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Star Wars: Destiny


I don’t want to speed my deck up. I’ve got all the cards I want. I want to play a slow, resource heavy control deck. I want to divert damage to my non-uniques, they die (giving me money) and then I bring them back. The deck is great and a ton of fun. But when 90% of my opposition is immediately throwing out their damage without leaving it on the board, and doing it in huge quantities, then it isn’t the game I want to play. I want to play a thinking game, not a game of who gets the unmitigatable god rolls.


I get that. Attrition is the one that pings the opponent when one of your dudes dies (seems in-line with your goal here), and lockdown + We Have You Now is basically It’s a Trap for villain, where you get to wait for them to claim, then get the battlefield and nuke them. Just a thought. Since survivability is a issue, how about Undying Loyalty? Seems to fit with what you’re doing. Wasn’t saying you needed to speed it up, just making an observation.


Got a list? I do think this kind of deck can be quite good but imo you have to be able to change gears and go fast when you get a window and burst down a character out of nowhere.


Derp. I see you already posted it.


Checked out the list. Not a huge fan of drudge work. it’s probably too slow now. Air superiority would be ok but vibroknife is everywhere so the value of shields in general is down. We have them now,probe, tactical mastery, lockdown and suppression I think are great in a mono red villain deck. Other stuff I’m curious about for this kind of list are E web emplacement with the rocket launchers and imperial war machine.

Endless ranks is cool but I think it has so much more value with deathtroopers and might be unnecessary with burst from we have them now and tactical mastery/all in using phasma focus to get a quick kill shot.


Hey peeps! Back from the dead, checking Stimhack to see how my ex-gf Netrunner was holding up. Glad to see some familiar names playing Destiny! I’ve been having a good time with it, the southwest Ohio tournament scene is very lively.

I’ve been crushing it with eRey/ePoe, more so since the SoR release! Deck seems suited to kill aggro decks that skimp on removal. Anyone playing on tabletop simulator?


Nah. Heh. Playing LOTS in person though. And having seen @tmoiynmwg crushing it with degenerate decks of no interaction, I see the decision was probably for the best. This is my plotline for re-checks on Netrunner. Login to NRDB. See top decks are either DLR or asset spam. Log out.

Still love me a bit of thrones too, but Destiny has captured my heart.


I’m more or less in the same spot. Destiny has become my alternate, but it’s taking over my Wednesday nights :slight_smile:



Could be what you are looking for. I think it’s a bit suicidal in Poe/Maz world but he had to win 2/3 vs Poe/Maz to win the SC so it must not be entirely hopeless.


How do you guys cop with the booster pack distribution model? do you just gamble or buy singles/trade? isn’t it more expensive than net this way?

aren’t there expensive cards ?

the distribution model just makes me not want to try the game even if it’s great

in netrunner (and other lcg like games) cards cost 0,10 or 0,25 each

also what’s the deal with the dice? do you also get them randomly? what if you get a card that needs a dice that you dont have? im confused about the dice system


dice and corresponding rare/legendary is always matched in same booster.

im playing dark side only and buy booster box and trade. few singles on top of that. can build a lot of decks/archetypes from that.


@Remorhaz once got a Chirrut die in a pack with a Maz card…


Anyone still playing this?

I’ve picked up some cheap (well, “cheap”) collections off eBay to try it out and attend some launch events and small local stuff. I’ve picked up some singles to support some control/mill stuff.


Yep. It keeps getting better!



Will you be attending any launch events? What decks are you playing at the moment?


It quit after SoR. Screw Loyal Trooper, screw 3 turn uninteractive games. :triumph:


I’m in deep at this point lol. I am curious where the game will be this time next year 5-6 sets in. i think aggressive rotation, mtg formats like legacy and standard need to be established sooner rather than on FFGs usual eh…we’ll get to eventually schedule.

I also wish they’d push the game harder. I’m shocked at how many people have no clue it even exists. If I were them I’d have people standing outside movie theaters when last Jedi premieres handing out 2 player starters and foot Disney with the bill.


Almost all of my complaints about the game go away in best 2/3 matches which unfortunately is not how the tournament structure is before the cut or how a lot of people play casually.

FN is pretty ridiculous although I’m convinced boundless ambition is the actual problem card.


I have no idea what I’m doing but am going to a launch event this weekend. If you had to pick, which of these would you take:

Maz/Padme mill: http://swdestinydb.com/decklist/view/11783/mazmill-tournamenttopcut-1.0

Unkar/Death Trooper mill: http://swdestinydb.com/decklist/view/9123/thedeathmillwithguide-1.0

Horrible hacked together version of the Euros winning deck because I’m missing a bunch of good upgrades:


I’ve only tested the first one so far, against a 30 card version of the new two player starters, and it feels too slow in the face of that much damage (even with Second Chance recursion).


Powerwise the Unkar lists are better. The Unkar mill deck would be my preferred because I’ve never seen one built like that. I think my first assumption when I saw that lineup would be endless ranks so I’d might make some bad decisions and pitch too many cards before you reveal its mill.