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Run Last Click - Podcast


I just finished Obra Dinn which I picked up because of your recommendation. What an incredible game. Thank you!


In this episode we discuss What Remains of Edith Finch; If Star Trek is good or just familiar? What is a DS9 and should you care? And what are the happs with the Full Immersion podcast. Before diving into the main topic of Beast (spoilers 37:40 - 48:34).


Who or what is a Beast?


It’s a film init:


Just finished listening and loved it. I’ll be honest, I was apprehensive when you announced the shift to non-netrunner content, but I’m really enjoying it so far, so thanks! :smiley:


In this episode we have a natter about:
00:45 - The Beer of the Podcast
03:07 - Bruges (and In Bruges)
11:45 - Destroyer (Film)
18:05 - The Oscars (The Favorite and Blackkklansman)
27:18 - Faeria (PC Card Game)
32:33 - Artifact (PC Card Game)
44:00 - Comments


So sad to see that my favourite podcast about my favourite card game is now dedicating two whole slots in their format to…card games. :doge:


Once them NIESI cards get spoiled I just KNOW they’ll feel the gravitational pull of revisiting the one, true, and cyberhackman game. :wink:


Minnesota city pronunciation guide… duh LOOTH

You probably won’t have any use for this in the future.