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Star Wars: Destiny

Who’s been playing some Destiny? I was really hesitant to get into a CCG, after getting so used to LCGs. I still don’t like the trading aspect, but the game is way more fun than I expected it to be. I think it can be quite competitive too.

To make it easy on my wallet, I’m just collecting for Red Villain decks (with a bit of blue). Been playing a bunch of Phasma, who is totally awesome.

Uh oh… this is how it starts.


Nobody plays Netrunner near me. My had was forced! :triumph:


I want to…I’m scared of what it will do to my bank account because I’m the type of person who has to have everything. Good thing it’s out of stock everywhere …that’s what has saved me so far.

yeah i’m so worried.

needing to buy 2x both starters and getting double of a lot of the super rares for the option of using both dice for some characters is kind of a rough prospect

i may just get both of the starters and play casually with my gf

that said the cards/dice will build in value (assuming the game continues to be popular), which is not the case for netrunner cards except for some of the really rare/older alt-arts (which you don’t buy anyway)

I think ffg are too greedy with their core sets. I am not sure they actually make a bigger profit by doing it. I have seen people be interested in netrunner but being put off when they realize they should buy a second core set to get some of the singletons.

destiny is surprisingly good little game. its not the same caliber as netrunner, but nice side game to collect and enjoy, especially with younger players.

bought 2 boxes with friend. we split them by side, im dark side and got almost any card i ever wanted: 2 tournament worthy decks sleeved and could do some more by mixing cards among them.

I’ve “accidentally” splurged on a single (villain) core and a handful of boosters too, and I’m finding it not too shabby a game! Fun, fast, elegant, Lukas showing his mettle. I’m not sure it has the depth to sustain my interest as a “lifestyle” game like Netrunner does, but that might be because of the still-limited card pool. It’s possible more depth and more options will open up as it expands, but I really can’t afford the time or money to keep up to date on 2 separate card games so I guess I won’t stick around to find out if it does.

In terms of “collectibility”, I’m finding it not quite as evil as other CCGs. I haven’t bought that many boosters, but a friend has bought more, and between us we’ve been finding a good amount of rares and legendaries. The rarity scale doesn’t seem to be as steep as in Magic, meaning I doubt the secondary market will command the sort of silly prices you might pay for other CCGs. Moreover, the power scale doesn’t seem to be as steep either. Legendaries are definitely powerful, but not off the scale compared to rares and uncommons, and the power level of even common cards is decent, so you don’t need to hunt for those rare cards to make your decks viable.

Still, like I said, only got space for 1 card game in my life so Destiny will just stay a casual distraction unless I burn out on netrunner.

I’m not convinced legendaries are any stronger than normal cards at all.

People I’ve talked to have said that Vader and Luke (the two most expensive cards) are both mediocre.

Of the legendaries I use… Phasma I really like, but nobody else thinks she is that good. AT-ST has never actually been played from my hand. Kylo has used it to have me punch myself in the face, though. Commanding Presence seems decent, but not overpowered.

I’ve played a bit and I really enjoy it. I’ve been focused on the Villain side and it seems Villian Aggro is really strong. I think you’re right about the power curve and Legendaries not being any more powerful than the Rares. Maybe there’s an argument for Han just because he slots really well into a super aggro deck that seems really strong, but even then the best cards in decks are either Sith Holocron or Holdout Blaster and Jetpack IMO.

I built a Phasma, Raider, Nightsister deck that is a really slow controlly deck with lots of cards that give you tons of actions to take (Hunker Down, Backup Muscle, Underworld Connections, Tie Fighter, etc) so your opponent fizzles in a round and you have 5+ more actions to take after they claim the battlefield that was pretty fun to play, but I’m not sure if it’s that great.

So far my favorite deck to play is an Elite Bala-Tik, Jango, Storm Trooper build with tons of gun weapons and it just blows through people like crazy. I think it’s better than the Han-Rey decks. I don’t know if there’s enough support yet for a control deck to be able to handle it on either side of the card pool right now. Killing someone round 2 is very consistent with this build and if you can force a Bala-Tik trigger you just start steamrolling through people. Love it. All I need is a 2nd Holdout Blaster and I’ll be set. The deck has zero legendaries as well, which is awesome. I don’t have a 2nd Jango so I can’t test playing Elite Jango, Elite Veers to see if it’s better or worse with this build. I think it’s probably really close.

Can’t wait for tournaments to start up and we get a look at a real meta.

I would say they’re POTENTIALLY more powerful, but they need building around. I’ve heard of some powerful combos you can do with the AT-ST, for instance, and I’ve played against a strong Vader/Kylo deck (I’ve beaten it, but only after having my pulverised behind handed to me a bunch of times by it).
I don’t think they’ll print any legendaries that are just outright head and shoulders better than any other card of the same subtype: they’ll all need building around to shine. Lukas came from working on an LCG and it shows, it’s plain he doesn’t like the pay-to-win model, and in any case, between my and my friend we’ve opened something like 20 boosters, and there were enough legendaries in there to show that the rarity curve is pretty flat. So if they start printing truly legendary legendaries, it’s only a matter of time before everyone has them and every deck is the same.

Also, I have to say, as someone who started Netrunner (my first LCG) during the Lunar Cycle, it’s kinda nice playing a game right as it’s starting up, when the card pool is small and the meta is still relatively in flux. It’s a strange experience, feels like every stupid deck idea is valid because we’re all still learning. I didn’t get that in Netrunner.

can u share eBala/jango/trooper decklist please? seem really fun :slight_smile:

Here’s my current “ideal” list. I’m still missing 2-3 cards to fully build it and I’ve been having great performance with the deck still. I also want to figure out what drops to make to fit in 2x Backup Muscle since that card is just straight damage. My original thought against having it is that it makes you take more actions in a round so you might not be able to claim the battlefield and maintain the aggressive tempo of going first every round. Worth trying though.

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I play slow decks, so I expect to never claim the battlefield. It’s an interesting mechanic. I just bring the crappiest battlefield.

Been playing the hell out of eJango/eVeers.

That deck is nasty…

First expansion got announced, Spirit of Rebellion.

Oh, man, I have no idea if it’d be good, but I love that there’s options to run a single character in your team, and him be a utter badass.

i sense power creep :confused:

He has no particular defense against dice manipulation, though, does he? I mean, the dice are great, but you’re going all-in on them.

Basically. He’s very susceptible to control. And Crime Lord is lulzy.

Prized Possession as well