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Run Last Click - Podcast


I just finished Obra Dinn which I picked up because of your recommendation. What an incredible game. Thank you!


In this episode we discuss What Remains of Edith Finch; If Star Trek is good or just familiar? What is a DS9 and should you care? And what are the happs with the Full Immersion podcast. Before diving into the main topic of Beast (spoilers 37:40 - 48:34).


Who or what is a Beast?


It’s a film init:


Just finished listening and loved it. I’ll be honest, I was apprehensive when you announced the shift to non-netrunner content, but I’m really enjoying it so far, so thanks! :smiley:


In this episode we have a natter about:
00:45 - The Beer of the Podcast
03:07 - Bruges (and In Bruges)
11:45 - Destroyer (Film)
18:05 - The Oscars (The Favorite and Blackkklansman)
27:18 - Faeria (PC Card Game)
32:33 - Artifact (PC Card Game)
44:00 - Comments


So sad to see that my favourite podcast about my favourite card game is now dedicating two whole slots in their format to…card games. :doge:


Once them NIESI cards get spoiled I just KNOW they’ll feel the gravitational pull of revisiting the one, true, and cyberhackman game. :wink:


Minnesota city pronunciation guide… duh LOOTH

You probably won’t have any use for this in the future.


In this episode we have a natter about:
01:52 - Board Games Afternoon
02:43 - Captain Sonar
09:33 - High society
13:11 - Slam it
18:01 - Mini Rails
29:42 - 10 Candles (One Shot RPG)
46:39 - Slay the Spire (PC Game)
56:13 - DOTA Auto Chess (PC Game)
1:11:21 - Book Club Announcement: The Fifth Season
1:12:58 - Comments


In this episode we have a natter about:

05:50 - Apex Legends
23:23 - Sunless Seas/Sykes
44:09 - Superstitions
57:31 - Comments
58:35 - The Umbrella Academy
1:23:37 - Book Club Check In: The Fifth Season


In this episode we have a natter about:

03:05 - The Bang Face Weekender
16:40 - New Netrunner Cards - Downfall
27:24 - Love, Death and Robots (Netflix)
39:50 - Baba is You (PC Game)
50:53 - Comments
1:04:04 - Book Club Check In: The Fifth Season


Happy to see RLC bring the people what they want (i.e., a conversation about Bang Face :slight_smile: )

Also, I spit out my coffee when you all talked about things that sub-legal.


In this episode we talk about the first set of Project NISEI cards, Downfall. Netrunner cards aplenty in this throwback episode that is sure to delight or annoy depending on what you want from a podcast that used to be about Netrunner but now normally talks about other things.


It’s really pleasant to hear you guys again. It’s awesome that you’ve kept the cast going, but I’m not particularly interested in TV and video games and haven’t been keeping up. Anyway, it’s nostalgic. Thanks for staying jacked in.