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[SHL6] - The Official Stimhack League, Round SIX!

That’s a shame, as the platform has become amazing! I used Jinteki.net a little bit several months ago and abandoned it because it wasn’t there yet, but I came back to it this week and it’s definitely there now. Hope someone starts up a Jinteki SHL!


Cool, the Jin/OCTGN separation makes sense. Asked for an invite on the Skype Chat thread. Thanks!

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Reminder bump that we start the next season on 9/17! AKA Thursday.


Let’s do this nerds.


Someone asked earlier, but I don’t think it got answered,

D&D is legal but is it mandatory? I.e. can I create a league game that say “No D&D” ?

I don’t know if this has been answered but I’m strongly against having different people play with different card pools, similar to people playing on j. Net or octgn.

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Someone asked as a joke, because he is a troll.

D+D is allowed. You can not restrict it away, although nothing is forcing you to play with it. That being said, if you arrange a game privately, and both players decide to not use D+D cards… well nothing is stopping you ;).

But if you make a public game, D+D is good to go. Sorry buddy, but hope this helps clarify.

I’m furious that I need to learn a bunch of cards!

they are yellow and they are broken, nothing really changed. :smiley:


hype hype hype hype hype is rielle ™

I can’t wait for D&D legality so I can smack those DLR bitches with my ALL SEEING EYE

Ashes to ashes, cheese to cheese.


Doesnt work vs Val version :wink:

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It works plenty well if you have two copies or an arch mem.

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Please play my non-BP deck with card slots wasted on that nonsense. Please :smile:

I learned my mistakes vs your neh. Never again.


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I’m totally playing ASI in every yellow deck for a while, even just trashing a Visage and SoT for one click is worth the potential to wreck the goofy decks.

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All seeing I? Guess it’s time to bust out the activist support!

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Then why havent you been playign freelancer before? Just sayin XDDDD

Because no one was playing fuckboy starter kit before UOT was released!


Netrunner - A world of friendliness and acceptance.

Unless you play the ‘fuckboy starter kit’


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It’s spelled Fuccboi


I was looking forward to this, but exactly today octgn isn’t feeling it :frowning: