE: Encore, you can play Activist Support to give the corp bad publicity then sell it to Aesops’ before it ever gives a chance to give you a tag, but it’s probably not worth it just for that cos you’d still need Hyperdriver / Street Peddler or something to get it into play on your Encore turn so it doesn’t give you a tag

if you’re using some tag avoidance/removal, Encore isn’t necessary anyway


In this episode we are joined by Ben Ni (Worlds number 2) for a cool and sexy look at deck building. All the hithertos and whyfores you could ever need on the subject. Should you spend your influence sensibly? Yes! Can ICE be a good include in a deck? Of course! Can you swap out card sleeves for jam and the cards for bread? Yes but that is just a big sandwich.