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SanSan Cycle Spoilers

@Lttlefoot Yes, that’s what I was thinking, but I am not really sure if you would need dozens of cards anyway to end a game :confused:

In x3, “each turn you gain a turn” (you could pause at turn 10-15), but having 3x a program with MaxX seems problematic. I am not really sure if that would work or not, that’s why I am asking confirmation.

Sure, Trope is 3x better anywhere else, that is why I am asking what do you think about it ? Trope sounds to me like an Anarch Larla or something.

Someone’s made a pretty cool Noise virus spam with Trope and Duggar’s http://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/19033/needs-trope

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Sorry, thought we were talking fluff.

I been trying to think how to use Power to the People (0 cost priority - get $7 first time you access an agenda this turn. Anarch 2 inf)

You could use Keyhole, then if the corp doesn’t do anything about it on their turn you can go to archives next turn. But you would need a “real” icebreaker instead of Eater cause you don’t want to burn Hades Shard early, which offsets the money you get from Power.

You could surprise someone with Clot (perhaps off a Street Peddler) to leave an agenda out in the open.

It might be that a taxing deck wants to sell you an agenda to open up a scoring window, this shuts it down.

You could just randomly cast it on an Indexing turn or a Legwork turn and hope to get lucky.

You could use Woman in the Red Dress or Deep Thought.

Power to the People is pretty good if you’ve left NAPD in Archives earlier. But it’s yet another absurdly situational Anarch econ card.

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It’s another counter to Haarpsichord Studios in the faction that already has Imp

Kim Comet - Power to the Stimhack People

Sounds like a good movie.

(Kim Comet decks are fun btw : for now this one is still R&D until I show it)

Use the source and refuse to pay the additional cost?

You’re allowed to steal the agenda. The hard part is you have to guarantee you’ll find an agenda that turn. I guess the source and chakana can force the corp to make their agendas visible but it’s not much different to expecting the corp to sell you an agenda

Well, there’s obvious synergy with Noise’s Headphones and Film Critic, at the very least :smiley:

Nope, because when you move an agenda from film critic to your score area, you’re not stealing it, so it doesn’t trigger the headphones


Keyhole to Archive, with the source you will be able to take 7cr for every run against archive. Take that desp+sec test combo! :wink:

Power to the people + the source has quite nice synergy btw. You get 7, which you can use to steal the agenda.

Steal an agenda and swap for an overadvanced Atlas.
trigger the counter to put a 5/3 in to HQ.

Agenda text is blank when in the Runner’s score area (unless stated otherwise on the, er, agenda text…).


Oh, right. Well, you would have to have multiple copies of Power, and run on archives on separate turns. It’d be pretty funny to see someone run at the same agenda three times and only steal it on the third time, gaining 21 creds in the process.

Power to the People fails the Quadrant test sooo hard.

For those not familiar with it, the Quadrant Test (also known as the Bucket Test, I think), is a thing from Magic about dividing the game into four parts, and seeing how many of those parts a card is good in. It’s a very good way of seeing how useful a card is. It’s not a perfect crossover to Netrunner, but for the most part it’s still close enough.

The four times a card can be good are:

  • As you are developing the board state in the opening of the game.
  • When both sides are roughly even in power and have arrived at parity to some degree.
  • Once you’ve started winning.
  • While you’re losing.

A great card is good in three or four of those situations. A decent card might only be good in two of them. Cards good in one situation only are usually kind of bad, though there are some exceptions due to relatively low costs (hi, Quandary).

Power only really works when you’re winning, because you need to be hitting an agenda reliably at all costs that turn. It helps keep your economy afloat, but won’t help you actually break into anything to get the agenda, just prevent a scoring window from arising if you’re successful.

Super early? Not a lot of help. When the situation is even? Still pretty rough. And it doesn’t help you from losing positions, either, because you do need to get in to begin with.

Compare to Stimhack, which is usable early on as set-up or as a means of breaking a stalemate, can be used to keep your credits up while winning to avoid leaving a scoring window, and helps you come from behind to make a surprise access the corp isn’t ready for.


People should apply this test to Netrunner way, way more than they do.


Fine, I’ll bite.

[quote=“GreedyGuts, post:1688, topic:2197”]
Power only really works when you’re winning, because you need to be hitting an agenda reliably at all costs that turn.[/quote]

I believe this to be a faulty assumption - knowing with a decent amount of probability you’ll be hitting an agenda that turn happens a lot more often than just “when you’re winning”. For starters, it’s not that uncommon for a Corp to bleed accesses intentionally in one place, in order to achieve something more important (to them) in another. There’s also cases like taxing you out with an NAPD in the scoring server, ditching shit into Archives to Punitive your ass, Midseasons bait, never-advance remote shell games, and other things.

[quote=“GreedyGuts, post:1688, topic:2197”]
It helps keep your economy afloat, but won’t help you actually break into anything to get the agenda, just prevent a scoring window from arising if you’re successful.[/quote]

It won’t help you get into the first server that turn, but it sure as hell will help you get into the second one… in a way that’s compatible with run events. This could very well be relevant if you were to Legwork, Escher, Vamp, or do something similar.

Not by itself. With a charged Medium, played Keyhole or possibly an Indexing? That’s a bit of a different story, I’d say.

When the situation is even, it helps you keep it even - consider PttP in the context of this particular post about high-level play (which I consider pretty accurate). What this card does is let you regain footing (or at least not yield more ground) after you had to get aggressive. Could you have played a different card in its slot, which would have prevented you from getting to that place? Maybe, maybe not. But it still doesn’t strike me as useless in the scenario.

It’s a particular, situational card that isn’t a good fit for every deck (in other words: “anarch”), but I wouldn’t be so harsh on it, as far as the quandrant test is concerned:

  • If you’re running copious amounts of multi-access, it can speed up your early-game considerably (also depending on matchup)
  • If you’ve achieved parity, it lets you be aggressive and keep the parity
  • If you’re winning, it’s decent
  • It’ll suck to have when losing, I’ll give you that :stuck_out_tongue:

Overall, it seems to me as a pretty obvious 1-of, but definitely not binder fodder.


Agreed, if a runner is sitting on lots of money, sometimes a good play is to drag them down your remote to steal your NAPD so you can ram-jam the 5/3. Playing this before running helps prepare you to run against next turn.

And before you all hit me with that “edge case” bullshit, when I said sometimes, I meant like every other game in the glacier world of corps that we’re in right now.

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Also butcher shop likes that lose lose situation where you either steal breaking news and get mid seasoned or don’t steal it and get tagged. With Power you can steal it and have credits to fight the mid season.

About “when you’re losing”… Sometimes when the corp is losing its the easiest time for them to score an agenda - the runner will let it fly rather than “taking the bait” because they know they’re still in control. Is there a comparable situation where the inner is losing so the corp becomes less protective of their agendas? I guess the sell the Napd is exactly that scenario