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Slay the Spire [SneakySly's Game]


Better yet, just ask @Sanjay to do the preliminary art. Unless you don’t think the third character should be some guy/gal riding a dinosaur robot being attacked by doves.


I played 40+ hours and I disagree with you, I usually feel like the silent deck is more consistent, It’s very easy to do a deck with decent amount of energy and good draw, add that to some powers that give you stuff whenever you play a card (like the armor per card played, damage all enemies per card played, or +1 venom per attack) and you get a very very consistent deck, calculated gamble is far from random, look it in this way: You need a specific card, so you draw with acrobatics, you don’t find it, so you go calculated gamble… at this point and with some preparations (1 or 2) you probably drew 80% of your deck, maybe 100%, also the “ninja” relics (This is how i like to name the shuriken, kunai and also the fan) fit so well in this kind of deck.
Try to do a deck like this one and you will find how good and consistent silent can be (draw, energy gain and “a lot” of powers), then the way how you do damage is up to you… I usually go with a lot of shiv generation + finisher blow + choke. defensive venom builds are soo good also.


I feel that Silent poison is one of the stronger, most consistent builds in the game.


I don’t agree. I think it needs too many cards coming together to work right.


It literally needs one card (the power that applies 2 poison per turn to all enemies)


I just killed the Time Eater with a Mercury Hourglass.

A crazy deck with two Evolve+, I often hit the max hand size, which was ok with my Fiend Fires. The last fight I had to reply heavily on Rampage though after they were gone.

I also finished unlocking all the Ironclad cards. Got one more set of unlocks for the Silent to go.


I do always feeel cheesy taking that power. It seems so much better and easier to use the Envenom (which is rarer and more expensive). The poison decks also seem much less relic dependent than other strategies like discard, or exhaust for Ironclad.

@Madarnann, you’re probably right. It might just be the types of deck that I enjoy playing. I always feel like the deck is light on power cards and it ends up ballooning out to 20+ cards, and then feeling slow and clunky. In contrast, I often won’t add more than three cards after the first floor when playing Ironclad.

What do you prioritize picking up or upgrading early? I only started getting results when I prioritized defensive cards like cloak and dagger, or footwork. I will also regularly upgrade neutralize before any other cards.


My fave strat.



I would like better sorting options, but the #1 improvement I’d like to see is better scrolling. It seems to be only scrollable with the mouse wheel or clicking and dragging. If I could also use Page Up/Down, Home, End, the up/down arrow keys, and a scrollbar, then the limited sorting options would be much less aggravating. For bonus points, the thing browsers do where you can click and hold the scroll wheel and move the mouse to scroll continuously would be nice, too.


I guess some major benefits of a noxious fumes build are not worrying about retaliation damage from spikers etc and the lifelink guys are easier too


I will rarely not take Sozu

I got calipers for the first time, on a poison build. They’re pretty good


Also high armour clowns.


But yeah, whoever said the third floor is most annoying is right. I nearly died from whirlwinding a couple of spikers because I couldn’t be bothered fighting them properly. On a silent run, I nearly died from accidentally blowing up an exploder cause I didn’t notice my pen nib was ready, and had to be super careful against the last spiker. On another silent run with The Specimen I had trouble against the lifelinkers because I always had one dead, one about to die from all the transferred poison, and one healthy one that had just resurrected.


Did anyone mention that when you have the card that lets you “retain”, if upgraded, you can choose to retain 0, 1 or 2 cards. But if not upgraded then you are forced to retain 1, you can’t choose 0.

Just won a run that had no strategy until halfway through the second map. I’d been digging up relics with a shovel but didn’t get anything good. So when I got to the 20 card library event, I just took a noxious fumes and went from there. Footwork, backflips, deflects


That is a known bug. Whether or not you have the “autoconfirm for single picks” setting on changes the behavior too, for some reason.


After 52 hours, I’ve completed unlocks for both classes. I haven’t “seen” all the cards yet though


Finally defeated all the final bosses. Still have unlocked cards though :frowning:


Fastest run under an hour. Pretty good imho.

Really funny build with a deck full of bites, feeds, clashes and was lucky to find the Runic Dome relic, the one that hided the intents of the enemies. I just threw the cards at the enemy and hoped that I will not die. Final battle ended with me at 3 or 4 health, with no way of knowing if I will survive or not!

This game is so good that it hurts man! What should we do to bring the 3rd character earlier to the public? (I have already advertised the game to my friends).



If I were to need one card, it would be noxious fumes; if I were to buff one card it would be wraith form (or maybe clothesline).

Has anyone had any luck with either of these? See also bullet time.


I had one decent run with bullet time, multiple bouncing flasks and corpse explosion. I always feel like anything is possible until I hit those stupid artifact groups (thorns, explorer, repulsor) on level 3 which I’ve taken to calling the fun police lol. If you have anything too experimental that mob group shows up and just wrecks your day. I’m still salty they stopped my calculated gamble tingsha deck just before the final boss :frowning:


I played wraith form in my most recent run. Had two of them actually , and ice cream to make it less bad. I lost on the third map, couldn’t draw enough defence. I think it’s a cool card once it gets going, though obviously the cost is tough. What if it did 4/6 damage instead of 3/5?

I did have a bullet time run. Don’t remember how far I got with it. It seemed an ok card though silent doesn’t have a lot of high costs for it to reduce.

Is clothesline that ironclad card that weakens the enemy? I’ve never tried it. It’s just not something I think I would need. 2 cost spells are hard to use anyway, even Bash.

Uppercut falls into the same category. It seems like it could only be more useful than clothesline if the enemy was already vulnerable and you just wanted to extend the duration. Or if you upgrade it. I don’t like searing blow - if a card is already bad, I don’t want to have to spend upgrades on it.

Sometimes I wonder about cards like twin strike and cleave. They’re good early, but won’t carry you in the late game, even if you end up in the ideal build for them. Makes some interesting decisions.

Noxious fumes is hard to nerf. You can’t change the poison amount or it wouldn’t get anywhere. Making it cost 2 to cast could work, but is that too much? I guess I’d still play it.

I’ve never used bane. Dedicated poison decks don’t have room for it and don’t need it. Nor have I used corpse explosion.

I’ve never used riddle with holes. Silents don’t have any strength gain. Maybe I’d use it if I had relics that added strength.

It’s funny how the recent small nerf to tools of the trade has had me ignoring it when I used to rate it highly.

I always wanted to use bandage up on a silent, but only ever find it late enough in the game that it doesn’t matter any more. Energy becomes more important and lifegain less, the higher you get. You’re more likely to lose life in big chunks on higher floors. Bloodletting is not a good card for the first map, but worth taking so you have it for the third.

I’ve got Girya before but never used it