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Slay the Spire [SneakySly's Game]


Really interesting, I pretty much always max out girya as fast as possible. I’ve also had winning runs with both searing blow and uppercut. Searing blow became really strong with dual wield and the pyramid (a couple of armaments+ as well), I rate uppercut, because it sets up for kills when upgraded, and is often better than a lot of defensive cards on the higher floors.

Edit: corrective text is a batch


Ran into the champ with my barricade deck. I couldn’t get through his metallicize and he couldn’t break my block. I guess you always need a demon form or a rampage to make that deck work?

I ended up getting the purity achievement by thinning my deck with a single True Grit over about 40 turns, then abandoning the run. Actually, it’s a shame that I didn’t go for the play infinity cards achievement as well which might have worked with my 2 shrug it off (one costed 0 from a madness and I had a sundial which would have paid for the other)


The new Snecko Eye relic is so much fun. I made a strength deck in Ironclad and kept ending up with 0 cost Dual Wields+ to make two more 0 cost Heavy Blades+ doing just ridiculous amounts of damage. Killed a boss with a 239 damage Heavy Blade lol.


What’s that resource in the steam screenshot to the right of the player’s gold?


Just started playing last night and this game is great. Can’t wait until it’s finished. Ridiculous combos abound and it’s very satisfying to craft the perfect deck, even if many combos seem prepackaged. I like the enemy intent system a lot, including the relic that removes your ability to see intent. The gameplay is great and has interesting decisions once you get past the first half level or so. I think I like the random encounters exposing the results of your choices before you make them. The cards seem a little unbalanced in some ways, but sometimes this can be good. I’ve got more feedback I might write up later.


Nice catch! An old resource that got deprecated.


Getting Charon’s Ashes, Dead Branch, and Corruption in first stage is easy mode. One turned every elite and two turned the last boss.


Quick bug report. If you play Bullet Time (yes I’m still trying) and then use a skill like secret technique to fetch a card, it isn’t discounted even if it’s also a green card.


Bug Report. Singing Bowl (skip a card reward, increase your max HP by 2) does not seem to be working when I skip a card reward after a normal fight. I have tried skipping the reward (pressing skip card) before AND after seeing what the card options actually are.



It actually works but it is showing the increased value only at the next combat, not when you skip the card.


That’s because until you start the next encounter you can always go back to the end-of-encounter screen for the last one. Can’t be getting infinite Singing Bowl triggers.


Some additional notes after further play:

  • I really appreciate how the game doesn’t waste your time. There’s not a lot of tutorialization or explanation, but what exists is very relevant and helpful. Tooltips abound and are very useful. There’s no plodding narrative to bog down the mechanical experimentation.

  • The roguelike nature of the game is counteracted by the open information available to the player. The intent system is the largest and most obvious example of this, but the game makes the results of your actions clear before you choose. For example, when playing a card on an enemy, the damage number changes to the exact amount of damage with all modifiers included. The event choices tell you the results of each choice, including positive and negative. The potions work exactly as advertised without guesswork. The combat is mostly deterministic.

  • Curses are interesting and varied. They feel unique and relevant through each level of the game.

  • Shops are structured well. There always seems to be at least one relevant card and the sales are tempting. It was a great choice to limit card removal to once per shop visit and increment the price.

  • Artifacts can be huge game-changers and define a run. For instance, one run as the silent, I got an artifact that did 3 random damage whenever I discarded a card. This completely changed my evaluation of many cards.

  • This game is not afraid to be bold, even occasionally at the expense of balance. It allows for some truly ridiculous plays that seem game-breaking, but aren’t reliable enough to break the game or make things boring.

  • Enemies are varied and have interesting interactions with each other and other game elements. You usually can’t use the same strategy for every enemy and ordering matters.

  • It seems a little too easy. I beat the game on my 4th total play.

  • I would like some more radical deck-shaping abilities. There are a bunch already, but it might be interesting to have a side deck or sideboard ability.

  • The basic cards remain relevant for some strategies, but feel stifling otherwise. I usually take every opportunity to rid my deck of cards and still end up with several basic cards at the end of each run.

  • Rarity system is interesting, but occasionally frustrating if I’m trying to pursue a specific strategy and can’t find any of the rares that fit.

  • It’s a shame there are only two characters available, especially with minimal overlap in cardpool. I hope we see more cards playable by all characters that are valuable in different ways. I also hope for several more characters with similarly diverse playstyles.


Thnx m8, now it makes sense. Never thought to visit the last encounter before. Cheers,


So it turns out the reason people keep talking about focusing on attack-and-strength decks with things like Heavy Blade is that it works a lot better than scattered attempts to make block-focused decks. I know, I was surprised too.

Also, I am not very good at this game, but I am definitely enjoying it.


I won the first run I did trying a block-focused Juggernaut build and I have lost every subsequent attempt I have tried with the archetype.

I don’t know what I did the first time. Probably just got incredibly lucky?


It’s a long watch, but Celerity had an absolutely batshit insane Silent run in the beta branch a few days ago. He wanted to try out the new cards so he picked up a copy of Alchemize early on and a Night Terror later. He landed in some pretty interesting situations and barely survived by the skin of his teeth at several points.


9.5 hours! You did say it was a long watch :wink: Is there a timestamp for the run you’re talking about?


on my drive from Atlanta to Western New York, it occurs right around Pennsylvania.


Oh sorry, it looks like the timestamp got lost in the embedding.



Thanks, I’ll check it out. Meanwhile, there was an insane bullet time run that just finished on Sleepcycles’ channel: