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Slay the Spire [SneakySly's Game]


FYI, I actually made good use of Bullet Time (once).
Made a deck of only green cards, 2 Bullet Time, and Snecko artifact (+2card draw, randomise cost). Included more draw options (that I could only use before bullet time, if chance allowed it). But I was consistently playing 8+ cards per turn.

Run was going great, kinda EZ tbh. But I made the noob mistake of including too many extra cards and killed the consistency :frowning:.


This game is officially great. I just finished a run where I manage to make a Dropkick infinite combo, only to die against a thorns enemy. The run before that, I got Corruption with the relic that added a card to my hand whenever a card is exhausted. Each turn was a ridiculous optimization puzzle with 10+ cards.


Agreed. I’ve played about 80 hours and still I keep finding new combinations of cards and relics, learning better ways to optimize turn sequencing, and finding more reasons to hate Time Eater.

Also I still have yet to beat the game with the Silent :sob:


I picked up the game after all the buzz in this topic and have sunk about 12h into it this week. My first win was a the Silent with a poison build that defeated Time Eater. Which I was able to repeat a second time not long after. I am still trying to figure out what other builds work the silent, what have other people seen success with?

For the iron clad my first win was using power through / evolve as a draw engine and than I have now beaten the game with an armor build that used power through / evolve as a draw engine with flame barrier and uppercut for most of the damage. I didn’t get a body slam to the third level. I had a couple close strength based runs, and finally this morning had one go the distance with an insane 13 card deck ( limit break, spot weakness, clash, double tap, rampage, heavy blade, 3x iron wave ) clash really shines when you can make sure to drop all your defends and pick up iron wave instead.


So far with Silent I feel like there is a range of successful archetypes that can sometimes be nicely combined:

Passive poison: Getting really good defensive abilities and use the inevitability of Noxious Fumes to eventually win the game
More combo-y poison: Using stuff like Bouncing Flask, Corpse Explosion to do massive amounts of damage relatively quickly
Shiv themed: There are a lot of ways to get a lot of shivs, and a lot of ways to benefit from having a lot of shivs. Anything that boosts your strength or gives you a small benefit every time you play a card works great with shivs.
Bullet time builds: Have a lot of draw and use the power of bullet time to play a bunch of cards in one turn.

I think Bullet Time is fairly unreliable though my very first victory was with a Bullet Time deck so I am fond of the card.

Additionally, there are some other archetypes that get more support once you unlock key cards for them.


I might not have unlocked the correct shiv cards yet. While I can get lots of shivs I don’t feel like I can leverage it well.


I just completed my highest-scoring run yet (840) with Corruption and 5 Feel No Pain. I had two Impervious and two Body Slam with a bunch of draw and deck manipulation. During the earlier part of the run, I maximized Feed and ended up with 173 max HP.

@Vargar Shiv synergy definitely depends on some of the cards you unlock.


I just wanted to post here and say @SneakySly that the game is great, I suck horribly and can’t usually get far into the second climb, but I have fun every time. I got my hardcore roguelike friend into this and he has already cleared the game 8 times in 2 days or so. Great work!


First thing I saw when I opened the steam store. Curious of the decision to boost now rather than when third character is released?


We didn’t boost. It was all organic exposure. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


The following on Twitch seems to be taking off, with multiple consistent 1k+ streamers playing it right now. Yesterday I think the game peaked at around 25k viewers! Hopefully the increased exposure is translating into more sales. :slight_smile:


Me needs more content

…will complete achievements meanwhile, and bringing new converts over. Excellent work!!


Thanks Forum. I’m addicted now, too.


@SneakySly I don’t own or play the game but I was poking around on STEAM and it was listed as a top seller in strategy I believe. I don’t know what that means in terms of money but that’s pretty cool.



So my girlfriend is obsessed with this game and TIL it was made by top Netrunner players. Mind = Blown.

Edit: Also thanks for releasing it for Linux!


I heard a rumor on the Nintendo Switch reddit that there was some interest in a Switch port, but they didn’t seem to offer much evidence. I’ve been wanting to play it, but I’d much prefer to have a portable copy.

Any comment?


There’s a tweet about it, however it says “after Early Access”. That might be a long time away.


Only when @SneakySly wants to retire early will he port it over to mobile devices.


Be patient. There are still like twenty or thirty Steam users without a copy. :slight_smile:


Two friends of mine are fans. Ah, I should have tried it before, I’d be so hype now !