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Scorcho's 100 Follower Extravaganza!

Alright, folks! I said I’d do something special when I got to 100 followers, so let’s do this!

This Thursday I will be having a special OCTGN stream, running from 6:00PM-11:00PM EST. During which I will be playing a wide assortment of silly and fun decks (please post your decklist suggestions in the thread!

“What’s so special?” You may ask, “You play BS decks all the time.”

Correct. However, during this stream I will also be giving away a FREE Inked Playmats A:NR mat to a random active member of the chat! That’s right! All you gotta do to get yourself a sweet playmat is hang out in the chat and BS with your fellow Netrunners!

This playmat is one I purchased on my own. This is no handout that I’m giving away. This is a thank you to all of you guys for coming by and hanging out and giving me your attention. If you haven’t done so already, you can check out my Twitch Channel here, and give me a follow so you’ll get a notification when my stream goes live. In addition to A:NR I’m also planning on playing some various other games. For example, I’m planning on starting a Wasteland 2 stream tonight and keeping that up as I go through the game.

If you’re so inclined, you can also check out old play videos at my YouTube page, and you can also follow me on Facebook and Twitter for more info on my streams and various other gaming related nonsense.

Thanks again guys, and I hope to see you on Thursday! Bring party hats!


Heck yeah and grats Scorcho, I’m off so should be tuning in. I also call dibs on at least 1 match, 1 game each side. see you thursday!

Play druggards.

Druggards (45 cards)

Quetzal: Free Spirit

Event (9)
1 Demolition Run
3 Inject
2 Stimhack
3 Sure Gamble

Hardware (7)
2 Clone Chip
2 E3 Feedback Implants
3 Ekomind

Resource (17)
3 Daily Casts
3 Duggar’s
2 Earthrise Hotel
3 Liberated Account
3 Public Sympathy
3 The Supplier

Icebreaker (4)
1 Deus X
3 Overmind

Program (8)
2 Incubator
2 Medium
1 Nerve Agent
3 Origami


You forgot to include +3 Hard at work +3 Wyldside

Great! Got you followed! Periodicly check Twitch to see if someone is streaming Netrunner, and I would love to see more people do that.

I would propose to run ‘By Hook or By Crook’ (http://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/8832/by-hook-or-by-crook-v0-1x)
A fun deck that tries to break stuff by recycling Grappling Hook. Fun to play and can catch opponents off-guard easy!
Might be improved from the current card-pool. But I had a blast playing this, even if it wasnt succesful all the time :smile:

For Corp side N.E.A.R.P.A.D. looks like a cool deck to try (http://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/8916/n-e-a-r-p-a-d). It looks like typical NBN (either with or without scorched), but then you get a dedicated response team on you behind! Wouldn’t you like to see those faces!


We’re still on for this evening. Feel free to post up some more decks you want to see me play, and be sure to stop by for your chance to win the mat!

Congrats. :slight_smile: I’ll definitely stop by the stream.

Here’s a Professor deck I played 3 times around Up and Over. Good luck if you decide to play it:

The Professor: Keeper of Knowledge (Creation and Control)

Event (9)
3x Modded (Core Set)
3x Scavenge (Creation and Control)
3x Test Run (Cyber Exodus)

Hardware (6)
3x Astrolabe (Up and Over)
3x Clone Chip (Creation and Control)

Resource (3)
1x Hades Shard (First Contact) •
2x Professional Contacts (Creation and Control)

Icebreaker (9)
1x Atman (Creation and Control)
1x Corroder (Core Set) ••
1x Deus X (A Study in Static)
1x Faerie (Future Proof) •••
1x Femme Fatale (Core Set) •
1x Mimic (Core Set) •
1x Morning Star (What Lies Ahead) ••••
1x Torch (Mala Tempora)
1x Yog.0 (Core Set) •

Program (18)
1x D4v1d (The Spaces Between) ••••
1x Datasucker (Core Set) •
1x Djinn (Core Set) ••
1x Imp (What Lies Ahead) •••
1x Keyhole (True Colors) •••
3x Leprechaun (Upstalk)
3x Magnum Opus (Core Set)
1x Medium (Core Set) •••
1x Nerve Agent (Cyber Exodus) ••
1x Parasite (Core Set) ••
3x Self-modifying Code (Creation and Control)
1x Sneakdoor Beta (Core Set) •••

1 influence spent (max 1)
45 cards (min 45)
Cards up to Up and Over

Deck built on http://netrunnerdb.com.

And we’re live!

sub only chat? i dont even see a sub button!

I think that’s a bug…?

Yeah, @Scorcho doesn’t realize he has sub-only chat turned on

I even tried to follow with “chatisstuckinsubmode” and he didn’t get it :frowning:


awkward lol

We got it all worked out. Thanks for tuning in, guys!


Too bad you stream when I am asleep :frowning:

Sorry, dude! I do stream randomly at other times throughout the week, and I try to archive all my stuff.

Way to steal my deck, jerk.


I’m pretty sure @mediohxcore made that deck after seeing me play yours on the stream.

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Yeah, I know, I just wanted to enjoy the one chance that I’ll ever get to bully him.


Great players borrow, World Champions steal. :stuck_out_tongue: