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Sleeve recommendations

So iv been using ultra-pros for a while and im pretty sick of them splitting, bending at the corners and generally getting scuffed really easily. Im pretty heavy handed with my shuffling i guess.

I’m interested in what sleeves everyone uses and if there is a particular brand that people recommend. I’ve read KMC’s and dragonshield sleeves are pretty legit.

Mainly its the bending at the corners that im trying to avoid.

Depends on what you’re looking for I guess. For me having sleeves in the right colour for each faction is the top priority so I prefer dragonshields as they have a wider range of colours. Though I will concede that the KMC hypermats are easier to shuffle with.

I haven’t had a problem with either due to bending or splitting.

Used ultrapro before dragon shield, never looked back. Never had any trouble with sleeves falling apart after switching to dragon.


Really you don’t find that DS or KMC do that thing when you riffle shuffle and the bottom corners all start to bend up? It gets to the point with ultra pro’s some cards out of my deck are really easy to identify when playing :frowning:

Dragon shields here as well. Come in a pack of 100, never had one tear or break in the 2 years I’ve been using them. Shuffle really smooth and are nice in general

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Nope. Just went and double checked them now. The only sleeves bent like that are the ones I use for my ids and those are ultrapro.

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Thanks a lot guys ordering myself some dragonshields now. Its probably a bad sign im actually getting amped over card protectors huh?


card protectors are awesome, nothing to not get amped up about :stuck_out_tongue:

I am 100% on the KMC hypermat train, they are amazing to shuffle, nice to the touch, everything you could want. Though I will try the new Dragonshield matte sleeves sometime soon

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Well, I’ve bought like 5 different colors of Ultra Pros, they haven’t split as of now but I’ve also bought Dragon Shields and they are clearly superior. I always store my favorite decks in them :smiley:

Ahhh, finally my topic :smile:

I have 7 different dragonshields for each faction (green for weyland/shaper, purple for HB, red for Jinteki, orange for Anarch, yellow for NBN and blue for Criminals). If that’s your thang - go for it, I love the theme.

Dragonshields are also very, VERY amazing protectors. Miles ahead of Ultra Pros.

HOWEVER, I’ve recently tried KMC HyperMatts and I ADORE them. They shuffle SO INCREDIBLY EASYLY. It’s mind boggling. They just slide into each other. I never rifle shuffle any more, only mash shuffle because it’s such a GODLY feeling.

Really, if you haven’t, buy one set and try them out.


Mash shuffling with Dragon shields is very nice too!

Yes, I’ve been using them for 2 years. AND THEN MY MIND GOT BLOWN. Seriously, if you haven’t, try kmcs. They are THAT good.

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What’s unfortunate is their cost. :frowning:

What, 10 bucks is a lot? Aren’t we all adults here who earn for a living? :smiley:


I use KMC green for Weyland to distinguish it from Shaper green. It’s really hard to find a line of sleeves that carries two distinct shades of green.

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I’ve been using dragon shields for years and have had only 2 rip on me. The new matte versions are even better and I’ve enjoyed playing with them for the past few weeks. They’re more expensive than other sleeves but if you aren’t always changing sleeve colors/designs, they’re worth it in the long run.

Its mash shuffling that is causing me issues. The corners specifically on tons of cards get wrekt after two or three days. I was thinking of trying out the FFG sleeves as they seem to be massively thick but im going to give DS a try instead.

No, in fact, I haven’t even come of age (yet… ) :smiley: I’m the youngest competitive Netrunner player in my area and am probably still considered a young player in the Netrunning scene. However, 10 bucks wouldn’t be that much but I live in Europe and the shipping + the retailer costs almost double the price. Yes, ebay is a thing, however, the prices are not that different, when everything adds up.

I’m addicted to sleeve, and IMO KMC products the best sleeves. Dragon Shield are amazing too, and way more flashy, but shuffling cards sleeved with KMC is like meditating.

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Dragon Shield forever. My FFG art sleeves are alls plitting and worn out. I’m still using my old Blue Dragon shield sleeves I bought 3 years ago.

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