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Slay the Spire [SneakySly's Game]

Edit: Game is now released here!

So I guess it’s time to announce what I have been working on for the last year and a half.

Ascend an evil, living tower in the rogue-like deck-building game Slay the Spire. Select from hundreds of different cards and powerful ancient relics as you craft a unique deck and fight your way to the top!

Today my digital card game Slay the Spire enters Steam GreenLight.

Key Features

  • Insane replayability: Procedurally generated levels, enemies, items, cards, and more.
  • Two core characters that each have their own unique set of cards.
  • 200+ fully implemented cards.
  • 50+ unique combat encounters.
  • 100+ different items to be found.
  • Tons of unlockables and secrets.

What Else?
I have enlisted the help of several notable players (like @mediohxcore ) within the Netrunner community to help playtest and balance the game. We have thousands and thousands of playtester hours logged, and are taking a very data oriented approach to how we balance the cardpool. I think we have really made something special, and I can’t wait to put this in front of the world at large.

Edit: You can now buy it here!

Otherwise, feel free to ask me anything.


This looks really cool! I’m a sucker for roguelikes, and combining that with card games sounds like something I’m very interested in :slight_smile:


This looks great! You’ve got my vote!




This looks pretty cool, and is just the sort of game I play on my YouTube channel. Let me know if you would like me to feature it.


Very cool, you have my vote! Here’s hoping there’s a Netrunner reference somewhere in the game

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Game looks fun AF can’t wait to try it.

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Voted and actually pretty interested in trying it when it comes out. The idea seems really cool.


Voted. Congratulations on your accomplishment!

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If you are interested and in the Seattle area I will be demoing Slay the Spire at iFEST this Saturday. Feel free to swing by, play the game. and even just say hello. (Oh and there will be other indie games too :wink: ) Details in the picture below.

Those details look like they’re for 2016.

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Good catch. Fixed!

Developer Preview Video

Check out our developer preview video with some commentated gameplay

This is my first time doing a video like this, so any feedback is appreciated.


Audio seemed a little low. Everything else about the preview I thought was really good. Was interesting and informative while being entertaining.


Great preview. The deckbuilding aspect seems very cool, I’d be interested to see how the game ramps up (seems fairly simple so far, but I suspect it gets much more intense as you progress as most roguelikes do).

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Great news! We just made it through Steam Greenlight!

Thanks to everyone who voted for us.


congratulations, man! That’s awesome :slight_smile:

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So what does that mean? I don’t see it in the steam store yet.

Once it’s been greenlit it can be released on steam when the dev is ready, but there’s usually a gap in between. It stays in the green light section till then


I’ll definitely be buying this when it’s available for purchase! Congratulations :smiley: