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Star Wars: Destiny


You really should check out empire at war. I think the style of deck you were trying play is much better supported. If FN gets the errata people are suspecting/wishing for the meta should be wide open.


I have played a total of about three games of Destiny, all with the Rey/Kylo starters, all against people I had just taught to play.

Based on that, I didn’t have any desire to start collecting it, but I did think I might consider playing occasionally if there existed a draft format, so I could drop in once a month and not worry about building a collection.

And now there exists a draft format. So I’m considering trying that, if anyone near me ends up running it.

Six boosters per draft is still a fair bit, though. I saw this proposed draft format because for some reason I subscribed to the Destiny subreddit at some point. It uses five boosters, which is a bit better. I’m wondering if, with the draft set instead of the starters and the relaxed deckbuilding rules described in the draft set announcement, it could even be done with four boosters per player.

Of course, the catch is that (a) so far as I can tell, the unofficial format I linked is totally untested and (b) probably stores will just run the official format, and I definitely do not need to be running weird alternate format tournaments in more than one card game.

What do people who’ve actually played a non-trivial amount of Destiny think of the official draft format? Is the unofficial one I linked as interesting sounding as I think it is, or does it probably just increase complexity for no gain?


its really going to come down to how the flgs handle the draft events. If they are going to go full msrp then draft doesn’t work but if they are going to cut deals to the player base to get people in the store then it will be great. EaW is over stocked. We have stores in my area sitting on a ton of product i.e. 50 plus boxes and they are getting antsy because more product is coming they need cash so we’ve had 70-80 dollar boxes available which means packs for 2.25ish which after the draft pack is right in line with mtg.


That would be nice in the short term, but I assume most stores will reduce their orders for future sets to avoid having so much stock that they’re willing to drop the price that much.

I suppose it might get the ball rolling, though.


They’ve announced how they’re going to handle rotation for Destiny.

I’m more interested in what it might mean for Netrunner, though. Destiny’s standard format, as announced, has up to two years’ releases in it. Is this a sign that FFG has revised their thinking on how quickly cards should leave the standard format for customizable card games? Or do they feel that CCGs need faster rotation than LCGs for some reason? Maybe it’s just because they’re printing more cards per year for Destiny than for LCGs?

I looked up the rotation policy for AGoT 1.0, which I think may have been their last CCG before Destiny. It looks like they had a standard format with two blocks (and one block/year), but they were planning to move to a standard format with three blocks. So they certainly weren’t committed to two-year standard formats for CCGs in the past.