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Run Last Click - Podcast


It is more likely that Chris was thinking of Navi Mumbai City Grid.


In this episode we talk about the last data pack ever, Kampala Ascendent. Alas poor Netrunner! I knew them well, a game of infinite jest, of most excellent fancy or something. We talk about the sad news for a bit, then we talk about the data pack and then we stop.


This is a live show we recorded at the UK Games Expo 2018 with special guest Seamus from the Theophilius Bagpiper podcast. Between drinking Buckfast we chat about Euros and take some questions from the audience. This has turned out to be our last Netrunner panel so hope we got it right this time!


In this episode we are joined by the lovely folks from the Dead Channel and Theophilius Bagpiper podcasts. Recorded at the UK Games Expo before we knew the end of Netrunner was nigh. We discuss the meta and the tournament while Chris slowly loses his mind due to lack of sleep.


In this episode we celebrate reaching the 100th episode of the podcast. Hijinks a plenty as we have two very special features and share the listeners favorite memories of the last 4 and a half years.


In this episode we dive into the runner cards from Reign and Reverie. Fun times abound as we discuss the many opportunities hackers have been given by this final official release from FFG. We are trying out some new mics this week so hope you like the new rich sound. Very professional.


Sorry to hear about Lane.


In this episode we get into the second and final part of Reign and Reverie. After the last episode, which confused Chris’ mum quite a bit, we are back in full effect. Lane has been fished out of the channel and we’re all revved up to talk about some darn Netrunner cards.


I greatly appreciated the Sportsmetal: Go Big or Go Home rules joke and would have appreciated if the bit was longer, perhaps including an analysis of whether the corp is allowed to choose “Go Home” if they somehow have the runner resource No One Home installed, and then prevent being home.

I believe they are.


For inquiring minds: Filbert was the leader of the pocket dragons in a mid-90’s cartoon named Pocket Dragon Adventures.

For Lane and Chris: According to wikipedia Pocket Dragon Adventures was produced by DIC Entertainment, also know as The Incredible World of DiC.


This week we have some very sad news about a member of the Netrunner community. We talk about the death of Ciara Maxey and our memories of her. Netrunner chat starts at 5:15 where we talk about nationals and the new MWL.


Eady was let loose at Worlds with a microphone and these are the results. We hope you enjoy them as much as we et cetera et cetera. Featuring the vocal talents of Chris Dyer and Seamus; Team Project NISE; Jesse (Term7) and Dan (CodeMarvelous); and Lead Designer of Netrunner Michael Boggs.


In this episode we discuss the Magnum Opus tournament. Eady is here to regale you with bold tales of cards and bootleg booze. And we are all her to give you the definitive opinions of all the cards released at world.


In this episode we are joined by all your favorite UK content creators to talk about the UK meta. In the most collaborative episode we have ever done we are joined by beyoken, Theophilius Bagpiper and Dead Channel to talk about our feelings on the UK meta and the future of Netrunner.


In this episode our heroes celebrate the festive season with a Christmas story. Bad am-dram ahoy! Merry Christmas and a happy new year (if you are into that sort of thing)!


In this episode we are trying out a new format where we chat about the stuff and things we have been enjoying recently. This time we are going back over 2018 but in future we will talk about more recent stuff. Basically we’re expanding the things we talked about between talking about Netrunner to whole episode.

I would like to post a few of the new season here for old times sake. Hope you don’t mind.


I loved listening to the Gossip Girl review so much. I do wonder what it would have been like to listen to without the correction at the beginning!


Loved the new episode, definitely going to try and watch Beauty and the Beast before the next one so I can join in. :+1:


Liking the “new season.” :+1:


I know this is a joke but still really want to correct you!