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SanSan Cycle Spoilers

HRI and The Cleaners are both insane in that deck. I don’t think you want to take either out. I’m interested in the 6/4, but I think you’re right it doesn’t go straight into the 6 agenda murder deck.


Tested Gang Sign last night. The corp spent three clicks scoring an agenda. R&D ice bounced. I access TFP from HQ due to Gang Sign, win it, then bounce HQ ice. Basically, the corp scored, I scored, and defenses were removed.

Gang Sign in Leela is fun.


What I am looking forward to slotting into my BS murder deck is Contract Killer. I love traps that do stuff if the runner doesn’t run them, and one that can nuke ProCo, Kati and most importantly for the punitive threat, Film Critic, as well as help pull off a kill? Yes please!


God I love the idea of Weyland Consortium hiring an assassin to off a pesky film critic.


no idea where to post as there is no general chat thread that i know of but

hey all, i’ve been road tripping around the country for the past 2 months. been missing this community and anr in general. just wanted to say hey and everything going on seems to be very exciting, the anr pro circuit is a killer initiative and shouts to all making that happen. i popped over to nrdb to check out complete card list for chrome city and underway and wow, a lot of surprising and exciting cards there for runners and corps. should be back at a home base within another 3 weeks; can’t wait to be back in this community & octgn & twitch.

word up


Good to see you again. There was a travel thread you may hve missed.

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So there is a spoiler that is floating around /ang/ that appears to be real, but has yet to be confirmed by either Spoiler-Ken or snow-jax. It fits the naming and faction pattern of the previously release and spoiled regions for the SanSan cycle.

Old Hollywood Grid
NBN 2 inf
5 rez, 4 trash

“Agendas accessed from this server cannot be stolen unless the Runner already has a copy of that agenda in his or her score area. This applies even during the run on which the Runner trashes OHG”


So you can only steal re-runs? Nice.


Nice. I like that. It also prevents things from being pirated if you want to think of it that way.

It also encourages agenda diversity - you just flat can’t steal a source fragment from a server with this rezzed.


Old Hollywood Grid - Coming Soon to an IG deck near you.


It also makes The Future Perfect even more impossible to steal. 2 Influence is not a lot to spend to almost guarantee a scored 5/3. The more I think about it, the more this might not be legit. It seems super overpowered.

EDIT: Although, this does nothing to stop a Film Critic from hosting said agenda which is both thematic and hilarious.


Yeah this pack is basically “A whole bunch of OP corp cards that get countered by film critic”.


Is Film Critic going to be a must play in every Runner deck? Four is Flatline has it listed as 1 influence so at least it’s easy to find space for it in every faction that isn’t Criminal.

Also, Crim’s have a tutor for it (and card selection).

I don’t think so. We’ll see a period where it is really common, but there are counterplans (all the currents, plz).

Either way, it seems like the meta is about to get really weird in the next month.

Sometimes being certain about the meta seems like a violation of Discworld Rule One: “Do not act incautiously when confronting little bald wrinkly smiling men”.


I don’t think so. I actually think it’s a bit like clot; the cards it counters are strong enough that people will still try to play them (so the Critic will always have a home in some decks) but at the same time its existence will disincentivize playing those cards, so Film Critic will be less neccessary… you get the idea.

I like that it’s pretty much is a direct assault on RP, as it effects 2/3 or so of their agendas and 3/4 of their agenda points.

I also like that it is Nasir’s dream card and what did he ever do without it oh my god I can’t wait put this shit into every Nasir deck.


Why is it bad to play Film Critic though? It counters The Future Perfect and NAPD, prevents things like Punitive and Midseasons, and the Runner can choose not to fire it if they don’t want to (at least according to the text spoiler on Four is Flatline).

Does the card have a downside other than that it is a resource?


Deck slots. What do you cut for 3 copies of a card that only impacts a few corp archetypes? It’s like Clot - everyone hopes that someone else #slotstheclot so they don’t have to.