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SHL - Jinteki Edition

(Shameless jacking of the good man @Argamas’s (and @Bahram updated version) original post. Thanks again you saint.)

Hello Netrunner Universe,

I am very excited to announce the First Official Stimhack League - Jinteki Edition. I, and some other people have switched over to using Jinteki so I figured it made sense to start a Jinteki league.

First and foremost here, while Jinteki is a great interface, please do your homework and know how to use Jinteki prior to entering any league games.

https://github.com/mtgred/netrunner/wiki/Jinteki.net-Guide Provides a basic overview of how to use Jinteki. If you’ve played Netrunner before, Jinteki is fairly intuitive (though check here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/rpkhxafgile5spp/Cards%20status.xlsx for any cards that aren’t implemented)

We will be using http://www.challengeboards.net/boards/standings/9286 as our league host.

You will need to “register” for BOTH the website and for the specific league. The league is called Stimhack League - Jinteki Edition. Additionally, if you are new to Stimhack please create a stimhack account (you don’t have to use it, though I recomend it :slight_smile: ). This gives us a point of contact in the case of disputes.

The Password for the league is “nosleevember” (remove the airquotes). We decided to add a password to avoid the few nasty players we encounter every league.

Please make your names on Jinteki, Stimhack, and the league website as close to the same as possible to avoid confusion for your opponents!

The league will start 11/16/2015 and conclude 12/21/2015 (5 weeks to avoid the holidays).

The basic structure of the league is as follows. You play game against other people in the league, and the winner reports the result in challenge board. You find games by creating a game with SHL in the the title, or sending someone a message in the chat. Its traditional and encouraged (but not required) to play both sides, which will entail exiting and creating a new game.

This is a competitive league, which means that people will be playing netdecked Tier 1 decks. You don’t have to play tier 1 net decks, but just be aware that this is the purpose of the league.

When you start a league game, just make sure you have “SHL” in the title. It will deter non league players, and let other Stimhack league players you are looking for a game. Jinteki especially has a problem with reading comprehension, so if unfamiliar ask. Try to be friendly about explaining to people what SHL means, I hope that everyone will learn quickly enough.

There will be no minimum or maximum number of games you can play. Play anytime, as much as you like. The winner will report the game, and loser will have 48 hours to “reject” the game if there is a discrepancy. Each game is reported seperately (if you win 2 runner games, it is 2 wins).

It’s also nice if you are the loser to go ahead and “verify” the loss, this will speed along the scoring of the game.

You are not required to play a full match, playing only one side is ok. Although to keep in the spirit of Netrunner please mix up who you play and which side you play as much as possible.

Play any legal decks you like. For simplicity sake, if the cards are implemented on Jinteki, then they are available for league play. If confusion comes from this the policy made need to be changed. This is the first Jinteki league so there may be bumps in the road.

If you do an SHL game request, you have to accept all who want to play and are in the league. You do not have to play two games. If you want to play certain players, make a private game.

We use an ELO system, and will do a Top 4 end tourney after the league to decide the ultimate winner.

If you have any troubles in-game, take screenshots of the full incident so we can see what happened (be as informative as possible) and post in this thread. We hope we can avoid trouble, but will deal with it if needed. I will handle any issues brought up. -SimonMoon

About Disconnects in particular…

Take screenshots of how long the game was in. If you clearly had a winning spot, we can make the case for the win… but usually we hope to just null the game. One game is one game, but getting a loss in anything that was arguably close… that’s a rough feel.

But explain the game state, take screenshots for sure, and most importantly get a picture of the log, to confirm if it was a D/C or if your opponent just left.

We know the trouble with ELO and the current Challengeboard site. So far, we have not found a reliable alternative. We are open to suggestions for a next league…

Prizes: The ultimate winner will get a special forum badge signifying their victory in the league. There might be some other more tangible prizes too. Do your best guys. If you wish to donate any prizes, let me know! (I haven’t actually checked this is true, but copy paste wooooh. Still glory and honor)

I think that about does it. Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns here at the forums. This is the first Jinteki league, so let me know if there is anything specific I missed.


As someone that’s been way too lazy to set up and learn OCTGN, this is exciting. Can’t wait.


Is there a set of rules or anything for this? I haven’t done a stimhack league before but I’d like to get some games against more consistently experienced players.

For a Jnet n00b, is there a rundown somewhere?

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I expanded a set of rules/expectations, let me know if its sufficient.

I put in a link to an overview, let me know if its good enough. I’ll see if I can find a tutorial video as well (or someone else link me to one)


Thanks for hosting this. I’ve basically abandoned windows at home so it’s great to have a league on jnet.

Starting at rank 7, it’ll only go down from here.

If you have time/want I’d be down to sit in game and practice with ya

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joined. thanks for setting that up!


You’re the best Simon.

Oh okay so it’s just play a bunch of games and report the results.

Good luck guys!

The easiest way to learn is to just start a game, It is very intuitive.

My biggest problem was (is?) things like how many credits do I have, how many does my opponent have etc. They should probably redesign that a bit (setting agenda score near the agenda field, having money separated from the rest of the list etc)

It is also good to know if a card is implemented or not. Look at the log to see if any card effects were missed. It isn’t fun to play with or against chronos protocol.

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Signed up, excited to participate in my first Stimhack League! I am expecting to get beat a lot, but it will be a good learning experience for me.

Just try it.

Off the top of my head - if you want to play runner you start a new game which defaults to Corp then click ‘switch sides’.

Making decks - go to a the deck builder section and either write it there or copy paste from wherever you build your decks.

If you want to use an ability on a card click it. If there is more than one ability, click the ability from the drop down that appears.

If you or your opponent is playing a deck that installs all the things it is sometimes necessary to zoom out your browser (ctrl - -)

When you finish a run, make sure you click to access all the cards before you click ‘done’ if there are multiple cards in the server.

Fixing things after the fact by adding or removing tokens is hard. Play carefully, because take backs aren’t that easy.

Discarding - drag and drop from HQ/grip to archives.


Probably worth mentioning that you can disable spectators after starting a new game if you don’t want people scouting, though I hardly think that’s a problem.

All the cards that are spoiled go on Jnet pretty fast (they often aren’t implemented but you can put them in decks as soon as they’re on netrunnerdb). Are people happy with using these cards in league games?

Been waiting for this for a while, thanks a lot @SimonMoon for organising, gonna be great!

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I prefer OCTGN but of course I’ll join. Addicted to competitive Netrunner games, need that fix! :slight_smile:

Thx SimonMoon!

Great. Finally something not on OCTGN