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Slay the Spire [SneakySly's Game]


Over one billion damage dealt


I was a bit wrong about the Courier being useless (I know it got buffed anyway). I didn’t realise the top row of the shop has ‘columns’ - always 2 attacks 2 skills and 1 power. As the silent I went nuts on the power column picking up a bunch of caltrops, footworks and noxious fumes in one shop. Bird Faced Urn did tons of healing that game. Of course when I got to the third floor it turned out I had to fight the awakened one, whose second form ended up killing me (I was semi conservative at the start, using both malaises on the first form and only a few of my powers).

It was also a weird run for another reason. I got jewelled choker as a swap for my starting relic from Neow, then runic dome from the first boss, then there was nothing good to take from the second boss so I got sozu. This meant I always had at least 6 energy per turn but could only play at most 6 cards per turn. It was easy to trigger Panache.


I’m currently on a 9 game win streak as the Silent, but I took a break to play some Ironclad. My Ironclad just got to the third floor…


That’s such a Silent-y problem for an Ironclad deck to have too!


The third character is coming out in the main branch in a couple of days, right?

I’ve been playing it in the beta for the last 4 weeks anyway (17 wins, 11 deaths). It’s pretty cool