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Slay the Spire [SneakySly's Game]


Finally beat the game with both ironclad and silent. Lol my playtime is 25 hours which I consider quite the bang for the buck.

My only critique is I find not taking card rewards a bit counterintuitive and I have a feeling is why I’ve noticed some on the steam forums struggling with the difficulty. You really only want to take the exact cards that work for your strategy but in order to know this you need to have played a deck builder. I’ve played deck builders and I still grabbed every card initially.

I also think the game might reward taking the easy way to the top. Depending on the layout you can dodge the mini bosses. I’d like to see a relic or two that incentivizes a combat heavy strat to the top because I generally just avoid all fights I can especially in level 3.

Overall though it’s great.how great ? . Let’s just say I’ve played it more than darkest dungeon and almost as much as sunless sea which are my favorite games in recent memory.


I have a child, w8 for a second one, work long hours in crisis stricken fraggin’ Greece, do not have enough time to play ANR and then I decide to throw some money to @SneakySly since, wtf, I have spent a lot of hours tin the Stimhack forums so he deserves it. Right?


I am playing the game all day now, during work hours. I am just writing this in order to stop me from playing.

GJ man, Really nice game. In serious talk now, the rogue like feeling is there, the Deck building feeling is there, nothing game play wise is missing.

Hope the game gets the recognition it deserves so that we can see more content.

Now, let;s get back at defeating the damn 3rd lvl boss.


I agree. I do think that a higher end score is the result of a combat heavy strat.


I find Feed is a good incentive to take a few extra fights, but I still avoid Elites where possible.


Anyone get the poison strat to work? Most of my playtime has been trying to get a good poison run going, The longer ramp up time vs shivs is problematic for staying alive. Ive gotten near the top of level 3 with poison but never all the way.


Not yet, I came reasonably close a couple of times (there are some really helpful relics). Haven’t won with shivs / choke yet either though.

Finally had my first successful climb though. Feed + Bites FTW!

I have to admit that the last boss (The Awakened) was a bit of a pushover however, maybe just the deck.


Body slammed last boss for 233. Felt good. This is such an addicting/great game.


BTW, for those looking to waste time the #slaythespire channel on Stimslack is actually quite active. There’s also a Discord but even I have limits


It took me a couple of times but my pois&block finally paid off. Being greedy doesn’t get rewarded in this game. Fighting half health against elites because you want that relic lost me a lot of runs :smile: .
In general all I did was build up dexterity and lots of block (dodge&roll is great for that) and just wait it out with poison grenades and Noxious flames.
MvP was that skill that lets you play you’re next skill twice. Getting 24 poison on somebody with grenades or multiply the poison by 4 with the skill (double target’s poison) or just some extra clutch block.


What category are we voting for this in the steam awards? Mom’s spaghetti?


Absolutely. Two of the powers that add 2 poison a turn, along with either attacks do poison, or when you add at least one poison, add an additional, combined with lots of blocks put a tough timer on the enemy. My first win with the silent was with poison.

However, once I unlocked Aim (+3/5 damage from each Shiv), I think that build is strictly superior. When you’re throwing 6-10 shivs a turn, each doing 13 damage, you’re in pwn town. All of these strats take two turns to set up, given the power-heavy focus, so that’s the weakness that needs compensation with draw and block.

As far as I can tell, all successful strats rely heavily on the powers, and upgrading the powers. Poison is no exception.


For what it’s worth, Feed + good stuff didn’t need any powers when I won with it. Once I got Bite I had too much damage + health gain for any of the enemies.


Where do we report bugs of the game?


Wow. Amazing work. I can now enjoy deckbuilder gameplay without its biggest weakness: the need for human opponents. Finished a run after a few failures, using a strength buff build. Heavy Blade hitting for around 200 damage was pretty hilarious and made short work of the last boss. Looking forward to another one, and to more content in the actual release. Keep it up, you’ve definitely earned my credits.

My complaints are pretty minor regarding the UI: sometimes it’s hard to remember that you are selecting a card for discarding when prompted to do so. More than a few times I played something like Acrobatics and then discarded the card I intended to play next…


Agreed on UI. I’d prefer an undo button if game state (ie card draw or rando effects) doesn’t change.


Reporting them here is fine. There is a channel in the Stimhack slack you can report bugs too as well.


It has happened twice now. When the whale at the start of the game offers you to remove two cars from your deck, only one card can be chosen and removed.



fwiw I think this was fixed in the most recent patch


Won with the shaper again. Nearly died at the first floor boss (mode shift guy), then nearly died against elite slaver trio on the second floor, but used some potions to make it through. Started off with no real direction, then got handed the two poison powers halfway through which is a quadratic kill with no additional cards needed to be cast (in fact, either one of them is quadratic on its own, though one of them needs an extra poison source to get started). Also got paper krane relic when I already had a few weakening cards, and a few “block this turn and also next turn” cards with a footwork power, and the event that upgrades all your strikes and defends, made staying alive easy. It would have been even easier if I hadn’t been a few gold short of the relic that says “lose 15 block instead of all your block”. Final guy was the awakened one, it’s nice how his extra strength from you casting powers wears off when he transforms.

The RNG won the game, but I went along for the ride


No it hasn’t, just checked :frowning: