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Slay the Spire [SneakySly's Game]


Might be worth trying again - the whale let me eat two cards last night.


Also, when the whale said I’d recieve his blessing on reaching the city, I recieved nothing once I got there.


I think what he meant is, you have to get to at least the city (meaning the second map) to get any blessing on the next run.


Bug? If the awakened one’s first form dies on its own turn, you can’t attack it during your turn. It just has question marks on its head and no hp bar. After you pass your turn it goes back to normal, showing its intention to attack for 40.

Got my second ironclad win. Ice cream, kunai, shuriken and orichalum, with relics like that who cares what my cards were?

Also feed and regal pillow. I was healing 55hp at campfires




Only 40 hours so far… Are you asking for help to find more time to play? :smiley:


I’ll echo what the others said. I bought the early access and have played an embarassing amount ever since. Great game. Can’t wait for the full release.


The description should change to “Slay the Spire : Early Access and the art of reducing the total number of matches played in the current Jinteki.net Stimhack League” …


What were people copying with dual wield that made it go infinite? Stuff that exhausts itself?

I got my first infi deck recently. I’m not sure it was actually infinite. I had a few zero cost cantrips and a couple of Calculated Gamble+ and ways to either exhaust cards or increase my starting hand size, but sometimes if I missed them all in the reshuffle I’d have to use Prepared+ which put me down one card. Still, it went on long enough (with help from powers and shuriken) to win the run.


I finally got round to playing. I can see myself playing a lot more. Great game @SneakySly and friends. I’m keen to see how it grows.

I’m going to echo the desire to see it on iOS. It seems a great tablet game.


probably you dual wield another copy of dual wield, then dual wield that card that gives you clicks and exhausts itself, and dual wield whatever card you want to play - repeat until happy.


I found it to be pretty good with bandages and a crazy upgraded searing blow. I was on a pyramid run, so I could keep all the peices in hand


That Pyramid…so great.

I did kill myself on a pyramid run once though, when I ran into the Orb Walkers and they filled my hand with burns. Double edged sword if you aren’t careful.


I’m also a victim of Pyramid… same deal, took too many wounds/burns.

To not make this post a one-liner: Another shout-out for the rapid update cycle.


Yeah. If you take the Pyramid, you best have discard/exhaust ready.

Also, what is it going to take for that third hero, @SneakySly ? :wink:


I just unlocked a relic called courier. I guess its ability is that whenever I buy something in the shop, it gets replaced by a new random thing of the same kind.

I often get relics that are useless in my current deck, but this thing seems useless in every deck. Who is buying more than 2 or 3 things from shops in their entire run?

Had a good run just then with spoon and specimen (it’s nice when catalyst+ doesn’t exhaust). I was hoping to get donu and deca as my final boss as I haven’t beaten them yet, but it was just a time eater.


Time! Anything art related especially is something that takes lots of time (need to work with artist/animator).


Cards need art???

Just… I want it. WIthout the art. Just add that later.


So, 60+ hours in and I’ve finally unlocked everything. I thought I’d give some lengthier feedback and suggestions ranging from small UI things to moonshots. In no particular order.

First up, the game is great, and I’ll absolutely keep playing. Mostly as the ironclad I suspect, as I really enjoy fast high damage builds which are harder to do as consistently out of the silent.

I also generally prefer playing as the ironclad as it seems more forgiving, both with regards to drafting cards and to taking small amounts of damage thanks to the healing. Furthermore, the Silent seems to have a lot more “random” effects (bouncing flask, wraith form, calculated gamble) that can make turns more frustrating or awkward to plan. Add to that the feeling much more at the mercy of being offerred the specific right cards as the silent, and you can see why I prefer the other class.

The above is not meant to be critical, I still enjoy the silent and appreciate the extra challenge. It may also be that I’m playing it wrong, and should be taking more encounters early and being more patient with the drafting (+ at shops).

The gameplay is really great, as is the general feel of the game provided by the UI, the art and the music (which are excellent).

The card library could definitely be easier to navigate though. It’s just painful having to scroll all the way down to view the silent’s cards. It discourages me from browsing.

I would love to see some new encounters and bosses for the game (and have a couplev of fun ideas for some). It could also be worth thinking about having some of them unlock in a similar way to the cards. This would again create more prolonged interest by increasing the amount to learn, without making it seem to much like a wall for newer players.

Hidden bosses! Similar to the above, it would be really cool to have some events where you were given the option of gaining a powerful reward at the cost of awakening a tougher boss either for the floor or for the end of the run.

Alternative cool content triggers could be finishing a run with the Neow book and the curse that you can’t get rid of. Also victory with each class could unlock a corrupted version (hopefully cheap from an art perspective) of that class that could be encountered as an enemy on floor 2 or 3.

A relic that encouraged fighting Elites would be cool. Something like - The Gauntlet: Elites drop an additional relic.

The ramp up between the floors seems really good, as do the bosses. Arguably the level 2 bosses are slightly above the curve, however they still feel fair and are a good challenge. Wierdly level 3 is the one I’ve gotten bored with most quickly. Lots of annoying spiky / explodey things which just seem to take a lot of time to fight properly, as you have to go pretty slow to avoid taking loads of damage a lot of the time (the life-lumps are similar). Alternatively the Nemesis is really cool, and seems fair even for high damage all attack builds. More variety here would be really good though, as the 3rd and 4th spiky / explodey swarm tend to drag a bit. (The strength-up-orbs are cool though).

How about a mimic enemy for level 3? (Your max hp, does whatever you’ve just done. Maybe paired with some small ressurrecty attacking thing if you don’t like the possibilty of infinite stalls.)

The whale thing could also occasionally offer neutral cards (2 random commons / 1 rare etc) as starting blessings. Could be cool with some of the wierder options.

The strongest builds seem to be Exhaust Ironclad with Corruption (normally runs Body Slam), all attacks Ironclad, and any Silent build with noxious fumes and at least one other power (preferably footwork). Note: this measure of strength tries to include your likelihood of actually getting the cards / helpful relics.

A point of note is that is seems easier to get specific gold (legendary?) cards than specific blue ones due to the boss drops. This may not be true now that I’ve unlocked everything, but definitely was starting out. Not necessarily a problem, but it’s kind of frustrating to be in the “my kingdom for a choke / finisher / calculated gamble” postion, and to be turning down wraith forms and corpse explosions.

Waith form and bullet time both seem like traps (not necessarily an issue, and variance + relics can bail you out). Wraith form is painfully slow, and crucially gives you very little control over where your damage goes. Either dealing damage to everything, or 2 cost (perhaps on upgrade) could be better.

In the case of bullet time, it just seems to much work to put enough weight into the deck for it to be worth it (too many cards cost 1, 0 or X). Cards like doppleganger, phantasmal killer, and predator fall into the same of clunky and hard to assemble cards, which particularly seem to suffer as they’re hard to play without taking damage. Which is an issue for the silent.

It’d also be cool to see more use of status effects. A 2 cost silent card that did 12 damage + 1(2) for each point of weakness the enemy had, seems like a cool addition that helps with Bullet Time problem and potentially acts as a cool finisher for a deck with a lot of leg sweeps and heel hooks.

My final issue with the silent is that (due to some of the issues like random damage described above), it seems much harder to get good damage coverage accross both groups and single targets. This then means that I feel more at the mercy of the encounter generator. If any other players have advice on doing the silent right consistently, it would be very welcome.

Are Slice and Deflect necessary? There are neutral versions of both, as well as cards like endless agony, which is cooler + better (almost always) than slice.

Anyway (grumbling about the silent aside, I’m probably just bad), I’m still really enjoying the game and can’t wait for more content (esp. things to kill) as well as the third class.

My final wish is for an eventual fourth class, where card reward screens offer you one card from each of the other three. Seems like an obvious idea, but also too much extra value relative to the amount of work (I imagine) not to mention.

Edit: Wow that was long!


TLDR: Great game! Feel like the Silent could possibly use a little polishing, but maybe it’s just me.