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#slipthestrips Memstrips news: Memstrips wins Portland Regionals


Congrats to Justin! Well played.

This is what happens on stream when MemStrips wins a large tournament:


So much for Whizzard. #lastweeksgarbage


Congratulations @nobody


Indeed, thank you for properly shouting out to the winner, @nobody. Just having fun with the thread, we know your sick Val piloting won the day. Undefeated?


Hey, congrats @nobody! Anything that makes @mediohxcore ragequit that hard is A-OK in my book.

You pay $4, two clicks, and two cards to get two cards that don’t do a damn thing at all

Love the quote, regardless of the accuracy of it. :smile:

Yeah, please tell us how the deck performed. Can we also get the decklist posted, please?


It was undefeated. I felt like I was in a good spot against him and lost anyways in swiss, he just played really well today. His best play all day imo was off stream, when he made a play I would never make.

@nobody installed an atman at 7… to get through a wraparound to steal an astro in the winner bracket finals.

Pretty crazy.


you’re welcome


There was so much Whizzard here at the Portland Regionals. I played most of my games vs him, actually, which was surprising. There was also a lot of NEH scorched, which Whizz has a pretty good matchup against, since they rely on you spending cash trashing shit, which is the literal only thing Whizz is good for. It was a fantastic day, with a lot of great people and players. I was sad to go out to @jakodrako 's 90 card double medium dig on R&D, but it was great to be able to watch the final couple matches.

Grats to @nobody! That Val deck is a god damned monster.


submitted the decks to the tournament winner list. here’s my val deck: http://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/22001/portland-regionals-1st-place-runner-val-lord


Awesome. Thanks for your time and effort.


@nobody and Memstrip are better than Dan…


Challenge: Anyone who can beat Dan best 2/3 with a deck that uses Memstrips gets to design alt-art cards for his entire deck, which don’t have the name on them; instead, each card is just an emoji, and he has to remember which emoji stands for which card. He uses this deck at worlds. :laughing:

Obviously not serious, but that would be hilarious.


And this is why you pack Cyberdex Virus Suite in your corp deck… keeps pesky Anarchs and Shapers out of your Archive and potentially will kill a deep medium dig if you have it installed. Learn to love the CVS!


Nice job! I need to get off my ass, stop futzing around with (the glorious) PPVP Comet MaxX, and really play some Val decks. They just end up looking like a pile of all my favorite cards. I bet I could even make Morning Star work with Memstrips in there…


I just started playing noise a bit.

Take out Grimoire, fit in Memstrips?




Help you grow, Master @x3r0h0ur can. Also one with the Memstrips, Master @steve_houston is. :laughing:

No, but serious, keep the Grimoire. It’s waaaaay too good to take out.


This would allow you to play Turntable. Might actually be decent :stuck_out_tongue:




Stars… in your multitude… scarce to be counted…


"Run all assets and trash for cheap because you’re just a better version of whizzard. "

“Blackmail every remote you can trash whatever’s in there just do it.”

(zero SOT)

Love the write up. Obviously inspired by Shia. At least he got SOMEone to DO IT!!!