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SanSan Cycle Spoilers

Doing that thing I said I didn’t have time for…

All credit goes to @ ScottAwesome1 on the twitters

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No mas.

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Drive By wrecks SanSan, doesn’t it? Really interesting.

Or Caprice / Ash

Yeah, but you can at least pay to rez those at the start of their turn (and if a Criminal spends 2 clicks against RP to trash an unrezzed Caprice, they’re not getting into a server that turn).

Great for getting rid of Siphon-dump assets, too.

Is Product Placement our first glimpse of the famous Miranda Rhapsody? I ask because of all the "R"s in the holographic signs around her, and the “R” on the bottle she’s holding. Looks like a perfume bottle to me, so maybe this is Miranda promoting her new fragrance…

I love Drive By!

That’s true, but at least the mere existence of the card means you can’t install caprice in a server and front it as an Agenda (without a little risk).

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I love basically all of those cards, especially the Ice. Wow. So much more excited than with almost any Lunar Cycle spoilers, those all just look like wonderful fun.

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There should be a badass hardware-trashing ICE called “Oppenheimer”…

Also, I was just complaining to my buddies last night that they were never going to do anything else with “Cloud” programs, and lookie here! : )

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From the cloud breakers to the chameleon spoiler, I just knocked all the shit off my desk at work with my erection when I got up to go to lunch. Amazing.


Sage seems decent in the right deck. Origami and Ekomind seem pretty reasonable now - combined with Overmind/LLDS for the sentries and e3.

Immolation script looks like a late-game powerhouse for non-noise decks.

Turing would be crazy good in RP but 3 influence is too steep when you can get 3 Markus for the same price.

Drive by is only good if you can also use it on rezzed cards (not likely). Against NBN I’d rather have bank job; against RP or blue sun it can be a blowout but only if the corp doesn’t play around it by rezzing ash/caprice/crisium in advance.

Checkpoint (https://twitter.com/ScottAwesome1/status/530361954398134273) is terrifying in multiples and could single-handedly push blue sun supermodernism to tier 1.

Edit: Also, actually, sage could be great in the right build. Something like CT overmind, but also with faerie recursion. Not convinced but wouldn’t be surprised.

Crick, little engine, quicksand, and meru mati are all fine. The rest don’t seem any good.

  1. I don’t think you can use it on rezzed cards
  2. If the mere existence of drive by forces RP to rez caprice/ash, that’s a win for Criminals (same goes for HB glacier). You don’t have to even have it in your deck, just like the presence of account siphon scares people into icing up HQ turn 1.
  3. Drive by does wonders against Jinteki traps! Mushin No Shin? Drive By!
  4. I also like Bank Job, but I can see how a free “trash your sansan” is a good card. At the least, you’re forcing them to pay the money up front, which lowers their credit pool, which is something you want to do against NEH anyway

Sure, it may have some impact. But on any turn the corp is willing to play around it by rezzing early, they were willing to rez later anyway, so the only advantage is information, which is pretty marginal.

True… I will grant that any deck that plays infiltration should play drive by instead.

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I’m not so sure about Little Engine. Maybe when Knight is less of a thing it’ll be pretty great, but right now that’s a net 1c for the runner. It’s cute, but for 5c rez I kind of want something that’ll keep them out. Even if they’re using Gordian Blade, once they can break it it’s just 2c each time… though I guess taxing them down below that is possible, since the crawl back up to 7c after a closed accounts or something might be tough.

Except that if they rez SanSan on your turn before you can Drive-By it to be safe, when you trash it at cost they’re out 6c in comparison to before. Makes undefended SanSan T1 a lot worse.