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Star Wars: Destiny


28 points (as opposed to just going for 30) for two Palaptine dice brings up interesting predictions, like an extremely low cost character or cards in your deck that cost points

or an official play mode that uses more than 30 points


They could be reserving point costs for something like the MWL, if anything turns out to be overpowered or overused once there’s a bigger card pool.

As for the unofficial game modes, how about an Endurance Tournament where you bring, say, 90 points of characters and play normal games (30-point), but track damage between games? Not sure how you’d manage decks for that, though, until there’s a big enough pool to viably have 90 points of characters from the same color(s) as your deck. But it would be one way to do elimination while still letting everyone play at least a few rounds, and winners would eventually get worn down.


Lukas said he didn’t want to have a bunch of low cost characters.

I’m thinking maybe a battlefield with a point cost or a card that can start in-play for a cost.


Anyone crack anything good at the pre-releases? I only got one legendary - u wing but i got some exciting stuff to try out. Royal guard so I can ditch that ironic Tusken raider. I traded for double jyn erso…I’m thinking ackbar/EJyn for some leadership trickery.

Most impactful card I experienced playing against was tie pilot. IMO his ability will change how removal cards vs turn a die to any side effects are valued. With his die in the pool all your removal vs ranged damage is off so if they roll out a pile of ranged damage you will eat it or you will remove the tie pilot die and then still eat it. Crazy, I found myself wishing my Vader/raider had double immobilize and cards like close quarters assault instead of electroshock and HDLY.

Card I wished I pulled - fast hands.

Fun combo for the future IG88 with ammo belts, cunnings and thermal detonators…seems crazy but 4 character lists got a lot of love in SoR


I opened six packs and didn’t get a Legendary. My favorite pull was a Tie Pilot. Slotted him straight into my Phasma double trooper deck (sorry trooper #2). It seems pretty awesome and gives that deck a much needed boost. I also got an Overkill, which just seems ridiculous in Leia / Ackbar. I traded most of my non-red commons / uncommons for red ones. I only play red, so I got a decent early start.


yea. I’m still wrapping my head around tie pilot. The guy I was playing against was running tie pilot/trooper/trooper/Guavian so he had access to yellow removal and best defense which led to bad situations where his removal was live while mine was blank or ineffective. He also had double aftermath so he gained resources passively when anything died and lockdown so he could slow play and still take the battlefield.


Tell me you didn’t trade Maz…


nah. I snagged a second jyn for chirrut though so I at least have one elite I can play.


But I thought you wanted a second blind jedi :wink:

In all honestly, Jyn is probably a better hero for this set. So many interesting yellow hero cards.


I found the NEH Astrobiotics of Destiny. Vader / Loyal Trooper is so disgustingly cheesy and strong. You just keep overwriting 3 cost weapons and throwing them at your opponent, no chance for them to block. Once you’ve done that a few times, roll out Vader for another 3 - 6 damage. Should have a victory in 2 or 3 turns.


the power level of decks in general has gone through the roof in SoR. Hero mill is the deck im keeping an eye on. 2nd chance ammo belt is silly. And then there is Rey/whoever. She is even faster and more cheaty.


Wow, you were not lying. Just got back from a tournament. Everything is lightning fast and so strong. Poe Maz. Rey Qui-gon. Even the mill stuff is just blitzing you to death. Makes me pretty sad. Game length is like half as long as it was with just Awakenings.


i wonder how will they manage power creep at that pace :slight_smile:


I mean, you can kill FN in 2-3 turns before he “goes off.” More irritating is Second Chance + Ammo Belt. This shit has to stop.


I want to play control. Phasma has been my favorite from the beginning. But Guardian does nothing when everything rolled is just immediately resolved. I have yet to encounter the Second Chance / Ammo Belt combo.


I think control can work, but you need to have upwards of 10 mitigation cards and a few power cards. Do you play control mill or control damage?


I play very slow firing squad build. They claim and I take another 5 actions getting my dice all lined up, then hit them for a huge chunk of damage. With Phasma I don’t need that many mitigation cards. It is built in. But I need to see the dice to mitigate them.


So phasma trooper guavian? (does that work?) Do you have a list published?


I only play red. Here is my current list. It is always a WIP and I have a lot of 1 offs for testing.



I’m guessing that this is also due to product shortage/waiting for boxes? Does look slow with a ton of +resource cards. Attrition is something to look into and lockdown + We Have Them Now. Seems like that’s the combo you want. :slight_smile: